May 2022 Newsletter
Our Vision:
We aspire to be a beacon of
liberal religion, strong community,
and transformative service,
rooted in Love.
Liberal Religion

Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

The service is also streamed each Sunday on the First Parish Facebook page. You do not need a Facebook account to watch it.
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Sunday May 1 Times Thick and Thin
May 1st marks the traditional springtime celebration of Beltaine and in honor of that, guest preacher the Reverend Dr. Kelly will preach a sermon on the timely insights proffered us by Celtic Spirituality. How can we enter into the seasons of our lives as fully as possible, recognizing what can flourish within and all around us? Irish saints and scholars, poets and philosophers all have considerable wisdom to share with us as we consider that question today.
The Reverend Dr. Kelly is an experienced educator, licensed psychotherapist (LICSW), and Unitarian Universalist minister who offers Spiritual Direction to individuals, groups, organizations, and communities.

In 2018, she moved to the Boston area from New York City, where she previously worked as both Lecturer and Pastoral Counselor at Union Theological Seminary, her alma mater. She has served in a number of community and congregational settings throughout New York and New England since her ordination to ministry in 2006; until recently, she was Senior Minister for the UU Society of Wellesley Hills. Her special interests include interfaith understanding, spiritual development, and religious literacy.
Sunday May 8   Becoming Real
In honor of the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Velveteen Rabbit (or How Toys Become Real) by Margery Williams, Pamela will reflect on how human beings become real. Adults and children are invited to bring their cherished, worn, “real” stuffed animals to share in this service.
Sunday May 15 Annual meeting Sunday
In the life of our church, the Sunday of the Annual Meeting is up there with holy days like Christmas and Easter. On this day we celebrate that together we set the course for our church and together we make that journey. As we look back over the past year and ahead to the next, we will also say farewell to Patty and Brian who are moving out of Scituate. Pamela preaching.
Sunday May 22 Growing Spiritual Redwoods
This Sunday we will celebrate all who have participated in our religious education program this past year, recognize those who have completed OWL ("Our Whole Lives"), and offer gifts and good wishes to our graduating seniors. We will also thank Eileen for her ministry with us over the past three years as she moves on to focus on her tailoring business. Pamela preaching.
Sunday May 29  The Sorrow of War
On Memorial Day weekend we remember all U. S. military who have died in war, as well as soldiers of other countries. If you would like to have someone remembered who died serving in the military, please give their name to Pamela .
If you would like to help plan or take part in any of these services, please speak with Pamela.
From the Minister
I am writing this letter at the Benedictine Monastery Our Lady of Grace. I am participating in the 5th and final session of the clergy program Women Touched by Grace. Over these ten days we are focusing on how to take all that we have learned back to the people with whom we do ministry. For me, that means each and all of you. One theme which has come up repeatedly in these first few days is how much the time outside the classroom, times of sharing our stories, joys, sorrows, laughter and tears have been a blessing to us. These times don't just connect us to one another but to the deep Love which lies at the heart of all Being. 

As I reflect on how we as a church can root ourselves more deeply in that Love as we offer its warmth to others, I invite you too to reflect: 

What helps you to feel connected to that love? 

What ways of offering Love to others give you joy?

And I offer you these words of blessing from poet John O'Donohue which were offered to us this morning:

May you receive and listen to the gift of your call and have the courage to follow. 
May you hear the strength of your grief and the power of your anger and let that free you from being false.

May you listen to the strength of your emotions and draw out the best and let go of the rest. 

May your soul strengthen your interior and frame what you offer to the world. 
May your quiet miracles give joy.

And may each day this week, and beyond, be a sacred gift born of wonder. 

See you in church,

From the Parish Committee

First Parish Annual Meeting, Sunday May 15
and Pre-Meeting, Wednesday, May 11
The Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, May 15 in the Sanctuary after Service -- @ 11:30 am. As a community, we will look back and look ahead, celebrating all that First Parish means to us. Members will vote on several items, including the installation of officers for the coming year. Make sure your voice is heard!  
Also, make sure to mark your calendar to join us for the Pre-Annual Meeting on May 11 at 7:30 pm via Zoom.

This meeting is an important precursor to the Annual meeting. We will discuss the items up for vote on the 15th, including the proposed FY 2023 budget.
Our Annual Report, including the budget and nominating slate, will be available on-line before the pre-meeting. Committee chairs, please remember to submit your reports to Stephanie by May 2.
Here’s to building our community for a mission-driven, vibrant and impactful 2022/23.
Mary, Parish Committee Co-chair
First Parish Bylaws and Church Governance Policy Document
The Nominating and Bylaws Review Committee (NBRC) has asked the Parish Committee for documents on the warrant for the upcoming Annual Meeting for consideration by the membership.

