FIRST PRESS | an online newsletter | June 2019
Transition Updates

“For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

Your Interim Pastor has been meeting with staff members during the month of May to write job descriptions for each position. The job descriptions have been completed and sent to the Personnel Ministry Team for their review and follow-up if needed.

A congregational meeting has been called by Session for June 2 nd after worship, with its specific purpose to elect the slate of nominees for the new Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). The slate of nominees was chosen from a list of over sixty candidates suggested by members of the congregation to fit the parameters set by Session. This is an important milestone in the 2019 transition of FPC as we begin the search for a new Senior Pastor, Head of Staff.

The PNC nominees are: Hayden Alexander, Pete Boone, Gabrielle Chiniche, Richard DeVoe, Carole Haney, Brent Hardin, Lisa Hickman-Tollison, Catherine Servati, and Hassell Wilkinson.

The Holy Cow survey results continue to be reviewed and studied by the Diaconate, the Elders, your pastors and the Transition Team, comprised of Dorothy Lou Aldridge, Darren Ashmore, and Kristina Carlson. These groups have met twice and plan one more meeting in June, before bringing the results to the congregation.

The survey results will be presented to the congregation through Town Hall meetings. The first Town Hall meeting will be in July. These meetings will be scheduled monthly (times and dates are not yet confirmed), until the congregation has had ample opportunity to hear the results, ask questions and/or voice any concerns. The new PNC, once elected, will also be invited to these Town Hall meetings to further hear the voices of our members.

We are excited about the course of transition at FPC. Stay tuned and be informed. We trust you will ask your church leaders questions if you want further explanation or understanding.

The peace of Christ be with you,
Most summer Sundays fall into the Season of Ordinary Time because they are between the special seasons of the church year and there is no high holy day or special feast day between Pentecost and late November. However, there is nothing ordinary about this summer at First Presbyterian! This year we can look forward to:

•        One worship service with 10:00 am from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend which means that we worship all together as a church family. Be sure to introduce yourselves to each other when you can’t put a name to a face and be understanding of those folks from 8:30 who don’t recognize you because you are an 11:00 worshiper and vice versa.
•        Rising pre-K through 5th graders can participate in Children’s Church ALL SUMMER!
•        Summer Sunday Lunches will provide opportunities to gather for good food and fellowship on Sundays after church on June 2, 9, 16 and 23.
•        Theological Thursdays at noon on Thursdays throughout the summer where you get to pick the theological topic of the week and discuss them with your pastors and other members.
•        Volunteers from FPC will staff the Pantry on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for the month of June.
•        Your pastors and some of our children will make fun memories at Hopewell as campers and camp pastors.
•        Vacation Bible School will take our children and adult volunteers on a wild African safari that reminds us of God’s goodness no matter the circumstances.
•        Cookies and lemonade on the courtyard in August will give us an opportunity to catch up with one another after summer vacations have ended and school begins again.

Add all of that and mix in town hall meetings to rediscover who we are as a church, Pastor Nominating Committee meetings to begin the process of finding our next pastor, a grand finale for Joseph and the youth in late June and it’s a full summer. You can find out more about all of these events and programs by reading through the newsletter, but I want to point out something to you. By the time summer ends, we will have been in this transition for a full year and ministry has continued day by day and week by week. New programs have emerged and old ones have evolved. The church is not just about the pastor…it’s about two or three gathered in Christ’s name and what God can do in the midst of them. Enjoy your summer vacations, but when you’re in town, know we’d love to see you at church!
God is doing great things here!

Grace and peace,
Financial Summary
Summary of Stated Session Meeting
The Session held its monthly stated meeting on Monday, May 6, 2019, at 5:30 pm in Fellowship Hall. Highlights of the meeting include:

Consent Agenda:  The Session approved the following:
•        Baptism of Captain Provine Alexander, son of Kristina Carlson and Doug Alexander on Sunday, May 12 during 11:00 worship.

