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and Bucks County Police Training Center Presents...  

     Reality-Based Strategies for Coaching and Career 
  Development of Line Officers
December 3, 2019
Doylestown, PA (Philadelphia Area)

Approved by MPOETC for 8 Hours CLEE Credit
Understanding the Law Enforcement Culture and Managing
Officer performance is an important part of Policing in the 21st Century. Effective Coaching is an important addition to a law enforcement supervisor's arsenal of skills. The ability to listen and help others achieve their personal and organizational objectives is a critical competency in today's law enforcement profession. Coaching skills can be applied across the organization at all levels, whenever goals are established and people need assistance in achieving them. "Our people are our most important asset" is not a trite slogan; it is a fundamental truth. People make your organization, and people who are world-class learners make your organization great. Leadership starts at the top but it doesn't stop there. Everyone in the agency/department can develop the skills needed to lead! This class provides reality-based principles and strategies for first-line supervisors who want to make a difference by encouraging and inspiring line officers to achieve personal and organizational goals. If you are looking for a supervisory class that focuses on the need-to-know "how to" rather than the nice-to-know theories, this is the class you've been waiting for! 

Learning Objectives:
  • Students will be able to define and discuss American Policing, Recruitment, Hiring and Training of New Officers. Students will gain knowledge of the important of wellness and resiliency.
  • Students will discuss and understand the Police Subculture and be able to recognize Stress, Trauma and Other Issues Related to the Mental and Physical Health of Officers.
  • Students will learn the qualities of being a great police officer and the importance of Ethics in Policing. Students will learn and understand how the actions of one officer hurt an entire profession.
  • Students will be able to define First Line Supervision, Leadership, Servant Leadership, Manager, the Benefits of Effective Coaching, Leadership Styles and the importance of the Role each plays.
  • The Student will learn important principles including Control, Timely Decision Making, Questions, Mistakes, Anger, Objectivity, Fear, Be Specific, Role Modeling , and Self-Care.
  • Students will learn and discuss The Five Basic Beliefs of Leadership and The Six Supervisor Mistakes to Avoid.
  • The Student will learn about critical success strategies for new leaders in the First 90 Days.
  • They will learn about and discuss why there is no room in Policing for Toxic Police Leadership.
  • Students will learn how to inspire commitment, build insight and motivation so people focus their energy on goals that matter by reviewing the Six Leadership Lessons of Colin Powell.
Students will discuss how to measure their effectiveness as supervisors and the importance of taking care of themselves.

Thomas Gillan is Executive Director of The P S U Crisis Management and Training Group, Inc. As a certified law enforcement trainer, Thomas has developed law enforcement curriculums in the areas of Human Trafficking, Law Enforcement Stress, Trauma, Suicide, Crisis Negotiations, Investigations, New Recruits and Human Resource Issues. Thomas is an instructor with Training Force USA, the Regional Community Policing Institute, the Criminal Justice Department at Saint Leo University, The Florida Sheriff's Association, and the Florida Attorney General's Office. Mr. Gillan has received numerous awards and recognition for his work from The U. S. Department of Justice, The U. S. Attorney's Office, The FBI National Academy, The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, The Florida Department of Corrections, The Florida Catholic Conference of Bishops, The Orange County Sheriff's Office and most recently The 2012 Trainer of The Year Award from The Florida Network of Victim Witness Services.
Thomas Gillan, CLET - Certified Law Enforcement Trainer, CWPVT - Certified Workplace Violence Prevention, Intervention and Response Trainer, CSTS - Certified Stress and Trauma Specialist, CFS - Compassion Fatigue Specialist and CLC - Certified Life Coach

All members of the criminal justice community (sworn or non-sworn). Training is especially valuable for all first line supervisors in the criminal justice field.     
LENGTH:            8 hour training
Bucks County Police Training Center
1760 South Easton Road
Doylestown, PA  18901
  • Tuesday, December 3, 2019 
  • Class starts at 8:00 AM Sharp - and ends at 5:00 PM (Local Time)   

COST       $199.00 per person

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