First News
October 20, 2020
Dear Congregation,
As I mentioned Sunday in worship, we are inviting you to consider your thankful response to God demonstrated through your stewardship pledge to the church for 2021. Al Masters shares this word which I commend to you as you consider your response on Dedication Sunday, November 8th.

Grace and peace,

Changing the Three T’s of Stewardship - Dr. Al Masters

We tend to think of stewardship in terms of Time, Talent, Treasure…what if we thought of our relationship with God in terms of Thanksgiving, Trust, and Transformation?

Thanksgiving begins with the awareness that Time, Talent, Treasure are all God’s gifts and are ours to manage but not possess. Thanksgiving invites us, especially in the pandemic, to ponder new ways to use our time wisely—time with children and grandchildren; perhaps your primary vocational talent has morphed into working more at home; we can be thankful and respond to God’s generosity by offering our pledge with gratitude for this community and body of Christ we call FPCG.

Trust is the way we manage our time, talent, treasure—God trusts us and we trust God. We affirm in faith that God’s promises are true and we can trust God to help us create community, to heal brokenness, and bring hope out of despair and longing for a vaccine. Perhaps in worship we focus on “receiving” the offering rather than “taking” the offering as a reminder that giving is opportunity rather than obligation.

Transformation happens when we trust God with our lives. 2020 has transformed the way we look at time and our daily lives. Our relationship to our treasure is transformed because we now see our resources and abundance through God’s eyes and the needs of essential workers. As Paul reminds us, we are not conformed to older patterns of injustice with our neighbors but are transformed by the renewing of our minds and honest conversations.

We give thanks, we trust, and allow God to transform us because we are grateful for this congregation, especially in these challenging times. We trust our session, deacons and staff to use our gifts wisely as we seek to honor Christ, serve one another, and help heal the world that God so loves.

Thanks be to God! 
Reminder: Deadline to register for October 25th worship is Wednesday 10/21 @ 5:00 pm.  
Those who wish to gather in person to watch worship from the FPCG Fellowship Hall on Sunday at 11:00 am are invited to do so by registering at the link below or by calling the church office.  
If you would like to register multiple members of your family please be sure to include their names in the "Family Name" box on the form. We need this information to ensure we have a complete list of attendees for contact tracing purposes. 
By registering you are acknowledging that you have not experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days: fever, cough, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, body aches or chills.  

You are also acknowledging that you have not had contact with anyone in the last 14 days who is Covid positive or has any of the above unexplained symptoms associated with Covid.

If you or any of your family have experienced symptoms related to Covid in the last 14 days, we ask that you not attend in-person worship.

The Children’s Ministry is hosting a drive thru “Fall Fun” event this Sunday, October 25th, from 4:00-5:00pm. Children and families are invited to drive thru the parking lot (costumes encouraged!) where they will pick out a pumpkin and get bags of candy and popcorn. We hope to see you there! 
As we prepare to return to in-person worship in the fellowship hall, we need folks who are ages 65 and under to serve as ushers. Usher duties during this time will include confirming participants registration information, assisting participants with socially distanced seating, and making sure the building is secure upon departure.

If you are willing to serve the church in this way, please email Lisa Johnson ( or call the church office at 877-3612.
“For Such a Time as This . . . .”

Stewardship Dedication Sunday is November 8th. You are invited to prayerfully consider your pledge for 2021 to sustain the ministry and life of this congregation in such a time as this. Stretching toward welcoming the ministry of a new senior pastor, equipping the church for a new era of life post pandemic - all depends on how you respond to God’s grace in such a time as this.

You should have received a stewardship packet in the mail this past week. If you did not, please email Lisa Johnson ( in the church office and she will be happy to send one to you.
“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.” -1 Corinthians 16:13-14 

Our Mid-High girls gathered last week for a pumpkin decorating event and devotional - look at the fun pumpkins they made! Sr. High girls gather tomorrow, and Sr. High boys gather on Sunday. We also had a Mid-High “Minute to Win it” event last Saturday complete with prizes and wacky games! The next youth large gathered event will be in November and we will have a zoom on November 1st. Thank you for the prayers and love you give to the youth group!
Children’s Faith Formation Update
A reminder that Children’s Sunday School has moved to 9:30 am, but is still on Zoom. Thank you to our teachers who are continuing to be creative and make Sunday School possible. 
Voices needed for Christmas! All are welcome to join the chancel choir on Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the back parking lot for Christmas music rehearsal. Bring your lawn chair and masks and enjoy fellowship and music. After a few rehearsals we will make a recording to use in our virtual Joygift service. 
Click on the picture to see FPCG's recent photos.

Send us pictures of the ways you are connecting to your FPCG Family remotely. Maggie Wentzky
Prayers for the FPC Family

Bruce Baker
Luanne Baker
Vincent DeMaria
Jamie Hall
Jennifer Humphrey
Al Masters
Eve Mills
Marie Moore
Lib Ann Smith
Patty White
Carolyn Wright

Christian sympathy is expressed to the family of Lucy Dillard Howard who entered the Church Triumphant on October 14.
Marian and I want to thank everyone for the prayers, cards, calls and expressions of sympathy following the death of my mother. Sincerely,
Fred Hyslop

Dear Friends,
You will never know how much you helped me - and continue to help me - after my fall, shoulder replacement surgery and recovery. You brought food, provided transportation, helped with medicine, picked up groceries, dropped by to talk and prayed for my recovery (you must have done lots of praying because my recovery is proceeding well although slowly). I could not have made it without all of you, encouraging me and picking me up when I needed a boost. And while all this was going on, you kept my mother in your prayers as she was and is under a lockdown at her assisted living facility because of COVID-19 and after she slid off the bed and sprained her knee. She is recovering well, also. Sincerely, Jenny Munro
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Calendar of Events

October 20
1:00 Prayer Shawl Ministry via Zoom

October 21
10:30 Fall Bible Study via Zoom
6:30 Chancel Choir Outdoor Gathering
7:30 Hand Bell Rehearsal

October 22
October 23
October 24

October 25
9:30 Elementary Sunday School via Zoom
11:00 In-Person Live Stream Worship in Fellowship Hall and online via the FPC website
2:30 Elder-Deacon Training
4:00-5:00 Fall Fun Drive Thru Event
7:00 Jazz Ensemble Small Group
October 26

October 27
1:00 Prayer Shawl Ministry via Zoom

October 28
10:30 Fall Bible Study via Zoom
6:30 Chancel Choir Outdoor Gathering
7:30 Handbell Rehearsal

October 29
October 30
October 31

November 1
9:30 Elementary Sunday School via Zoom
11:00 In-Person Live Stream Worship in Fellowship Hall and online via the FPC website
7:00 Jazz Ensemble Small Group

November 2