Monona Public Library Features Civil Rights Movement in January
Resolution Repudiating Racist Covenants in Local Property Records
On January 18th, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 22-1-2529 which formally repudiated racially restrictive covenant language which still exists in some property deed records in Monona and Dane County. Although this language is morally repugnant and has no basis in law, having been deemed unenforceable by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1948, it remains on the deed records in some neighborhoods. Since property laws are governed by state law, cities are pre-empted from creating any local ordinance that would formally amend these deed documents. Instead, property owners that find this language still existing on their deed records can record a statement of repudiation.
The Ad-Hoc Workgroup on Diversity and Equity Issues has been researching this topic, and understands that the Dane County Register of Deed’s Office is working on a free, searchable database for property owners to view their deed documents to determine if racially restrictive covenant language exists on their deed. The Ad-Hoc Workgroup and the City Council will continue to advocate to Dane County and the State Legislature for a change in state law to allow property owners to easily change these documents. We will provide residents with more information on this effort as it is available.
For an example of language that a property owner can record to repudiate existing racially restrictive covenants in deed documents, please click here.

San Damiano Tree Removal
Change is the only constant.

The city has been diligently working to clean up and provide deferred maintenance to the San Damiano property. Upon consultation with the City Urban Forester, Parks Staff identified thirty ash trees that are infected with Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and need to be removed for public safety. The remaining trees on the property will be monitored yearly by the Urban Forester for recommendations on pruning and/or removal, as necessary.

Since June 1, fifteen of those ash trees have been removed with a great deal of that work happening now, during the winter. The wintertime offers a number of advantages including availability of contractors as well as minimizing destruction of the property because of the frozen ground.

Once maintenance is complete along with a finalized plan for the property, additional trees will be planted to replenish the canopy creating a healthier environment for all.

While it’s unfortunate trees had to be removed, safety and maintenance of the property as a whole is a priority. Though their life on the property may come to an end, the city’s Parks Department mills the trees into lumber for future city projects reusing all that they can, including for mulch in other parks.

Ad Hoc Workgroup on Diversity & Equity Issues Timeframe Extended
In May 2021, the City Council approved the formation of the Ad-Hoc Workgroup on Diversity and Equity Issues to determine a plan to ensure that Monona makes a long-term commitment to racial and social justice and equity both at city hall and the community at large. The Workgroup is working through a four-part charge to identify recommendations to promote the engagement of all voices of the community.
Initially, the Workgroup was to complete their work within a six-month timeframe, however due to the complex nature of the items contained in the Ad-Hoc Workgroup’s charge, they have requested a three-month extension to end of April 2022 to complete their report to the City Council. The City Council approved this extension request on January 18th. More information on the Ad-Hoc Workgroup’s report will be available upon its completion.
More Parking at the Riverfront!
Tenants are moving into The Current 2, the recently completed apartment building at the Riverfront. As part of the project, the City funded 58 free public parking spaces in the lower-level parking ramp under the building. Enter from Inland Way across from Grand Crossing Park, just to the left of the blue Current 2 sign on the wall. Additional public parking is available along Inland Way and on Yahara Lane behind the Avid Hotel as well as on Bridge Road. There should be plenty of parking going forward for visitors to Grand Crossing Park and the city’s seasonal skating rink as well as customers of Buck & Honey’s, Forage Kitchen, True Coffee, Belle & Beau and other businesses in the development.
2022Loud in the Library Dine to Donate!
A Fundraiser for Monona Public Library. January 28, 29, and 30, your family and friends - local or at a distance! - may order food delivered by EatStreet

When you use code LOUD22 with your order, EatStreet will donate 15% back to Monona Public Library. All Day Long! Order a lovely breakfast, a luscious lunch, a lavish dinner -- or all 3!

Healthy Aging: Maintaining & Maximizing Brain Health & Wellbeing
Join the Monona Senior Center for a healthy discussion about aging lead by Stacey Schaefer, a cognitive-affective neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin Madison’s Center for Healthy Minds. Thursday January 27th, 10 a.m. on Zoom. Stacey Schaefer's research focuses on identifying how different emotional styles influence health, wellbeing, and brain aging, as well as the factors that moderate those relationships. Schaefer examines how emotion may contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as how individual differences in the time course of emotional responses are important for mental health, stress regulation, cognition, the immune system, and coping with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Call the senior center at (608) 222-3415 to register, or email Senior Center Director, Diane Mikelbank @
Spring Election News!
The spring primary will be held April 5th, 2022. Incumbents Molly Grupe, Jennifer Kuhr and Kristie Goforth have all filed non-candidacy papers. The 2022 Monona Alderperson Candidates include, Patrick M. DePula, Teresa Radermacher and Brian Holmquist. Absentee ballots will be mailed by March 15, 2022 to voters who have requests on file. Voters may vote in-person absentee (early vote) for the April 5 election at Monona City Hall from Tuesday, March 22 through Friday, April 1.  
Do you have a Smart Thermostat?
There are many benefits to switching to a smart thermostat:

⦁ Minimize your energy costs
⦁ Track your energy usage
⦁ Control your thermostat remotely
⦁ Reduce your environmental impact

The cost of a smart thermostat ranges from $100 to $250. They are generally easy to install by any handy person.

If you purchase a smart thermostat by March 31st, 2022, Focus on Energy will send you a $75 check. You can also purchase a smart thermostat directly from Focus on Energy, and take advantage of an instant $75 rebate.
MadREP Collecting Data to Improve Broadband in Region
Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP) is encouraging the public to use an Internet speed tool on their website to help collect information about Internet speeds in the region.
The tool will show people their current Internet speed while collecting necessary data for the Madison region to pursue better broadband infrastructure in the areas identified as underserved. People are invited to complete the brief speed tests both at home and at work.
The San Damiano Property
The San Damiano Friary possesses extraordinary environmental, historical, cultural, and recreational value. The city of Monona is committed to transforming the property in a manner which honors and celebrates each of these values. It must build on these critical pillars but also be sustainable, including financially.
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Drones in the Park!
On Thursday February 3rd, the Monona Community Media Department has contracted a licensed Drone Operator to gathering footage of Grand Crossing Park and the surrounding area. We invite the community to come out and take part in the fun! Monona Parks & Recreation is offering free Admission to the Monona Bank RiverRink beginning at 5:30 p.m. Bring your own skates or rent a pair, but don't miss your opportunity to be "in" the movies at Grand Crossing Park.
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