Tuesday - Thursday - Virtual Small Groups. See below for times & details.
Sunday 10:30am - Church Livestream on FPC's Facebook
Monday 12:30pmYouTube Live Bible Study*

*For the Bible study on April 6, be reading the book of 1 Peter this week.


Students and Families,
     FPC currently plans on having no programs through mid-April. As that time nears, we will let you know of any changes.  
     Meanwhile, at First Pres Student Ministries, our philosophy of ministry (which you can read more about on our website ) leads us to be scriptural, parental, relational, discipleship-oriented, and intergenerational. Our staff and council has considered ways to continue to fulfill our philosophy of ministry during this unusual time. To that end, we present to you the following plans:
  • We plan to continue our small groups virtually via a videoconference platform which can be joined by smartphone or computer (no account required!). The times are as follows:
    • Jr High
      • Wednesday 3:00 - 7th Grade Girls Small Group
      • Wednesday 4:00 - 8th Grade Girls Small Group
      • Wednesday 3:00 - Thomas' Jr. High Boys Small Group
      • Wednesday 4:00 - Emery's Jr. High Boys Small Group
    • Sr High
      • Tuesday 3:00 - 10th Grade Boys Small Group
      • Wednesday 3:00 - 9th Grade Boys Small Group
      • Wednesday 4:00 - 11 & 12th Grade Boys Small Group
      • Tuesday 3:00- 9th Grade Girls Small Group
      • Wednesday 3:00- 10th Grade Girls Small Group
      • Thursday 3:00- 11/12th Grade Girls Small Group
    • Look for communication from the corresponding staff member for info on how to join the video conference for your small group. If you don't get this, let us know!
  • We plan to use the same videoconferencing platform to have relational time with students. Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like us to set up one with you!
  • As a student ministry, we will be reading and studying Scripture together every week. Each week, we will let you know what Scripture to read on your own time, and then meet us on our YouTube channel for a livestream on Monday at 12:30pm for a short Bible study.
We encourage you to be intentional in the following ways:
  • Students, we encourage you to reach out by phone, FaceTime, Skype, etc. to others in the church - both in your peer group and across generations! If you are part of this year's Pray for Me Campaign, we encourage you to reach out to your Prayer Champions. Ask them how #socialdistancing is going for them and how you can be praying for them!
  • Parents, if you are part of this year's Pray for Me Campaign, we encourage you to reach out to the student you are praying for. Connect with them and ask how you can be praying for them and their family during this time. 
  • Students, resist the urge to just stare at electronics all day! Use this time to grow in your spiritual disciplines and spend more time with the Lord. Get outside. Do something new. Spend time with your family. Read books that help you grow in your faith. 
  • Parents, we want to encourage you to take advantage of the increased time you will have with your students for the coming weeks. Yes, we are sure it will be challenging in many ways. But we also know that God has called and equipped you to be the primary disciplers of your children. What a gift to be given more time to be intentional about this! To that end, we'd encourage you to check out the recommended resources and Bible study questions provided below. 

    Recommended Articles for Parents:

    Recommended Family Worship/Devotional Resources:

    Free Resources to Make Good Use of Your Extra Time (for Parents & Students):
    Questions In A Box (Mobile app in Apple App Store & Google Play for all those dinner conversations you will get to have!)

    Bible Study Guide
    If you're feeling at a loss for how to read the Bible on your own or with your family, we would commend to you the following questions to guide your study time, excerpted from Asking the Right Questions: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Applying the Bible by Matthew S. Harmon.
    Understanding the Bible
    1.  What do we learn about God?
       a.  Look for God's character (who he is, what he is like).
       b.  Look for God's conduct (what he is doing).
       c.  Look for God's concerns (what things, events, people, he is concerned about).
    2.  What do we learn about people?
       a.  Look for aspects of what it means to be created in God's image.
       b.  Look for the fallen condition.
       c.  Look for how God's people should live.
    3.  What do we learn about relating to God?
       a.  Look for things to praise and thank God for.
       b.  Look for sin to confess and repent.
       c.  Look for promises and truths to believe.
    4.  What do we learn about relating to others?
       a.  Look for how we should interact with and treat others.
       b.  Look for ways to pursue reconciliation with others.
       c.  Look for specific ways to love, serve, and care for others.
    Applying the Bible
    1.  What does God want me to think/understand?
    2.  What does God want me to believe?
    3.  What does God want me to desire?
    4.  What does God want me to do?
Disciple Now Audio

Have some extra time on your hands? Brian Sorgenfrei's lessons from DNOW have been posted on our student media page. His Sunday morning sermon is also in the sermons section of the church website. 

Jr High Summer Trip

Waiting list only! The sooner you sign up, the better chance we have of getting more spots from RYM. Go to our student events page

*Note: This trip is open to current 6th-8th graders. This will be the only summer trip for junior high students this summer, as we will not be returning to Memphis for a mission trip this year.
Sr High Summer Trip

10 spots left! Go to our  student events page

*Note: Sr High will also return to serve at Joni & Friends Camp on June 28-July 3. Details forthcoming. These trips are open to current 9th-12th graders.
Bi-Weekly Resource Highlight

Harvest USA

Harvest USA brings the truth and mercy of Jesus Christ by helping individuals and families affected by sexual struggles and by providing resources that address biblical sexuality to individuals and churches.
They have published many books and mini-books and provide a host of articles, videos, and other resources on their website. The student ministry staff considers Harvest USA to be one of the top go-to resources for addressing issues related to sexuality with teens. 

Want to hear the main speaker and elective classes from past RYM conferences? Check out

Our Student Media Page (with recordings from previous retreats, etc):

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