Recognition of Confirmands & Faith Statements:
•        After the sharing of their faith statements, the Session received thirteen confirmands into membership of the church. Confirmands are: Miller Callery, Evelyn Carmean, Sam Lewis, Bel Monteith, Captain Alexander, Jane Reeves Carmean, Henry Hyneman, Stuart Schuesselin, Andrews McClellan, William Wilkinson, Jack Hill, Cait Mayo and Thomas Franklin

•        Received two letters from Montreat acknowledging and thanking the congregation for our $600 contribution to Montreat Conference Center
•        Letter from Joseph Kelly resigning from his position as youth director effective July 1, 2019.

•        Year to date expenses are under budget.
•        Ministry teams have been asked to consider a projection of priorities and expenses for 2020 by June 30th. Stewardship will be changing the approach by offering a projected goal for giving based on future plans of the church.
•        Ministry teams have been asked to submit a half page summary of what was done in the year 2018 in order to compile an annual report for the congregation.

•        Boiler leak is being addressed by ServPro and the insurance company for clean up and repair.
•        A TV, projector and stand have been purchased for the fellowship hall classrooms.
•        Security options for the education building are being discussed.
•        Seasonal landscaping is being addressed.

Adult Christian Education:
•        Plans for the David Freeman Lecture Series are underway for November in conjunction with a continuing education event being planned for St. Andrew Presbytery.
•        Theological Thursdays will replace the congregational Bible studies this summer and will meet Thursdays at noon in Fellowship Hall.
•        Bibles and Brews will meet throughout the summer.

Children’s Christian Education:
•        Baccalaureate breakfast is May 19.
•        Easter crosses were constructed at Easter with the children.
•        VBS is in the planning and pre-registration stages. It is July 8-11.
•        Youth Council is working on plans to celebrate Joseph Kelly before he leaves and is looking toward future plans for the youth program.
•        Children’s church begins May 26 and will last through September 1.

Membership & Hospitality:
•        Summer lunches are planned through June 23 and all dates are filled. The Session is responsible for June 16th lunch.
•        Confirmation Breakfast is May 12.

•        The ministry team will meet with local FEMA director, Jimmy Allgood, on Wednesday, May 8 to hear how our church might be involved in disaster assistance. The congregation is invited to attend.

•        The ministry team is working with the Interim Pastor on job descriptions for all employees.

•        Because Youth Sunday did not occur this year, Reverend Ann Kelly has asked a couple of confirmands and all of the seniors to participate in worship leadership for Confirmation and Baccalaureate Sundays.
Old Business:
•        The Nominating Committee will meet May 14 to assemble a slate of nominees for the Pastor Nominating Committee.
•        Session and Diaconate will meet Wednesday, May 15 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm for a second look at the Holy Cow! Survey results.
•        Renewal programs for staff are still under discussion.
•        The FPC website will go live on Friday, May 10. Some pages are still under construction.

The next Stated Meeting of the Session will be Monday, June 10 at 5:30 pm.
Summary of Called Session Meeting
The Session met in a called meeting on Wednesday May 15 for the purpose of calling a congregational meeting on Sunday, June 2 following 10:00 a.m. worship for the purpose of electing the Pastor Nominating Committee.
Upcoming worship schedule:

Sunday, June 2, 2019
10:00 am Worship (communion)
11:00 am Congregational meeting
11:15 am Sunday lunch

Sunday, June 9, 2019
10:00 am Worship (communion)
11:00 am Sunday lunch

Sunday, June 16, 2019
10:00 am Worship (communion)
11:00 am Sunday lunch

Sunday, June 23, 2019
10:00 am Worship (communion)
11:00 am Sunday lunch

Sunday, June 30, 2019
10:00 am Worship (communion)

Summer Worship Hours

Our summer worship schedule is in effect through September 1:
10:00 am - Worship with communion
No Sunday School
Nursery Weekly: 9:45 - 11:15 am

Children's Worship for rising Pre-K through rising 6th graders all summer at 10:15 am

Lectionary Texts for June

June 2 - Acts 16:16-34; Psalm 97; Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21; June 17:20-26
June 9 - Acts 2:1-21 or Genesis 11:1-9; Psalm 104:24-34, 35b; Romans 8:14-17 or Acts 2:1-21; John 14:8-17 (25-27)
June 16 - Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31; Psalm 8; Romans 5:1-5; John 16:12-15
June 23 - 1 Kings 19:1-4 (5-7) 8-15a; Psalm 42 and 43; Galatians 3:23-29; Luke 8:26-39
June 30 - 2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14; Psalm 77:1-2, 11-20; Galatians 5:1, 13-25; Luke 9:51-62