The NBRC is asking the membership to approve revised Bylaws and to authorize the Parish Committee to review, complete, and publish a Church Governance Policy document. Also look at existing bylaws that were last approved in 2012 .

(Details on these proposals, and links to both documents, as well as to our existing bylaws that were last approved in 2012, were included in an email from the church that was sent on April 21, 2022, with "Proposal for the Creation of a Church Governance Policy & Adoption of New Bylaws" in the subject line.)

Members are invited to direct comments and questions to the NBRC.

Alma, Mark, and Jean
May 2022 Notes from the Music Director

Thank you to Caroline for playing the cello on April 3rd, and Cathy for leading the music for the Earth Day service April 24th. It was wonderful to hear the trumpet on Easter Sunday too!

Choir rehearsals are every Sunday at 9:00 in the church Sanctuary. Anyone in 7th grade or older is welcome to come sing with us.

Our choral anthems for the month of May: 

5/1: O Brother Sun by Sharon Anway

5/8: Primavera by Jason Shelton

5/15: More Than Welcome Here by Bryan Sirchio 

5/22: Flying Free by Don Besig

5/29: Peace, I ask of Thee O River by Gwyneth Walker

Musically Yours,

From the Religious Education Coordinator

Hi there,  

Happy May! As we continue our studies of Trees, I am more aware this year of the changes spring brings: the bare tree limbs bursting with new growth, the early blooming bushes in full color, daffodils and tulips lightly swaying to the chilly ocean breezes. Before we know it, the warm days of mid May will be among us and we”ll be barreling into summer. Until then, we are in the final stages of RE; OWL finishes it's yearlong program this Sunday May 1st at 4:30, and RE has 3 classes left to explore Trees.   

This was a year of firsts for RE...a year long program taught almost entirely outdoors. (I say almost because during the winter months we zoomed. However, if it wasn't for COVID numbers going up again, it's entirely possible we would have continued our RE Sunday classes outside.) This year we offered a “one room schoolhouse” approach with children ages 2 1/2- 10 learning together. And lastly, Our Whole Lives Class (OWL) for teens was so popular, we were able to keep it within our parish without having to team up with surrounding UU churches.  

If you remember back to the fall, the parish children studied the Bible along with the parish community. Pam read or told us a story in church and later, during class, we acted the story out in class with teachers Becky, Sheryl and Fish. The Holiday season focused on the spirit of giving with teachers Carey and Cara and Tom. The winter was all about Miracles with teachers Jen and Richard and this spring, our curriculum is Trees with teachers Jen and her partner Carl, Becky, Jen, and Fish. Our final RE wrap up will be on Sunday, May 22 and I hope everyone will come out to acknowledge the great year we had and thank the wonderful teachers who donated their time to work with our parish children. 

Be safe!

Religious Education Coordinator,
First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church, Scituate MA
Take a Coffee Break
Join Pamela in the Old Sloop Room on the 2nd Wednesday of the month for coffee and conversation between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. Coffee and tea will be provided, you bring the topic. Children are welcome. So are handcrafts if you like to keep your hands busy while you talk. The second one will be Wednesday May 11.
Strong Community
It’s MAY 14 from NINE to ONE!

The special feature of this Fair will be the extraordinary paintings by our beloved Kay, who has donated her lifetime collection to the church for us to sell to raise money.

Plants are the traditional foundation of this fair, and we have another great supply this year. Tomatoes, other organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers planted and carefully grown by Erica , Vicki ,and others who love to grow seedlings. There are even some watermelons! We also offer herbs and perennials divided and donated from parishioners’ own gardens. We still need lots of perennials as they are always in hot demand . . . all donations are welcome! Call Erica if you have any questions about plants or need pots for transplanting.

And you’ll also find:
  • Grandma’s Cupboard - We have more than 100 jars of jams, jellies and pickles from winter fruits and a few winter vegetables. New offerings include fig jam, pomegranate jelly, and “mango smoothie” jam. Pickles are winter carrot/cauliflower dill pickles and the popular bread & butter pickles from English cucumbers. Hosted by Claire with assistance from Carol
  • Vintage Jewelry curated from our own top bureau-drawers by Eileen
  • Simple Yard Sale featuring everything imaginable - you bring it, sell it, donate 50% of your revenue to the church, and take home whatever doesn’t sell. Please register to reserve a space by contacting Alma

If you would like to help in any way with any of this, please contact Alma , who thanks you on behalf of the Spring Fair Task Force, which includes everybody listed above, plus Kate for handling our Publicity.

Thank you!

