First News
January 27, 2020
Ministers — All the Members of the Congregation
In a Presbyterian Church people like me are called a whole bunch of names (usually good names!). I am called a pastor, a preacher, a teaching elder, and, yes, a minister.
I like all these names. But the confusing one is minister. For though I engage in ministry here, the full ministry of the church is carried out not by me (or Berry or Al or Whitney) but by you the members of the congregation. If this congregation is to be vital and faithful to our Lord, all of you are ministers.
Therefore, to enable you to offer your ministry effectively in and through this congregation the Session is inviting you to join in the way the ministry of this congregation has been organized. That organized way means we have “committees.”  
Likely your idea of a committee is that it meets, talks, votes on something, then adjourns — a rather dull way to spend imagination, energy, love and time! So I like to call what we have known as “committees” “Ministry Teams.” For all of them should be focused on effective ways God is calling this congregation into ministry in this city and world.
For “Ministry Teams” to thrive they need more than the Elders who lead them. They need you! With this newsletter comes a form that enables you to join one of our “Ministry Teams.” I hope you will do so. As you do I am confident First Presbyterian Church - Greer will soar in its response to God’s call to share the love and justice of Jesus Christ in this hurting world.

Grace and peace,
You may click here to see a description of each of our Ministry Teams and there will also be hard copy sign ups available outside the church office.
Gracias, amigos! Thank you friends for your continued support of Cafe Justo.  
Cafe Justo, a fair trade coffee co-operative in Mexico, is one of our mission partners. The Cafe Justo co-operative allows coffee farmers to earn a living wage, receive medical benefits and enables families to stay on their family lands. Since becoming a Cafe Justo partner in 2004, our church has purchased over 7,000 lbs of coffee worth over $59,000. Last year in 2019, we purchased over 750 pounds of coffee for over $6,000.  This means our church is supporting a whole coffee farming family in the co-op!   First Presbyterian annual coffee sales financially supports a farming family for a whole year. Your support and purchase of Cafe Justo coffee is providing life-changing gifts. Cafe Justo is more than good coffee, it is good hope for our neighbors and brothers and sisters in Mexico. Gracias!
We will be hosting families in the Interfaith Hospitality Network the week of February 9th - 16th. We invite you to join us as we offer hospitality and welcome these homeless families as they make our church their home for the week. You can help with unloading the IHN trailer, setting up beds and rooms, preparing meals, coming to sit with families in the evening, and spend the night. We hope you’ll consider joining us as we offer welcome. You may use this link to sign up to serve, or you may contact IHN Deacons Linda Nicholson or Ron Vanderhoff
The Youth Kickoff Potluck a huge hit! Our youth families gathered for a potluck dinner and kickoff program on Sunday evening.  With 23 middle and high school youth and their families, and our newly formed youth advisor teams, we had 75 folks around tables breaking bread (and eating fried chicken) together. Our youth gathered for games and conversation and parents engaged in small group conversations with Berry around hopes and dreams for youth ministry.  Please continue to pray for our youth and their spiritual formation.
February 2
Super Bowl Parties!
Middle schoolers will meet at the Ryan’s house (307 W Church Street; Greer) and the High schoolers will meet at the Buczkowski’s house (107 W Peach Ridge Dr; Greer). Plan to arrive at their houses by 6:30 , and bring a side dish or dessert to share. Pick up after half time show!

February 9
IHN set up and dinner!
Mid Highs meet @ church from 3:30-5:00 to help unload. Senior highs will meet @ church from 5:00- 7:00 to cook, and clean up dinner for our guests! 

February 9
Mini Montreat Registration
Money is due to Victoria or Berry. Cost is $100, which includes all meals, registration costs, housing, and a t-shirt. Scholarships are available.

February 16
No youth program.
Enjoy the President’s Day weekend!
Fabulous Friday is on February 14th and we will be studying LOVE and how God calls us to love others. Children, birth to 5th grade are invited to join us for an evening of fun, fellowship and faith formation. We'll have dinner together with our guests from the Interfaith Hospitality Network at 6:00 pm and then rotate through activity stations where we explore God's Love and how we are called to love. Please sign your child(ren) up by Monday February 10th if they plan to participate and reach out to Maggie Wentzky or Sallie Smith if you have any questions.
Are you interested in learning more about the Presbyterian tradition? Interested in learning more about the mission and ministry of First Presbyterain Church Greer? 
You are invited to join us for Presbyterian 101 during the Sunday School hour at 10:00 am on February 2nd and 9th in the Session Room. For more information, please contact Whitney Moss or Pete Peery.
Save the Date: Children in Worship

February 16th - Grace Notes Elementary Ensemble @ 11:00
February 23rd - Cherub Choir @ 11:00
The Personnel Committee of First Presbyterian Church is seeking a part-time children's ministry staff person. The job description for this position can be found by clicking here . If you know of anyone that may be interested please have them reach out to Maggie Wentzky.
Click on the picture above to see FPCG's recent photos from Youth events, Worship & more.

If you have pictures that you have taken of FPCG events that you'd like to share please send them to Maggie Wentzky
Joys & Concerns of FPC Family

Dick Baldwin
Bob Brown
George Crowe
Jamie Hall
Carlyn Henson
Linda McDaniel
Jim Stringer
Jeff White

Christian Sympathy is extended to Bill Hunt and family on the death of his wife, Nancy Ralston.
Calendar of Events

January 27
6:30 Women's basketball game @ Prince of Peace
8:30 9th - 12th grade boys basketball game @ Friendship Baptist

January 28
1:00 Prayer Shawl Ministry
6:00 Basketball Practice

January 29
11:00 Worship Committee Meeting 6:00 Basketball Practice
6:15 Chancel Choir
7:15 Handbell Choir
8:15 Praise Team

January 30
6:00 Basketball Practice

January 31

February 1
9:00 3rd-5th grade girls basketball game @ FPCG
9:00 1st & 2nd grade boys basketball game @ Pelham First Baptist
10:00 K4/K5 basketball game @ Fairview Baptist
11:00 3rd - 5th grade boys basketball game @ FPCG
12:00 6th-8th grade girls basketball game @ FPCG
1:00 6th - 8th grade boys basketball game @ FPCG

February 2
8:55 Worship in Fellowship Hall
10:00 Sunday School
10:00 Presbyterian 101
11:00 Worship in the Sanctuary
12:00 Operations Committee Meeting
3:00 Basketball Practice
6:00 Super Bowl Parties for Middle & High School Youth

February 3
8:30 Women's basketball game @ FPCG

February 4
1:00 Prayer Shawl Ministry
3:00 Book Club
6:00 Basketball Practice

February 5
6:00 Basketball Practice
6:15 Chancel Choir
7:15 Handbell Choir
8:15 Praise Team

February 6
6:00 Basketball Practice

February 7

February 8
9:00 1st & 2nd grade boys basketball game @ FPCG
10:00 3rd-5th grade girls basketball game @FPCG
11:00 3rd-5th grade girls basketball game @FPCG
12:00 3rd-5th grade boys basketball game @FPCG
2:00 6th-8th grade girls basketball game @FPCG
TBD 6th-8th grade boys basketball game @FPCG

February 9
8:55 Worship in Fellowship Hall
10:00 Sunday School
10:00 Presbyterian 101
11:00 Worship in Sanctuary
12:00 Diaconate Meeting
3:00 Basketball Practice
3:30 Middle School Youth Meet
3:30 Session assist with IHN Set up
4:00 Session Meeting
5:00 Senior High Youth Meet