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First Parish News March 2021

We aspire to be a beacon of ...
...Liberal Faith
Worship Services in March 
Holy Vessels
Throughout this month as we mark one year of pandemic living, our worship services will reflect on healing for ourselves and our world. We are using the image of beach glass, something broken yet beautiful. If you would like pieces of beach glass to use for your personal meditation, please let Pam know.
Sunday March 7  Committed to Connection
This week we will join the Towson (MD) Unitarian Universalist Church so that we experience connection as we talk about it. Since laughter is a powerful healer and connector, the service will include an experience of Yogic Laughter. Pam and Beth will be joined by the minister of the Towson Church, and the music director of the Towson Church, in leading the service. The service also includes the video of Nick, joined by Emilia, Max and Olivia, sing Do You Let Your Light Shine? from our worship service last April.
Sunday March 14 Holy, Holey, Wholly
Pam and Beth will be joined by a guest preacher. She writes about her sermon: “The season of Lent invites us to consider our brokenness and our path to wholeness. But what does it mean to be whole? Is wholeness possible? And what does our brokenness call us to?” Beth will play Remembrance Op. 68, No. 28 by Robert Schumann; and Prelude in C Major (BMV933) by J.S. Bach.
She is a community minister based in upstate New York, inspiring an artful and art-filled faith. She consults with congregations and religious professionals throughout the Association. She has previously served at the Church of the Larger Fellowship as well as congregations on Long Island, NY, and Key West, FL. Pam and Beth both follow her blog Notes from the Far Fringe, where she writes about UU hymns and other matters.
Sunday March 21 Solvitur Ambulando
(It Is Solved by Walking)
Many of us have relied on walking and being in nature to center our bodies and minds over this past year. Pam reflects on this healing practice. The music director's music this week includes Gade from Lyric Pieces, Op. 57 by Edvard Grieg. 
Sunday March 28 Stories of Healers
On Palm Sunday, we remember the story of Jesus who was killed because of his work to heal the injustices around him and the stories of people working today to heal injustices. If there is a someone working today for equity and justice whom you’d like to suggest be included in the service, please let Pam know.

Earth Day Worship and Activism 
On Sunday April 25 we will observe Earth Day with worship outside and work to care for our Earth. Pam is looking for people to help plan the service and the project(s). Please let her know if you’d like to serve in this way.
From the Minister
As part of my healing and of our worship series on healing, I have made a commitment to walk each day (weather permitting - I did not get out on the day when winds were blowing 30 miles/hour!). I’m participating in a virtual walk of the ancient pilgrimage Camino de Santiago, where for centuries pilgrims have crossed the Pyrennees mountain range, a journey of 500 miles. Many of my friends and colleagues have made this trip. This year, when the actual pilgrimage is not safe, several of them are taking part in a virtual version, walking the 500 miles between March 1 and July 24, an average of about 3 miles each day. I’ve decided to join them, and I want to invite you to join me, not in walking the whole route (though if you’d like to do that, you can find more information here: but joining me for one - or more- of the daily walks. You’ll find more information and days and times for March on the Sign-Up Genius.
I’ll be adding more days at the beginning of each month. Pilgrimages are a time for sharing stories, and I’m looking forward to hearing yours as we walk together. And for those who would rather not share stories in person, I’m happy still to get together over Zoom.

See you along the Way,
As we have noted previously, several members of First Parish recently made a request to the Parish Committee to hang a Black Lives Matter banner on the church building. The PC then organized a community conversation to begin our discussion of this; a range of thoughts were shared at that meeting. Many thanks to all who came and contributed. Before deciding on this issue, however, we would like to hear more thoughts from more members of the congregation. This is an important choice, and we want to be sure we have heard all views. 
To that end, we will hold a full community meeting further discussion on Sunday, March 21 from 3-5 pm on Zoom. (We will share the Zoom link closer to the date of the conversation.) We have engaged a trained facilitator who has supported other UU congregations in addressing these types of issues, to lead the session. Your voice in this is very important. Please mark your calendar and plan to join us! 
The Parish Committee
  March 2021 Notes from the Music Director  

Saturday March 6th - the choir is having a zoom get together to discuss our plans for the Spring. We plan on singing together outside beginning Sunday March 14th (weather permitting)!
March 7th - We hear music from the music director of the Towson Unitarian Universalist Church during our shared service with them. We’ll revisit a fun video of some of our First Parish children singing with Nick. 
March 14th - First Parish choir will rehearse at the church 9:30-10:00 - our first rehearsal together in 2021! Join us for distanced singing.
March 21st - I have put together a new slideshow for Spring! First Parish choir sings For the Beauty of the Earth by John Rutter. 
Burned Out? Stressed? You Are Not Alone
Work, parenting, home-keeping, isolation - there are many reasons why so many of us are feeling stressed right now. In their recent book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle, sisters Emily and Amelia Nagoski use science and their own experiences to offer strategies not to just to deal with what is but to address the causes of stress. You can hear about their work in their conversation with Brene Brown on her Podcast. If you would be interested in discussing their work with others (you do not have to read the book) you will find more information at the Sign-Up Genius
...Strong Community
Around The Parish

Thank UUs:   To Frank for installing memorial plaques in the Memorial Garden…. To all our canvassers, members of the Finance and Parish Committees, for conducting a strong Stewardship outreach in challenging times…. To Michael and Carey who faithfully make our Sunday services happen over Zoom each week and to Bob and Chuck for their assistance.

