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Last week we looked at AIR TO BREATHE because having quality air to breathe in your home is often overlooked, however, it's one of the most important considerations when creating a fit & healthy home.


If I knocked on your door right now, how would you feel about showing me in to your home?

This was a topic that came up in conversation this week so I thought it would be useful to discuss it today because, for many people, the thought of someone turning up unannounced brings on feelings of fear. 

Would you have a smile on your face and welcome me with open arms, or would it be more of a grimace with you feeling dread and anticipation?

Many of the people who I see at home don't want me to turn up on their doorstep early in the morning because they want the time to sort out the kids, the pets, the breakfast mess or all of the above.

We're pleased to invite others into our home once we've had an opportunity to make our home look reasonably tidy but how do you cope with those unexpected drops ins?

If you knocked on my front door today my house would be tidy but you'd have to straddle over the shoe graveyard in the hallway. 

Today, I don't see the mountain of shoes as a mess because they symbolise that the children are home, they have friends over and it's time to kick back and relax. 

Now that doesn't mean that I'll put up with the disorder every day because most of the time the hall is organised, and that's important to consider... when is it ok to have a little disruption in your home (high days and holidays) and when is it mindful to have an organised home?

For a fit and healthy home, you should live in an organised home but that doesn't meant to say that it's perfect 100% of the time.

Our busy lives, entertaining guests and modern day lifestyle naturally brings mess and disruption to every home.

In the conversation this week, one lady mentioned that it would take her half a day to tidy up before visitors arrive. How long would it take you to get your home straight and ship shape for visitors?

In my Autumn interior design workshop "5 SECRET STEPS TO YOUR MINDFUL HOME" I show you how to organise your home and keep it looking gorgeous so that it only takes half an hour to tidy up instead of half a day. What would you do with the extra time? I'd be down the gym or go out for a walk.

In my Autumn interior design workshop I'll be specifically looking at CLUTTER PERSONALITIES because a mindful home is not just organised, it's organised for you and how you like to tidy up and keep of top of things.

If you can't wait until my Autumn interior design workshop and want to take some action today then here are my top designer tips for dealing with the CLUTTER TRIGGERS in every home. 

These clutter triggers are the key areas that cause mess in the hallway, making your home look untidy and ruining a great first impression.

Each of these clutter triggers can either be on show or hidden away. If you like your home to look spick and span then consider cupboards to hide things away, or if you have the space then a boot room would be ideal:

  • Make sure the hall has a dedicated place to store everyday shoes. Each person in the family would have their own dedicated space for everyday shoes.
  • Any shoes that are not everyday would be stored elsewhere, such as in the bedroom, utility room or dressing room. You can swap the shoes around depending on the season, for example: boots in winter and sandals in summer.
  • Make sure the hall has a dedicated place to store everyday coats. Each person in the family would have their own dedicated space for everyday coats.
  • If you struggle finding your coat then a rail and hangers would be better for you than a coat hook.
  • Any coats that are not everyday would be stored elsewhere. You can swap the coats around depending on the season.
  • Have a dedicated space for sports bags, work bags or children's school bags. Make it easy for them to be picked up and thrown down easily.
  • Consider how you like to process your post and put a system in place to support this.
  • Step 1: where do you put the post once it's dropped on your door mat? For example: I have a basket in the hallway for the daily post.
  • Step 2: where do you sort out the post? For example: I like to sit in the kitchen or my office to sort out the post. This means that the basket in the hall needs to be flexible and moveable so that I can take it with me when I sit down to go through it.
  • Step 3: what do you do with the post once you've opened it? For example: I file the rubbish in the recycle bin, the financials in the fire safe and the everyday correspondence in a box file for that year. At the end of the year the box file goes in to the loft so that it's not cluttering up the house but I can access it easily if I need to dig out a receipt or letter of importance.

All of these tips will help you create your fit & healthy home... but only if you take action, put some time aside and incorporate them into your summer schedule to make a difference to your home.

Having an organised and Mindful Home will give you the confidence that you can tidy up in half an hour instead of half a day. It will enable you to create a great first impression so you won't feel self conscious when your friends and family drop by unexpectedly.

If you want to find out more about my Autumn interior design workshop then check out my

Next week's summer inspiration will take a look at awaking your senses with the power of smell in your home. Where is it important to have uplifting smells in your home and what type of smells will create your fit & healthy home.

If your home feels cluttered and disorganised
and you don't know where to start or 
you're struggling to keep on top of things
get in touch
I'll help you create your sunshine home
to relax, unwind and re-energize.

Gwendoline Alderton
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In Autumn (September 13th) I'm bringing to you my new and refreshing Interior Design Workshop.

The emphasis of the workshop is to enable you to stop feeling overwhelmed with interior design and to help you start relaxing in your home... creating a healthy home that nurtures and support you, your family and your friends. 

I appreciate that many interior design courses are fashioned for people like me, women who want to be interior designers. This is great for women who want and need the technical information but what about the vast majority of women who just want enough information to decorate a room in their home? These course can be overwhelming and often over complicated.

My interior design workshop showcases my 5 Secret Steps that are easy to understand and quick to apply.

The 5 Secret steps will help you create your healthy home.... one that feels safe and secure, one that's warm and welcoming, one that's organised and feels spacious, and one that's invigorating, gives you the space to think and helps you unwind.  

If you'd like to FIND OUT MORE ABOUT A MINDFUL HOME and how it can help you create a fit & healthy home then click on this photo for more information....


Wednesday 13th September
Central London
(09:30 am till 1:30pm)
I look forward to seeing you there.
Stop feeling Overwhelmed & Start Relaxing

Gwendoline Alderton
Click here to send me a personal message
Interior Designer
Digital Interior Designer
House Doctor Consultant
Mindful Home Expert
Radio, Conference & Event Speaker
Tel: 07841 519802

If you have a friend who's creative, enjoys watching the property programmes on the telly or just loves to shop and create a beautiful home then please feel free to forward this onto them for inspiration.





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