First Inkjet in USA, K15 CNC Software Upgrade

Decorating Machinery Report
May 2017
First Digital Inkjet in USA

The first KBA-Kammann digital inkjet decorating system is now operating in the USA. While already being used by European innovators, the hybrid inkjet/screen K-1 system is the first of its kind in North America.

Combining multi-dimensional digital inkjet printing with additional in-line screen print capabilities, the hybrid system allows
our customer to produce high quality, four-color (CMYK) imagery on any of its products at any volume level. It can print digitally on all shapes - oval, square, round, conical, tapered to name a few.

Inkjet printing provides customization, just in time delivery, sampling and minimal waste as the first product is good. Low volume decorating is now economically feasible.

Most notably, though, combining inkjet and screen print stations enables decorators to deliver added value to their customers.

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K15 CNC Software Upgrade

Increase efficiency of your K15 CNC by upgrading its operating system from Version 4 to Version 12.


Overall faster response of the  HMI
Enhanced troubleshooting
Improvements in software stability
All print stations can be adjusted from one panel
Error log that can be queried which allows for improved error analysis and troubleshooting
User defined stop position in the jog mode, which improves access and efficiency
Easy language change
Additional help text added
Decoration programs can be stored on storage media
Search feature for Decoration programs

Includes upgrades to the following software modules

SPS Control
Drive Control
Article Administration
Cam Calculation
Safety Control
MLC Control Firmware
Drive Firmware
Safety SPS Firmware
Registration System Software
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K15 CNC S+12  Demo Machine
Back on the market   

While two customers had placed deposits for this machine,  unforeseen circumstances required each one to postpone their order. The K15 CNC S+12 is now available for sale. It was installed in our Portsmouth headquarters to train customers and staff and to provide opportunities to demonstrate the machine's capabilities. Please contact your sales representative  if you are interested. 

  • CNC control
    K15 CNC Demo
  • 12 stations
  • 5 color screen printer
  • Bottom register camera
  • Seam detection camera
  • Neck printing device
  • UV drying
Thanks from Paul Bolduc 
To the engineering and manufacturing team in the Germany, to our service technicians and to our customer's machine operators, thanks are in order for getting the first KBA-Kammann digital inkjet machine in the USA up and running.  

Thanks also to all our customers for continuing to have confidence in our people, products and commitment.

President KBA-Kammann USA
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