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Hello All,

In an effort not to keep in the forefront of our minds what is going on around us and with the use of our own tax dollars, I am sending this special news letter out on First Net, what we now believe is an international cell tower surveillance grid.  For more info, please visit our new web page dedicated to this infrastructure:
The Australian government and their wireless industry partners have beautifully PR-ed this 5 Eyes, Australian version of the US First Net - the ubiquitous microwave radiation surveillance program, into an outcry from the public for more wireless coverage...

Nowhere to Hide:
"High-power terrestrial location service beacons can penetrate buildings and structures that normally block conventional Global Navigation Satellite System signals"
"About $7 billion in proceeds from recent federal spectrum auctions have been earmarked to build out the network although recent reports from congressional investigators have pegged development and operational costs between $12 billion to $47 billion over the first decade."

First Net developing Base Stations for Police Cars 
I sent this out a few weeks ago but it may have gotten lost amongst the many articles.  LA County Board of Supervisors voted to block the federal cell towers but LA City Council is funded by the wireless industry and therefor only one councilman has blocked the towers in his area - and even that is now being challenged by LA RICS and First Net.  We can stop this but it is going to take major organizing, exposing politicians on the take from the wireless industry, replacing them with politicians who will listen to us and never backing down...
Residents Protest Cell Tower Installations Citing Health Concerns

First Net's Intent to Utilize Satellite Cell Towers

The following comments can be found in this document submitted by Iridium Satellite, LLC 
"Chairman Ginn explained that one fundamental challenge before FirstNet lies in the fact  that "the network must cover every square meter of this nation and do it effectively."


"Johnson, Craig Farrill, and other members of the Board acknowledge, there is no practical way to accomplish this goal without relying on satellite technology."


"That is why Iridium strongly supports the proposals made in the September 25, 2012 presentation to FirstNet's Board of NOI, 77 Fed. Reg. at 60681.2

Directors (the "FirstNet Presentation") to utilize mobile satellite communications as a crucial part of the FNN architecture."


"As it continues to refine its network concept, FirstNet should keep in mind that satellite connectivity will be an essential component to fulfilling its statutory mandate to "ensure the safety, security, and resiliency of the network."    


If you have not yet seen it, please watch this important video... 

And in case you had not yet seen it, the video I put out approx. 4 months ago... 

Special thanks for articles from: Virginia Farver, Marilynne Martin, George Parker