This Week...

Wednesday, January 15
6:00-7:15 - Christ & Culture Forum in King Hall

Sunday, January 19
9:15am - Jr. & Sr. High Sunday school
10:30am - Church
5:00-9:00pm - Sr. High Christmas Tree Burn

Disciple Now 2020

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Wednesday Nights in January

Beginning January 8 and continuing through the end of the month, junior and senior high students will join our adults for our Christ & Culture Forums in King Hall on Wednesday nights. We encourage you to not view these weeks as "off weeks" for students but to take advantage of this time for students to connect with and learn alongside the larger church body about this important topic. 

Christmas Tree Burn

Please save your live Christmas tree for the Senior High Student Ministries Tree Burn! If you have a live tree you would be willing to donate, you may drop it off in the designated location at Jonathan Schwartz's home (2 Pine Valley Rd Rome, GA 30165). If you are unable to transport your tree, please contact Jordan Orr (770-546-9703) or Brad Roberts (704-776-0106) with your address and we will pick it up!

Jr High Pancakes & Games

Jr High Summer Trip

Registration is opening today! Go to our student events page

*Note: This trip is open to current 6th-8th graders. This will be the only summer trip for junior high students this summer, as we will not be returning to Memphis for a mission trip this year.
Sr High Summer Trip

Sr High RYM Colorado will be June 14-21. Cost is $540, but increases to $575 on Feb 2. Registration will open soon!

Sr High will also return to serve at Joni & Friends Camp on June 28-July 3. Details forthcoming.

*Note: These trips are open to current 9th-12th graders.
Sunday School Topics - Carry the Conversation Home

Senior High: Lamentations
Junior High: Siblings
Bi-Weekly Resource Highlight

Christopher Yuan Podcasts on Same Sex Attraction

Want more resources to think through this month's Christ & Culture theme? Author & Bible professor Christopher Yuan has recently been on two youth ministry podcasts addressing this topic. Hear him address this topic from a perspective particularly applying to youth.

Want to hear the main speaker and elective classes from this year's RYM conferences? Check out

Our Student Media Page (with recordings from previous retreats, etc - Fall Retreat 2019 recordings are now up!):

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