This Week...
Sunday, November 18th

9:15am-10:15am- Combined Jr High and Sr High Sunday School
10:30am - Church 


Prayer Request:
- Safe travels for us and Kurt Cooper (Speaker)
- Safety while we are at our destination
- Salvation for those who are not currently His
- Spiritual growth for Christians
- Gospel love would be extended to all and unity experienced
- Deter any premeditated misbehavior
- Kurt would be comfortable with our students and preach with clarity and     zeal
- Family members left behind (Morgan and Margaret and Karis)

DNOW- March 1-3

$60 for October & November
$75 for December & January
$90 for February 1-17
$115 for February 18-24

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Sr High & Jr High: 
1.  What is the covenant of grace? 
2. At the core of the covenant is this statement that God makes: "I will be 
    your God, and you will be my people." What does God's promise "I will     be your God" practically mean for us?
3. What does the phrase "and you will be my people" practically mean for       us?

Jr High Fall Retreat


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Parent Resources:

Here is the November Parent Newsletter from the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (
Here is the link to the audio recording of our guest speaker, Dr John Perritt, for our most recent Parent Seminar. 

Here is a link to the audio recordings of the main speaker and the elective teachers from RYM conferences:
Here is a link to the new youth Sunday school curriculum:

Here (staying consistent with it) is a link to an incredible resource for teaching your student about Scripture. For free, the Bible Project uses animated videos to help their viewer understand the structure and themes of the Bible.

Director of Student Ministries
Sonny Walker    
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Assistant Director of Student Ministries
Sr High
Jordan Orr
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Assistant Director of Student Ministries 
Jr High
Linda Oliver
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Assistant Director of Student Ministries
Jr High
Oscar Palin   
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Assistant Director of Student Ministries 
Sr High
Brad Roberts
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Administrative Assistant                                 
Mary Yoder