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First Hewitt Family,

The prayers of the Apostle Paul have been a huge encouragement to me this summer. Often written from circumstances that were less than ideal (prison/persecution), Paul’s prayers were still filled with joy and confidence. He prays not merely for physical ailments, but for spiritual power. He pleads for the Spirit to work in the innermost parts of the church. He prays that love would abound, knowledge would grow, discernment would increase, and fruitful labor would result. Oh, how I pray that God would do the same among us! 

Allow me to give you a quick update on our plans for this week. 

Sunday, July 12 - We will meet for WORSHIP ONLY on our campus this week. Our service will continue to be broadcast on our website , Facebook Live, or Vimeo channel. We hope you will join us in whatever format you are most comfortable.

Family Bible Clubs - Out of an abundance of caution, we have prayerfully decided to postpone our plans for Family Bible clubs until later in the fall. I appreciate all the hard work that our volunteers and staff have done in preparation for this week. We trust the Lord’s timing and look forward to hosting these again soon. 

May the Lord be gracious to us and bless us…

You are loved!

Click  HERE   for video, audio, and questions for contemplation/discussion on a sermon by David Bailey, the founder and leader of Arrabon, an organization that helps churches and organizations become reconciling communities in the Way of Jesus. Approach with an open heart as he gives a brief history of oppression in America and the complex current emotions that have grown out of it. 

Open hearts and ears are necessary in this time. This openness is due not least of all to the Spirit of God moving among us. Let us be transformed as He renews our minds and grows us in our vision of God's kingdom come and will be done.


Rob Hartland
Pastor of Youth and Discipleship
Sunday Worship Guide
Each week, you can find our weekly worship guide HERE .

The worship guide will include a preview of the upcoming Sunday Worship Service and include basic information around service order, tithing options and financial update, and a lyrics for each song that is included in the service. We encourage you to take a look at the worship guide each week and let it build anticipation for the upcoming worship service.
Summer Events
Here you will find a list of various summer activities happening around the church, with tentative dates! This will be an exciting and unique summer in the wake of COVID-19. Be sure to mark your calendars for the dates below and reach out to a staff member if you have any questions!
Senior Retreat - (TBD) - July 19-21
Youth “Camp-in-a-Day” - (TBD) – July 29-30
6th graders will finish pre-teen camp with youth worship, and are encouraged to stay for the youth event! (6:30 pm, July 29 – 8:00 pm, July 30)
Senior Wednesday Worship August 5
Youth Retreat - (TBD) – August 12
MINI CAMP 2020 for Children
A mini camp is being planned for all school-age children on
 Monday-Wednesday, July 27-29

We will be prayer walking the neighborhood surrounding the church. We will also be making gifts and delivering them to our neighbors and placing painted rocks in their yards to encourage them. We will end our time with a pizza meal. On Wednesday evening, we will be passing on our new 7th graders to Rob Hartland and the youth division. This will be a great time for them to meet and worship together for the first time as youth.

Bored? Itching to watch or listen to something? Why not try one or all of these helpful resources, and stream some time with the Lord!



Each week Rob hosts our Daily Discipleship podcast where he explores the biblical reality of how we live as a Disciple of Jesus Christ. This is a great resource for the faith family at First Hewitt. We encourage you to listen and interact with the new episode each week.

You can find new episodes and all previous episodes each week on our
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You can find a great family worship guide HERE provided by Susan. Find time to spend with you family and children to go through this guide.

You can find all of our Sunday School videos on our First Hewitt Kids Facebook page HERE

You can also find a Worship from Home for your kiddos to use along with the Sunday Live Stream. It includes fun activities that help them follow along with worship and the sermon. You can download it HERE or on the Live Stream page of our website.
Spotify Playlist

Here are a few playlists you can listen to on Spotify:
First Hewitt Worship Library - HERE

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