Care with Food 
Thanks to all for the support you have offered. Ann is still undergoing chemotherapy and could use more meal support, so please sign-up to bring a meal on the Sign-Up Genius.
Tea with the Minister March 4, 11, 18, 25  

Share signs of early spring and stories of how you are finding healing at Pam’s weekly Tea. You are welcome to drop in any time between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m.

Love Adds Up In the Canvass!

Our annual Stewardship Canvass officially ended February 27. At this time we have received over $88,000 in pledges. This is short of our pledge goal of $110,000 but considerably more than was pledged last year.  If you have not sent in your pledge, please do it right away so we can begin working on our budget for next year. The Finance Committee will be meeting next Saturday afternoon, March 6th, at 3 p.m. to consider next steps. Church meetings are open to the congregation whenever possible. If you wish to join us, please contact Alma so she can send you the Zoom link.
Members and Friends Directory
Our Directory is regularly updated. Please check to make sure your entry is up to date and send any changes or corrections to our administrator.
Grandma's Cupboard Offerings

Summer, captured in a jar and can be delivered to you, because some things are still available from Grandma's Cupboard. The half-pint jams and jellies are $5 apiece, and all products in pint jars are $6 apiece. Below is a list of available items:

Jams and Jellies
Fresh mint jelly (great served with roast meats, especially lamb and pork)
Strawberry balsamic jam
Strawberry/rhubarb jam
Watermelon jelly
Apple jelly
Watermelon/mint jelly
Cherry jam - 1 jar remaining

Pickles and Pickled Fruit
Dilly beans (pickled green beans in dill sprig/garlic/jalapeno brine)
Pickled beets
Watermelon rind pickles (somewhat sweet)
Dill cucumber spear pickles
Bread & butter cucumber pickles (somewhat sweet)
Jardiniere pickles (garden vegetables)
Spiced pickled peaches (somewhat sweet) - 1 jar remaining

Alma will deliver all orders free of charge, doordash style! Or, people can pick them up at my house by calling me or emailing me ahead of time.
...Transformative Service
The Work of Transformation
Join with other members of First Parish, Scituate and of other communities to work on issues of diversity, inclusion and social justice.
UU Mass Actions Launch of the South Shore UU Regional Team!

UU Mass Action is setting up regional teams to work together in their areas for shared goals.

We are looking for a few people to represent First Parish in this work. Please let Pam know if you are interested.

The kickoff meeting will be Wednesday, March 10th at 5:30 - 6:30 pm To RSVP for the kick-off meeting, register with their zoom link, or fill out their interest form.
Love Shows Up for Justice Sunday Stand Outs
Ongoing - Sundays 1:00 to 2:00 pm
Please join us on Sunday afternoons from 1-2pm.

For further information, please contact Jean .
March 2021

Mon.   1st    
7:30     pm       Morality Discussion   
Tues.   2nd               
7:00     pm       Picture Book World Religions

Thurs. 4th
4:30     pm       Tea with the Minister           
7:00     pm       A World of New Friends
7:00     pm       Scituate Pride Straight Talk
Sat.     6th
3:00     pm       Finance Committee Meeting
5:00     pm       Choir Zoom Party
Sun.    7th       
10:30   am       Worship 
1:00     pm       Love Shows Up for Justice
6:00     pm       SciCohRockWell YG – Zoom Meeting

Mon.   8th    
7:30     pm       Morality Discussion   
Tues.   9th                
7:00     pm       Picture Book World Religions

Wed.   10th
5:30     pm       UU Mass Action South Shore Region Kickoff Meeting

Thurs. 11th 
4:30     pm       Tea with the Minister           
7:00     pm       A World of New Friends
7:30    pm      Committee on Ministry

Sun.     14th 
9:30     am       Choir Rehearsal
10:30    am       Worship 
1:00     pm       Love Shows Up for Justice

Mon.   15th
7:30     pm       Morality Discussion
Tues.   16th  
7:00     pm       Picture Book World Religions

Weds. 17th
7:30     pm       Parish Committee
Thurs. 18th
4:30     pm       Tea with the Minister
7:00     pm       A World of New Friends
Sun.    21st
9:30     am       Choir Rehearsal
10:00   am       Worship 
1:00     pm       Love Shows Up for Justice
3:00     pm       Congregational Conversation
6:00     pm       SciCohRockWell YG – Zoom Meeting
Mon.   22nd
7:30     pm       Morality Discussion
Tues.   23rd   
7:00     pm       Picture Book World Religions
Thurs. 25th   
4:30     pm       Tea with the Minister
7:00     pm       A World of New Friends

Sun.   28th
9:30     am       Choir Rehearsal
10:30   am       Worship 
1:00     pm       Love Shows Up for Justice

Mon.   29th
7:30     pm       Morality Discussion
Tues.   30th   
7:00     pm       Picture Book World Religions