First News
June 1, 2020
Update on Gathering Again

The Session met on Sunday May 31st to consider how and when we might start re-gathering in worship in our buildings in the face of the continuing coronavirus pandemic. It received recommendations from its COVID-19 Advisory Committee. Those recommendations are linked here :

In light of those recommendations, the Session decided to remain in “Step One” as outlined in the recommendations at least for the next two weeks. Essentially this means we will continue in online virtual worship only. The Session also urged the COVID-19 Advisory Committee to continue its work of monitoring the pandemic in our area. On June 14 the Session will meet again to consider whether to move forward into “Step Two” in the recommendations (a partial form of re-gathered worship). To that end it is asking the Property Ministry Team under the leadership of Thad McCord and the Worship Ministry Team under the leadership of Nancy Jones to make plans now to implement worship as outlined in “Step Two”. 
Finally the Session is asking for your advice. They want to know, in light of the presence of the coronavirus that stills surrounds us and the continuing level of infections in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, do you think it is time to move to “Step Two” in the recommendations or do you think we should remain longer in “Step One”? Please send an email to Lisa Johnson ( ) with your opinion prior to noon, June 10.
In all of this please keep the Session in prayer as they lead us in this difficult time. And hold in your heart and mind these words from scripture. From the First Letter of John:  “No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God lives in us, and God’s love is perfected in us. . . . . those who do not love a brother or sister whom they have seen, cannot love God whom they have not seen. . . . . those who love God must love their brothers and sisters also.”  So in the decision we make about re-gathering how do we best demonstrate love for all our brothers and sisters in this congregation?
And from First Corinthians:  “Indeed, the body does not consist of one member but of many. . . . . If one member suffers, all suffer together with it; if one member is honored, all rejoice together with it.”  So in the decision we make how do we best honor all the members of the body of Christ who are in this congregation?
Grace and peace,
 Pete Peery
Interim Pastor

Summer Bible Study Series
Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. via Zoom

Looking for a creative way to connect with scripture and one another? We invite you to join us on Wednesday mornings as we gather via Zoom to read scripture, reflect, share stories, and pray together. If you would like to participate in this study, please email Whitney ( ) to receive the Zoom link. Study books to accompany this study are available for pick up from the church at Door B. If you are not able to join us via Zoom, we invite you to pick up a book and read the biblical texts along with us.
Friends, we are excited about this year’s ONLINE Presbyterian Association of Musicians Worship and Music Conference at Montreat, June 21-26.  There is  something for everyone!
( Click link here for more details)
Are you a choir member? Do you love visual art? Do you miss handbells?
Looking to learn and grow with Bible study? Registration at 1/2 cost for FPC members - $88. All classes are available online for the remainder of 2020. Please contact Lisa D . if you're interested.
Youth are gathering for outdoor small group gatherings this week! These outdoor gatherings have been carefully planned to maintain social distancing, will be staffed by Berry and Victoria as well as several youth advisors, and have been approved by our COVID-19 Advisory Group. After more than 2 months of meaningful virtual gatherings twice a week for our middle school and high school youth for Bible study, we are looking forward to seeing each other in person to play outdoors. 

Our High school youth and many of their families are gathering at Lake Robinson on Thursday afternoon for Lake Day on kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes. Our Middle School youth and many of their families are gathering Friday afternoon at the Driggers house for Kickball and Popsicles .
We will continue to gather weekly for Zoom gatherings to continue to study Acts together.

Pentecost Worship and Graduation Sunday was a splendid display of the gifts of many of our youth. We are so grateful for our youth and especially our graduates. Each of our 15 high school graduates received a gift of two handwritten letters, homemade pretzels (thank you Logan Britt and Victoria Melin), FPCG insolated mug, Joshua 1:9 sticker, and Christian bracelet … all hand-delivered to their door step in a FPC tote bag.  
Montreat has canceled all summer programs. Click here to learn more about Montreat’s recent decision. This means our youth will not attend Montreat Youth Conference in July, nor CROSS mission trip in Charlotte. We grieve with our 24 youth and advisors who were signed up and looking forward to these trips! Our youth advisors and youth ministry committee are discussing options for additional local summer plans.

Berry has invited youth parents to join in a 21-day race awareness challenge hosted (virtually) by friends at Myers Park Presbyterian Church in Charlotte. Please check it out: Better When We're Back Together . Our whole church family is invited to take the challenge with Berry and Jennifer and Travis Olmert! There are curated digital resources available every day to choose from to increase your racial awareness.

At the February 2020 meeting, with great joy the Session voted to improve and repair the Sanctuary stained glass windows and the related masonry. 

This major project has been in the works for several years and is finally going to come to fruition this month. Bovard Stained Glass Studio and Pride Masonry will work to complete the project beginning early to mid June and finishing mid July. The leading and glass in the windows and the window frames will be repaired, and a new state of the art vented non-yellowing clear covering will be placed over the windows to protect them for many years to come. Pride Masonry will repair damage to the masonry around the windows in order to control water issues that we've been experiencing.  

Ken Dill of the Property Committee will be managing this project and questions can be directed to him or the Property Committee as a whole. Access to the Sanctuary will be limited to those working on the project during the time work is taking place.

We look forward to seeing the progress and final product and thank all who have already put many hours into researching the best ways to maintain our beautiful windows.  
Our Daily Bread Devotional Books Available

Devotional Books from Our Daily Bread Ministries (June - August) are available for pickup at the church. Please help yourself to a copy from the mailbox at Door B.
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Send us pictures of the ways in which you are connecting to your FPCG Family remotely. Maggie Wentzky
I so appreciate the phone calls, notes, emails and cards related to my recent hospitalization. The thoughtfulness of the members and staff at First Presbyterian converted a difficult time to a blessing. Again, thank you very much!
Glennis Griner
Joys & Concerns of FPC Family

Bruce Baker
Jamie Hall
Jenny Munro
Jim Stringer

Christian Sympathy is extended to Arnette Johnson and her brother, Bill, in the death of their mother, Gwen Johnson on May 19th.
Calendar of Events

June 1
1:00 Care of the Congregation

June 2
1:30 Prayer Shawl Ministry via Zoom
3:30 Book Club via Zoom

June 3
10:30 Bible Study via Zoom
4:00 Middle School Gathering via Zoom
5:00 High School Gathering via Zoom
6:30 Choir Virtual Meeting
7:30 Handbell Virtual Meeting

June 4
10:00 FPCG Zoom Connections
2:00 High School Gathering @ Lake Robinson

June 5
3:00 Middle School kick ball

June 6

June 7
10:00 Elementary Sunday School via Zoom
9:00 Worship Available Online
3:00 Youth Parent Zoom

June 8

June 9

June 10
10:30 Bible Study via Zoom
4:00 Middle School Youth Zoom
5:00 High School Youth Zoom
6:30 Choir Zoom
7:30 Handbell Zoom

June 11
10:00 FPCG Zoom Connections

June 12

June 13

June 14
10:00 Elementary Sunday School via Zoom
9:00 Worship Available Online
3:00 Youth Parent Zoom
4:00 Session Meeting