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October 23, 2020
It's Time to Vote!

It's less than two weeks to election day. We are including a voting reminder for companies on what the rules say for giving time off to vote.

We also look at new PPP Loan forgiveness rules, Women in Print event, Recycle Day 2020, and more.

And don't forget the Fall Happy Hour next Thursday at Buffalo Bayou Brewing.

As companies continue to adapt to current events, we will continue to share information and opportunities to help during this process.

We hope you enjoy the latest news and updates.
Giving Employees Time Off for Voting.
Early voting in Texas runs through Friday, October 30. If you have employees who have not taken advantage of early voting and want to cast their vote on Tuesday, November 3, you need to keep these rules in mind.

An employee is entitled to take paid time off for voting on election days, unless the employee has at least two consecutive hours to vote outside of the their normal working hours.

While polling locations may have some variations based on their location, most voting sites are open 7AM - 7PM.

If an employee has work hours from 8AM - 5PM, they have the two hours required and can make the 7PM evening cutoff. If voters are in line by 7PM, they must be allowed to vote.

Get the details on voting in your area here.
SBA Has Simplified PPP Loan Forgiveness for Loans of $50K or Less.
On October 8, SBA and the Treasury released a simpler loan forgiveness application for the Payroll Protection Program for loan requests less than $50,000.

Some key requirements from the original PPP such as if the number of employees are reduced and/or hours are reduced, are not being strictly adhered to. Those loans will still be forgiven with the new request.

Get all the details including links to the new application.
Our Fall Happy Hour - WonderFALL.
Thursday, October 29, 2020
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.
6:00PM - 8:00PM
The Astos are out of the World Series, basketball won't be back until 2021 and the Texans don't play Thursday night. So join us next Thursday, October 29 at Buffalo Bayou Brewing for a Fall Happy Hour.

If you have made visiting all the local breweries an item on your bucket list, we can help you check one off. Now is a great time to get acquainted with what Buffalo Bayou Brewing has to offer while enjoying some industry fellowship.

Guests will pay for their own drinks. Buffalo Brewing offers a lengthy menu of beers as well as wine for the non-beer drinkers. PIGC will provide some tasty lite bites.

Space is limited so reservations are a must.

We would like to thank Clampitt Paper for being a sponsor of this event.

We hope to see you there.

Women in Print Happy Hour.
Thursday, November 12, 2020
The Printing Museum
5:30PM - 7:30PM
2020 is the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment. For our next Women in Print event, we are heading over to The Printing Museum to check out the AIGA Get Out the Vote: Empowering the Women's Vote and Dottie Erwin- Legendre: Paper Expressions exhibitions.

Join us as we see see the posters that not only promote voter participation but encourage dialogue on women's equality, diversity, citizenship and community.

The Paper Expressions exhibition shows how one person's passion for papermaking also became works of art. You will not look at paper the same way.

Whether you just stop by for a quick "hi", or stay longer, reconnect with colleagues and friends in the industry.

Mark your calendar now and stay tuned for more details.
Recycle Day 2020.
Tuesday, November 17, 2020
COVID has changed so much this year that it looked like Recycle Day 2020 was not going to take place.

Most of the recycling centers are allowing individual drop off of items, but not group events like this one.

We may have found a place that is willing to host our annual event. We should know shortly if it will be a go. So if you have been hanging on to your old electronics, just hang on a little longer.

If we cannot have the group collection, we will post a list of e-waste recyclers in the area that will accept your items.

Every year we have been collecting 1-2 tons of old electronics that will be recycled and disposed of properly. Documentation is provided after the disposal so participants have the information for their records.

If you have any questions about Recycle Day, please contact us at 713-522-2046 or
The Great Restart. Part 2.
Longtime PIA Affiliate President Bob Lindgren and Leslie Groene, sales coaching superstar, have put together a series of newsletters to help printing companies restart (and jump start) their businesses. This is another installment of their thoughts we will be sharing to help you along the way.

This is Part 2 of the previous post.

Sales Opportunities…
Enlist your team to help.
You'll need to find a balance on billable vs. non-billable work. . . but if client volume is down, use the time to support self-marketing. For example:
  • Your strategists and other subject matter experts (SMEs) can support content marketing and other initiatives.
  • Your project managers can help you stay on track.
  • Your operations team can provide additional support and structure in your sales efforts.

Ask for help—even self-starter employees can't read your mind.
Find ways to take breaks.
If you don't pause occasionally for self-care, you'll burn out. You'll need to find the right approach to handling sales during the pandemic but working 100 hours a week likely won't help.

Why? Because you'll see diminishing returns as you become exhausted. . . and you'll make mistakes that actively hurt your results.
Recognize that you will likely survive this.
If you get through this, you can handle almost anything. You - personally - will likely survive. And if your company doesn't make it, you will likely manage the setback. It will be sad and difficult and expensive. But you will likely emerge again, to pursue new opportunities. Good luck! – Leslie

Management Opportunities…
Don’t accept failure. We’ve called on a prospect and they’ve given us the specs for a job for which they want a quote. We go away happy and we deliver the quote. We don’t get the order and we’re sad, but we’re used to it. What’s wrong with this story? The problem is that we’re used to it and we just go on to the next prospect. As a result, we’re feeding a cycle of spending sales and estimating resources but not building sales while making the competition look good at the same time. The solution is to see the object of the quote as getting the order, not as an exercise of delivering the number from our estimating software. That means that we need to understand that we’ll get the order at a number that is acceptable to the prospect, not a number that works for our estimator. Our focus must be on the value of the project to the prospect and their view of alternative choices, not on our “costs.” Of course it may be that we can’t live with the prospect’s numbers— if that’s the case, it’s a signal to stop calling on them. But, if they have work that fits us and could build our volume, we have to get into their ballpark. - Bob

If you would like more information from the Restart Team, Contact

Leslie Groene - Sales and Marketing
(657) 464-9199

Bob Lindgren - Business and Financial
(818) 219-3855
Other Opportunities Next Week
Clampitt Paper School
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The virtual format will make it easy for you and your team to join the sessions.

Register now to reserve your spot.
PRINTING United Digital Experience
October 26 - November 12

With over 40 major product launches and 100 educational sessions covering different market segments, you won't know which ones to chose.
Register once and you can pick which sessions you want to attend.

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