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Volume I | January 2021

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Things aren’t always what they seem. When Pastor Ben Johnson-Krase became our minister, he asked members of the senior group Swingers to change their name due to other meanings given to the word. Hence, the creation of Daytime Circle.


The following email and link are from George Gonis (writer) about former church member—Frederic March and his involvement with HKKK at UW-Madison in 1917. Thanks to Pam Wortley, chair of our archive committee, for helping to facilitate Mr. Gonis research.


To: Pam Wortley


Thought you should have ASAP this attached article about perhaps Racine's most famous born-and-raised-in-Racine personage ever - just published last week in the internationally acclaimed film journal BRIGHT LIGHTS. Please feel free to share with your archives-committee colleagues and other members of the congregation—and feel free to post online on any venue you see fit.


I was privileged to communicate with you during the course of my research for this article, and you were so accommodating and gracious ,in every interaction. Here's a quick story synopsis:


Setting the Record Straight on Hollywood Golden Age Icon, Badger Alum, Seven-Decade Civil Rights Champion and 30-Plus-Year NAACP Mainstay FREDRIC MARCH and the Removal of His Name from the UW-Madison Campus


Highlighting Previously Unexplored, Unreported Facts and New Interviews with Harry Belafonte, Smithsonian Secretary Lonnie Bunch, Actor/Activist Ed Asner, Actor/Activist James Cromwell, Legendary Director Stanley Kramer's Widow

Karen Sharpe-Kramer and a Host of Others


* * *


Attached below please find a November 25, 2020, photo-filled article published by BRIGHT LIGHTS FILM JOURNAL addressing the three-year saga of the Fredric March Play Circle controversy. The BRIGHT LIGHTS narrative includes an avalanche of facts that entirely escaped popular notice across the state throughout those three years.


FYI: The progressive BRIGHT LIGHTS FILM JOURNAL started as a print publication in 1974 and today attracts 50,000 unique visits a month. THE TIMES of London calls it a "superb film journal," and both the New York Public Library and put BRIGHT LIGHTS on their "Best of the Web" lists.


Hoping that bringing this information to light helps correct any confusion, misperceptions, past omissions or previous incomplete coverage.



George Gonis, Milwaukee 


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Promotional studio portrait of March. Editor’s collection.

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