First Unitarian Universalist RVA- October 11, 2019
We GROW in search of wisdom,
we CARE in support of community, we ACT in service of justice.
All are invited to join us for services!
Your theme for October is "Social Intelligence!" Packet available now! (The Monthly Info Drop has also been updated with the latest information available).
Your "MONTHLY INFO DROP" contains: the theme, blog updates, monthly care team information, and bookkeeper news like share the plate.
This Sunday at First UU: October 13th
Sunday Services at
9:00 am and 11:00 am

coffee hour
10:00 am-11:00 am

Sermon by Rev. Jeanne Pupke,
Senior Minister
"When Everyone is Afraid"

When the systems are broken, when the risks are evident, when the costs are high and everyone is afraid there is still a way. Whether it is a question of where you children go to school, compromises in safety to meet deadlines, or no one is talking about the elephant in the room, we do still have opportunities to set things right. Let’s consider what the best advisors say and what we want to say to one another.
Religious Education Classes

Please contact Rhonda Wingfield
The  Nursery  is open during services to serve those three and a half years and younger. They will be welcomed by compassionate, engaging care givers. A snack of Cheerios is offered; however, please provide your own snack if there are allergy concerns.
A Nursing and Changing Room is adjacent to the Nursery. You may hear the Worship Services there while tending to your little ones.

Religious Education Classes Meeting at 11:00

PreK-K: We Wonder at the Stars!  Children explore the theme of awe and wonder through stories, songs and a star craft.

Gr. 1-2: Yom Kippur  - a time of forgiveness. Students learn about the value and practice of forgiveness through the Jewish high holy day.

Gr. 3-4: Welcome Superman!  Through a discussion of the Unitarian Universalist Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in the comics and movies, students grapple with the qualities that make a real life superhero.

Gr. 5-6: Who's Your Superhero?  Through a discussion of the Unitarian Universalist Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in the comics and movies, students create and explain their own versions of superheroes.

Gr. 9-12: Principles and Covenants : Class meets 11-12:30. Students examine some history of the development of our Unitarian Universalist Principles. They will also discuss and develop a class covenant.
This Week
Please check the order of service for the weekly meeting schedule, as we are having issues with our calendar online.

Thank you for your understanding!
OCTOBER 12, 2019

This year’s Tidewater Cluster gathering is coming to First UU!

The Tidewater Cluster  is a collection of UU congregations including Fredericksburg, Glen Allen, Richmond, White Stone, Williamsburg, Newport News, and Coastal Virginia (formerly known as Norfolk). Once a year, we come together from different parts of Virginia to be in community with each other to grow, care, and act!
This year’s theme is “Be the Change.” We will explore the interconnectedness of environment, race, and justice. 
Dr. Charlene Sinclair, founding director of the Center for Race, Religion, and Economic Democracy (C-RRED) will deliver the keynote speech. There will be exceptional programming to choose from, including: 
Reducing our Carbon Footprint; a discussion of Environmental Justice in the Commonwealth; a Book Club; Leadership development; special programming for Youth (new this year!) as well as musical and spiritual practices including Protest Choir, Drumming Circle, Qigong, and more!
The assembly is open to ages 5 and up. Families welcome!

Paid registration includes workshops, breakfast, and lunch. Prices go up  October 8th.  
Visit  to register and view the complete list of workshop sessions & schedule.

Feel free to contact Betsy Shaver or Margaret Rush at  or  with any questions regarding Tidewater Cluster. 
The next get together of the Jewish Small Group will be a celebration of Sukkos; the harvest festival Sunday, Oct 20th. Bring  a snack to share

For more information contact Louise Werner-  or 804-716-3645

a Play by Joe Calarco
to be directed by Larry Landon

Auditions will be held:
Thursday, October 10 th , 6:30 pm in the Great Hall
Sunday, October 13 th , 12:30 pm in the Library

Performances will be Saturday evening, December 7 th
Sunday afternoon, December 8 th

Performances will be Readers' Theatre in a Staged Reading format

The play requires two female-identifying adult actors,
and considers the story of two women who have never met, trapped together in Reagan International Airport when weather conditions cause all flights to be cancelled. The dialogue is alternately witty, pointed, reflective and sad,
and always insightful.

For further information, please attend Auditions either Thursday, October 10 th or Sunday December 13 th .
New to UU? Check out some of our small groups at the button here!
The First UU Greene School team is looking for a few more classroom readers for this school year. We have two second grade classes in need of people who would be able to come in to read once a week from 8:35 - 9:05. We also have a second grade reader who would like to share a class. RPS requires background checks before beginning. Readers are responsible for choosing the books they read.
If interested, please contact Debbie Bartle (  )
Coming to the President's Hall on Monday, October 14, is a special art show entitled "Reaching Toward a Hope and a Future", ten watercolors by Constance de Bordenave, depicting events and circumstances in the lives of refugees as they journey toward a better life. These original paintings were based on moving images captured by photojournalists in the field.

Shown here is one of the images called "Arrival in Lesvos". The painting depicts an overcrowded boat loaded with refugees crossing from Turkey to Greece and pulling up to the wharf on the small island of Lesvos. The good people of the island are reaching out a helping hand to those on the boat as a storm brews in the background. The painting is meant to be a symbol of hope.

