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Hello, from the Johnson family!

We wanted to take a moment to update our church family with how we are doing – specifically how Margaret is doing, since there hasn’t been a great opportunity for you to meet her.

During this Co-Vid season, God has continued to prove his faithfulness to our family. Margaret is growing, seemingly by the minute, into a healthy little girl. I can hardly believe she turned 5 months old on July 21 st ! Brianna and I are seeing her come more and more into her personality, and she is such a joy. She has such a silly sense of humor and the most beautiful little giggle to go along with it. She has been babbling since she was about 2.5 months old, but more recently, she has been taking opportunity to explore her voice and has been making all sorts of baby noises. There are times Margaret makes clear attempts to communicate with us, though she isn’t yet using intelligible words. Brianna and I are convinced it won’t be long before Margaret will be talking our ears off all day long. Margaret is also beginning to move around more independently… she isn’t quite crawling yet, but she will scoot and roll herself across the room to her favorite toys. Margaret also loves music. I can’t say that we are absolutely surprised – but it is another way God has blessed us through the gift of this little girl.

In June, Brianna was able to pick speech therapy back up at Elite Therapy Center working part-time. It was a rollercoaster trying to figure out how her therapy sessions would look due to Co-Vid, but Brianna’s job has blessed us financially and blessed Brianna with some community. Like most people, we have been a bit lonely in this season, so I was happy for Brianna to be using her gifts to bless others in the community. A few days out of the week, Brianna’s mother will watch Margaret for us, allowing us to get some more work done, but also giving grandma some needed time with baby. That has also been a huge blessing during this time. A few weeks ago, it came time for Brianna and me to pay taxes – which ended up being higher than we had originally thought. We had enough money put away to pay for them, but it left us uncertain of how we would pay for groceries over the following few weeks. God truly provided in our need. I came into my office on a Monday and found a sweet and encouraging letter addressed to me, and attached to it was a financial gift. There was no name attached to it – so whoever gifted this to us – thank you. Thank you so very much. God used your gift to remind us that he is our provider in every circumstance and season.

Well, church, we miss you all and cannot wait to see everyone in person and for everyone to meet our sweet little Margaret. May the Lord bless and keep you.

Grace and peace,

Sam Johnson
Worship Pastor

Here are some more pictures of Sam, Brianna, and Margaret!

This is an excellent and challenging sermon on how God built into our very being the margin necessary for justice and the imagination necessary for mercy. It was convicting to me when I first heard it in November of last year, and although some things look different due to COVID-19, everything Pastor Suzy speaks to is applicable today, especially regarding issues of socioeconomic injustices.

I challenge you to give 40 minutes of your self to learn how God built justice and mercy into the fabric of the Old Testament and how Jesus' followers can live the royal law of love today. You'll be glad you did!


Rob Hartland
Pastor of Youth and Discipleship
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MINI CAMP 2020 for Children Report
Seven school age students attended our mini camp this week. We prayer walked the neighborhood surrounding the church. We made gifts and delivered them to our neighbors and placed painted rocks in their yards to encourage them. We ended our time with a pizza meal and crafts. This was a great time for them to meet and worship together for the first time as youth.


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