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Happy New Year,

We have added a few Knowledgebase entries in this month's newsletter that should be helpful for year end.

Please see below for instructions for 1099's and changing accounting periods.

Also, this is a great time of year to think about any custom programming work you may need done or to upgrade to the new GUI version of the software.

Wishing you the best in 2014.
Year End Knowledgebase Entries


What options do I use to print 1099's?







Accounting Period Open/Close



How do I change the G/L accounting period open/closed flags if I have already cloned them from a previous year?


To access and change the Valid for General Ledger fields in the Accounting file, and if you have cloned the accounting period and therefore copied the Closed period fields;

Use #14-Update Accounting Period Flags on the G/L  Supervisor menu.  Enter the Corp# and year that need to be changed and press ENTER.  In the column 'Valid for G/L' key a 'Y' to allow entries to be posted into the period or an 'N' to prevent entries from being posted.  For more information about accounting periods, cloning and re-setting values go to the General Ledger Manual page 25 & 126.


How do I open a New Year for Accounts Payable and General Ledger?



Create the accounting period for each Corp/Fund for the new year. (this example is from 2011 to New Year 2012)

You can easily clone from one year to the next using Option 18 -Clone Accounting Periods, from the General Ledger File Maintenance menu.

You will need to key in the Corp/Fund and the "from" year 2011, then the same Corp/Fund and the 'To" year 2012, at the copy period closed area, key in a "N" and the following fields will appear.



From Corp# : 2 To Corp# : 2



From Year : 2011 To Year : 2012


Copy Period Closed Data . . . .: N (Y,N)

Set 12 months to Yes or No
Valid For GL . . . . . : Y
A/P Closed . . . . . . : N
A/R Closed . . . . . . : N

Set the Valid for GL, AP Closed, and AR Closed as shown above. You will need to do this for all Corp

First Option GUI
IT Services
Have you checked out the new GUI Version of First Option  Financials? 

This new GUI version will be the foundation for all future screen and desktop interface enhancements and includes:


  • Easy to Maneuver Screens - Command Keys have been replaced with buttons. System function keys have also been replaced by easy to read buttons.
  • Same format - The application menus remain in the same navigation as the green screen so you will be familiar with your day to day functions and not slowed down by training issues.
  • GL Upload - The GL upload can now be done via the Daily Processing menu in General Ledger.
  • Customize the size of your screen - You can make your screen larger for easy reading.
  • Screens are easier to read and don't have glare of green screen.
  • Can access First Option's helpdesk from your application screen and enter a ticket or view the Knowledgebase and News section.
  • Can access First Option's blog from the application main menu and get software tips and updates. 
  • Export of P&L and Balance sheet to excel.


Click link below for great article regarding iseries modernization.  First Option is a business partner of looksoftware and the new GUI financial product was created using looksoftware's technology. 


 Click for article re: modernization



First Option Financial Software maintenance customers will receive a discounted price for the GUI PC based client software as well as the GUI client software maintenance. This is a onetime fee which is based on concurrent users in addition to a maintenance fee. The fee for up to 10 concurrent users is $1500 which includes:

  1. One time smart client license (Up to 10 concurrent users)
  2. Three year smart GUI client software maintenance.
  3. Quick Start GUI Video Guide.
  4. Free Installation.

Note: Discounted price will end March 31, 2014.  

If you would like a demo please email



To order the GUI send an email to




New Arizona Data Center


In August 2013, First Option installed and implemented a development site in Phoenix AZ. For the next 12 months, First Option will be using this site for phase II of GUI Financial Product and iSeries WatchDog by First Option development activities.


The development efforts scheduled for the next year include:

  • Enhanced data capture of program messages for iSeries WatchDog by First Option.
  • Enhanced GUI alert capabilities for iSeries WatchDog by First Option.
  • Enhanced message response options for iSeries WatchDog by First Option.
  • Enhanced job queue threshold settings for iSeries WatchDog by First Option.
  • Streamlining screen navigation in targeted application areas in the GUI Financial product.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities to facilitate customization and export options in both applications.

In addition to the above scheduled activities, we will be researching web services that may be helpful to the applications (e.g., 1099 filing, zip code look ups, etc.) If First Option determines the web service is useful to an application, it will be consumed and included into the new version.  



Training Videos - New GUI based product
software services


Training videos by application are now available on First Option's youtube site.  


Currently there are videos for AP, GL, AR, and Report Writer. Purchasing, Inventory and Fixed Assets will be added in the next few months. There is also a video on how to use the helpdesk and knowledgebase.


Below is a quick demo on how to view the training videos.Click image below.

How to use New Training Videos
How to use New Training Videos

Upcoming Holiday Schedule
Click the link below for our 2013 Holiday Schedule.

Holiday Schedule

If you would like to receive reminders please Subscribe to our News section via the Helpdesk.
Top Three Reasons First Option Financial Customers' Host
software services


ThreeFirst, peace of mind - Your system is up and running 24/7 by 365 except for scheduled maintenance. Even with the threat of hurricane Sandy, First Option's iSeries server remained up throughout the entire storm! Intermittent connection problems with Internet Service Providers were identified, escalated and resolved on a timely basis.


Second, avoid the cost of hardware and software maintenance, monitoring, backup tapes, PTF's and operating system upgrades - Hosting your First Option Financial Software in our shared environment allows you to share the cost with other customers.  


Third, Focus resources on your business not IT - The internal cost of hiring, managing, and training IT resources can be costly. Use First Option's experienced network of IT resources for business critical projects which allows you to grow your business not your IT staff.   


For more information on our hosting package please email   

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