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April 15, 2013 - Issue 1

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Fluid Resuscitation in Pigs - ISP Hextend Study 3/10/13

Wenjun Z. Martini, PhD, Michael A. Dubick, PhD, and Lorne H. Blackbourne, MD, Fort Sam Houston, Texas


Comparisons of lactated Ringer's and Hextend resuscitation on hemodynamics and coagulation following femur injury and severe hemorrhage in pigs


Background: This study compared coagulation function after resuscitation with Hextend and lactated Ringer's (LR) solution in pigs with tissue injury and hemorrhagic shock.


Intra-Orbital Training Munition
Brett W. Davies, MD, MS; Eric M. Hink, MD; Robert W. Enzenauer, MD



Objectives: To present a case report of an intra-orbital training munition during combat simulation.


Methods: A 36-year old National Guardsman presented to our hospital after being struck in the right orbit with a training munition during combat exercises at Fort Carson, CO. The clinical findings, treatment course, and outcome of the case are discussed with review of the literature.


Deployed Assessment and Management of mTBI Casualties

Benjamin Garfin



Objective: During a recent deployment to Afghanistan, the necessity for a clear and concise series of documents for the management of mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs) became glaringly obvious.  In mid-October 2011, a Ranger assault force was conducting an operation in the middle of the night.  When it reached the planned objective, a series of Pressure Plate Improvised Explosive Devices (PPIED's) detonated as the victims crossed over them. This resulted in three Friendly Killed in Action (FKIA) and three more Friendly Wounded in Action (FWIA).


Quality of Care Assessment in Far Forward Detection of Extremity Compartment Syndrome in War

David R. King, MD, John F. Kragh, Jr., MD; Lorne H. Blackbourne, MD

Recent efforts to improve the quality of care in the Afghanistan theater focused on extremity compartment syndrome, a common, disabling, and costly problem. In order to find opportunities to improve care, the purpose of the present survey is to observe use of two standard methods, the traditional, improvised method and the common, off-the-shelf method, for determining intra-compartmental pressures in the lower extremities of combat casualties.

H-II OPSEC - Redefining a Global Security Support System

In 2010, The UN NGO Humanitarian Resource Institute mediated the formation of the Humanitarian Intervention Initiative (H-II) to support strategic planning, development and stabilization of humanitarian emergencies that are beyond the operational capacities of the United Nations, non-governmental and relief organizations.

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Tactical lighting in special operations medicine

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Annoucement - COL Farr retires May 1stretirement

COL Warner "Rocky" Farr will go on the official retired rolls as of 1 May 2013. For those who are counting, that will be 46 years and 1 week of continuous active Army service.  His  replacement as the SOCCENT Surgeon is COL K.B. Chou, MD, MC, USA, who will report in the summer.  


COL Farr's retirement ceremony will be 25 April, at SOCCENT Headquarters in the afternoon.  COL Farr wishes to thank all who are present,  as well as all who will be unable to be there for all the support, cooperation, and effort that have allowed us in the medical side to have an ever greater effect in Special Operations. "As hard times are coming, the trick now will be to weather those bad times and not end up reduced in our efforts or effects. As wars draw to an end, people forget they need medicine in their formations and will always cut Band-Aids before bullets, as it should be."    


COL Farr's remarkable career in Special Operations medicine included his early days serving as a Special Forces medic in Vietnam and later overseeing the SF 18-D training course as an E-8 medic before going to medical school. After completing medical school, he completed a pathology residency and served as both the USASOC Surgeon and the USSOCOM Surgeon before being assigned to his current position as the SOCCENT Surgeon. COL Farr is the last remaining active duty member of the legendary Military Assistance Command Vietnam - Studies and Observation Group (MACV-SOG) in Vietnam, the predecessor to today's Joint Special Operation Command. With his retirement, Special Ops medicine is losing one of its giants. 

Photo of the Week
Protective Detail Members practicing TCCC and Evacuation of Casualties using Medic as patient, Baghdad Iraq, 2007

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CTECCMeetingC-TECC Semi-Annual Meeting

The Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) will be hosting its semi-annual meeting  May 20-21st in Seattle, WA.  The focus of the meeting will be addressing pediatric specific challenges in high threat and dynamic preshopital settings.  During the public sessions, Dr. Bobko will be presenting proposed TECC Pediatric Guideline additions.  Dr. Richard Kamin, ACEP TEMS Section, will be discussing pediatric trauma preparedness implications from the Sandy Hook mass shooting.  

Date of Open Session: May 20
Location: Harborview Medical Center, 325 Ninth Ave. Seattle 
Contact Info:
Dr. Reed Smith - 
Dr. David Callaway - 
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Fluid Resuscitation in Pigs - ISP Hextend Study
Intra-Orbital Training Munition
Deployed Assessment and Management of mTBI Casualties
Quality of Care Assessment in Far Forward Detection of Extremity Compartment Syndrome in War
H-II OPSEC - Redefining a Global Security Support System
Tactical Lighting Survey
Annoucement - COL Farr retires
Photo of the Week
C-TECC Semi-Annual Meeting
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