-Alma for the Spring Fair Task Force
Kay's Retrospective Art Exhibit at the Spring Fair
At this year’s Spring Fair, we will experience a once-in-a-lifetime event. Beloved longtime church member and distinguished artist Kay has gifted First Parish with her lifetime’s body of work to sell for the support of the church. There are over a hundred exquisite watercolor paintings of flowers and gardens, cats and interiors, beaches and harbors, people and houses, many matted and framed, and all rendered with Kay's characteristic mastery of light and color. You will view an astounding body of work that stretches from her Skidmore College art degree days, through studies with distinguished artists at the Boston Museum School, and on to her career here in Scituate and exhibits at the Scituate Arts Association, the South Shore Art Center, and many other venues. 
Such a special event deserves a special showcase, and you’ve never seen one like this before! Kay’s paintings will be displayed in the Church Sanctuary, set in rows side by side in the same pews that supported worshipers over centuries. Art experts Susan and Annie are aiding in the pricing and display of what they see as an incredibly strong collection, and they will be present during the exhibit to share their perspectives on Kay’s work. 

There will be two chances to attend. The first, on Friday May 13 from 3 – 7, is a special private showing to the First Parish community, payment on that day by cash or check only. The main showing is on Fair day, Saturday May 14 from
9 to 1, payment by cash, check, or credit card. Come to celebrate Kay’s long life by enjoying her art and supporting the church she loves.
...Transformative Service
Social Justice News
Fourth Sunday Donations May 22th
All donations on Sunday 5/22 not marked to fulfill pledges will go to support the Scituate Food Pantry.

Support MA Indigenous Peoples Day Bill 
The bill to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day in Massachusetts was scheduled for a committee vote on April 15 but it seems that it was delayed. The Social Justice Team supports this bill (H.3191) and we will continue to provide updates on its progress to the congregation. Please email and call key members of the Joint Committee on State Admin and Regulatory Oversight by going to’s Updates and Action Alerts where you will find a link to an automated letter writing tool and a link to a call script with a list of key legislators’ phone numbers, listed in order of priority for contact. This will only take a few minutes.  

Vote on Land Acknowledgement on Annual Meeting Warrant
Votes on accepting the wording of the Land Acknowledgement statement and on its use during weekly Sunday worship and membership meetings will be included in the warrant for the May 15 Annual Meeting. If there are any questions or suggestions for edits on the Land Acknowledgement, please contact one of the members of the Social Justice Team or attend the committee meeting online on May 2 at 7:00 pm. Members of Social Justice Team: Ellen, Alma, Kate, Carol, and Jean.

Social Justice Team Meeting Dates
Please join us online for our meetings in May scheduled for 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., via Zoom. Meeting dates: Monday May 2 and Tuesday May 17

Resources About Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous Peoples Resource List #7
See Resource lists 1 - 6 in the monthly church newsletter or weekly What’s Happening This Week emails or go to the church website for a compilation of all lists as well as the resources used prior to the writing of the draft land acknowledgement for First Parish.

Deb Haaland, US Interior Secretary, on How She’s Influenced by History – online article on the History channel’s website posted Nov. 2, 2021
The Indigenous Futures Storytelling Project – Utilizing the findings of the Indigenous Futures Survey, Indigenous photographers and creatives from Indigenous Photograph have brought their perspective and storytelling to highlight the top 5 priorities identified by the 2020 survey and to show the richness and diversity of Native communities. 
What Standing Rock Teaches Us About Environmental Justice – online article by Jaskiran Dhillon for the Social Science Research Council posted on Dec. 5, 2017.  

Cultural Survival – website for an organization that works toward a future that respects and honors Indigenous Peoples' inherent rights and dynamic cultures in the US and around the world, deeply and richly interwoven in lands, languages, spiritual traditions, and artistic expression, rooted in self-determination and self-governance.

-Social Justice Team
The Food Pantry is seeing an increase in the number of clients that are now being serviced by the Pantry. The shelves at the Pantry are pretty well stocked with three (3) exceptions. The Pantry is presently in GREAT NEED of the following items:

  1. JARRED Spaghetti Sauce;

   2. Packaged Cookies; and

  3. Canned FISH - Clams, Sardines, Salmon, and Crabmeat
                   (PLEASE NO Tuna at this time)

Thank you!

Food Pantry Liaison 
Scituate Together for Representation, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

LIT Community Conversation
There is a second LIT Community Conversation! Please participate in this upcoming Conversation.

The Scituate Town Library and Scituate Together for Representation, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (STRIDE), will be having a LIT Conversation, featuring Jamele Adams as the facilitator. LIT means Love, Inclusion, and Trust. There will be a short explanation video produced by Netflix and Vox Media about the racial wealth gap. After viewing, there will be a conversation on how to work toward solving inequities and injustices. This community conversation will be held in person on May 3rd from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Scituate Town Library. No registration is required.

If there are ideas or thoughts on meeting topics, program ideas, or initiatives, please reach out to STRIDE, if you have a program or initiative don't hesitate to get in touch!