Members are encouraged to spend time viewing these paintings and reading the stories behind them. The show will remain up until Monday, November 25.
Opportunity to Mentor Children at the Greene School:  
What better way is there for contributing to the well-being and success of a child than to provide a stable, consistent supportive relationship. We have such an opportunity at the Greene School. If you can see meeting one on one with an elementary aged child, for about one hour each week for the whole school year, this could be a most rewarding experience for that child and you. If you would like to learn more about this, please contact Joel Blum at . Also, consider coming to a meeting of mentors at the Church on Monday, September 30th, from 3:30 until 4:15.

Writing your Memoirs - Jan Tarasovic
Tuesdays Oct 8 - Nov 26
2-4 PM

Exploring and writing about your past is a journey of self-discovery that can be illuminating, healing, and FUN! Class exercises will provide published examples, jog your memory, and improve your written expression. Be prepared to write weekly, share what you write, and enjoy the life stories of your classmates. Class is limited to 12. Registration required: Email  with cc to .

After the 8-week class, you'll be encouraged to continue as a writing group, sans teacher. Newcomers are most welcome, but please consider carefully if you want to make the commitment to regular writing. Test yourself by writing a memoir (one memory, not a book!) in the next two weeks. If you do it, you're ready to sign up!

Sparking your creative spirit through Deep Creativity
Women’s Spirituality Retreat
October 18 – 20, 2019
Richmond Hill, VA

We gather from Friday at 4 through lunch on Sunday to explore our creative spirit. Creativity flows from our inner wisdom. We will explore our creative impulse to create the world we inhabit. There is time for reflection, meditation, quiet walks in the garden and meeting new people. Richmond Hill is an island of peace in the city of Richmond. Come be refreshed, explore your creative spirit and breathe in the peace of this place.
Limited to 15 participants. To register contact Rev. Sue ,
Send a deposit of $100 to First UU RVA with Women’s Retreat in the memo line.

“Creativity is a function of the inner imagination, not of the ego. The ego does not create out of itself, but gives form and expression to the creativity which comes from within. An ego out of touch with the inner world can never be creative, but only rigid, and can only mimic creativity.”
–Gordon Cosby, “Called to Be Creative,” in  By Grace Transformed

Dismantling White Supremacy 
October 26 and November 23
9:00am - 4:00pm both days at First UU RVA
Rev. Sherman Logan, Rev. Sue Sinnamon and Elnora Allen-- facilitators.
You must attend both sessions.
Registration required –

A 21st Century Leadership Capacity A Joint Project of The Center for Assessment and Policy Development (CAPD), MP Associates and World Trust Educational Services, funded by The W.K. Kellogg Foundation

The workshop covers a number of key concepts, tools and strategies for change.
For example, the workshops help explore dominant cultural assumptions and
perspectives about what is considered normal, appropriate, desirable and/or
valid. Dominant culture narratives or norms – e.g. what constitutes a “family,”’
who is considered dangerous, intelligent, acceptable and whose perspectives are
valid – are codified in customs, laws, institutions, policies, and practices. They
reinforce stereotypes and limit fair access in terms of who belongs inside and who
remains outside circles of human concern. In addition, cultural assumptions are
part of what continue to advantage some groups and disadvantage others. And,
even when those inequities are persistent and obvious, the history and current
policies and practices that drive them often may not be. The deep investigation
and chance to “work with” these ideas can help build our capacity to identify, talk productively about and act to address white culture, white privilege and their
consequences in our spheres of influence. ( Tools for Racial Equity)

Prerequisite – Living the Pledge
The Living Legacy Project is offering two Civil RIght Movement Pilgrimages to meet the people and visit the sites where people risked everything to demand their rights. 

Note: Financial assistance is available. People of color and young people are encouraged to apply:    Financial assistance application

October 19-26, 2019, Alabama and Mississippi Pilgrimage
This eight-day Pilgrimage travels from Birmingham, AL, to sacred Civil Rights Movement sites in Alabama and Mississippi. Learn about:
  • The 16th Baptist Church bombing, Kelly Ingram Park, and the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth
  • Rosa Parks, Bryan Stevenson’s lynching memorial, and Dexter Ave. Baptist Church
  • The Selma to Montgomery March, including the murders of Jimmie Lee Jackson, James Reeb, and Viola Liuzzo
  • Civil rights workers slain in MS
  • Emmett Till
  • Fannie Lou Hamer
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, and much more
Registration is now open. Early-bird registration ends August 15, 2019, so sign-up today!  Check out our website for more information

March 25-29, 2020, Alabama-Focused Pilgrimage
This five-day Pilgrimage focuses on sacred Civil Rights Movement sites in Alabama. Learn about:
  • The 16th Baptist Church bombing, Kelly Ingram Park, and the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth
  • Rosa Parks, Bryan Stevenson’s lynching memorial, and Dexter Ave. Baptist Church
  • The Selma to Montgomery March, including the murders of Jimmie Lee Jackson, James Reeb and Viola Liuzzo
  • And more of the Alabama Civil Rights Movement story
Registration for March 2020 will open soon. Watch your email, Facebook, and our website. 
We look forward to seeing you on the bus! There is still much work to do. 
Check us out on social media!
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