Sanctuary flower dates are available on:

July 7, 21 and 28. If you would like to provide flowers in honor or in memory of a loved one, contact Margaret Fancher at or call 662-234-1359.
Children's News
Children’s Church Continues Through Labor Day

Children’s Church, a special service of worship especially for rising Pre-K through 5th grade returns with a new twist this summer. What’s new?…It lasts ALL summer! Throughout June, July and August, children will begin worship each week with their parents for the 10:00 a.m. worship service and stay through the Gloria Patri before being escorted upstairs in Fellowship Hall for their own 30-minute service of worship led by a team of youth and adults.

Each week will look a little bit like church as the children learn songs, prayers and responses in preparation for participation in Sunday services. However, instead of a sermon, stories, drama and other activities will help children learn the stories of Scripture and how they apply to their lives. We hope to see you at church!
July 8-11, 2019

ROAR Vacation Bible School offers children Pre-K through rising 6th graders an opportunity to join an epic African adventure, Monday, July 8 - Thursday, July 11 at First Presbyterian Church. We’ll engage the whole herd as we explore God’s goodness and celebrate a ferocious faith that powers us through this wild life.
If you have questions or would like to volunteer contact Erin Alexander (601-248-8907) or Heather Harris (901-212-0739). Register online here !
PYF News
Summer is here and for us here at PYF that means that it is time for the Montreat Youth Conference. On June, 9 th  I along with chaperones Courtney Gibens and Lizzie Kelly will accompany 18 youth to North Carolina where we will be staying for the week. Montreat is a very special time of year for our youth, most who have attended in the past would say that it is their highlight of being in PYF. Please keep all of us in your prayers throughout the week as it is sure to be an amazing time for all of us attending. I’d also like take time to say thank you to our two chaperones who volunteered their time to help make this experience happen for our youth.
The youth will have an opportunity for one more afternoon of fun and fellowship with Joseph Kelly on Saturday, June 29 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the home of Greg Patton. We will cookout and spend some time playing in the lake before sending Joseph off on new adventures. The church bus will leave the parking lot at 2:45 pm. More details to come.
Young Adult News

Young Adults! Volunteers are needed to help plan and serve lunch to the congregation on June 2 nd  and 9 th . Sign up now by emailing David Randolph if you can participate in this missional opportunity. 
Young Adult Planning! Do you have ideas for a great monthly gathering for FPC’s Young Adult ministry? Well, email David Randolph to sign up to help brainstorm and plan those events! Later this month, this group will meet to discern what God is leading us to do monthly over the next six to nine months. This is a short-term commitment that can make long term impact. Thank you for your willingness to support this mission!

Bibles with Brews is back for its second summer season each Wednesday, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, at the Growler. Join the conversation each week from 4:30 to 6:00 pm as we read and share different scripture passages about our weekly topic of study. The topic for June 5th is "Growth" and all are welcome!
Each year on Pentecost Sunday, we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the church. The Holy Spirit remains with us still, connecting us with  the church of the past , continuing to inspire  the church of today , and pointing us to  the church of the future . Each year, this celebration is marked by receiving the Pentecost Offering which nurtures the faith of those who are the church to come — children, youth, and young adults.
Psalm 71 testifies that a foundation of faith established during childhood helps ensure lifelong faith and service. The patterns and lessons established during these formative years continue to bear fruit throughout a person’s life. By giving to the Pentecost Offering, your congregation participates in helping our children, youth, and young adults grow up to proclaim with the Psalmist, “O God, from my youth you have taught me, and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds.”
Since the Pentecost Offering started in 1998, Presbyterians have raised more than $15 million for ministries that benefit younger members of God’s family. We believe we are called to do even more — to support and care for young people as they build a strong foundation of faith. Won’t you join in your support? If we all do a little, it adds up to a lot. 
Won’t you join us? If we all do a little, it adds up to a lot.

Lovepacks donations are an easy way to help relieve hunger among Oxford and Lafayette County school children. You can help by donating the following items: granola bars, non-refrigerated pudding, pop-top ravioli or pasta, pop-top chicken noodle or vegetable soup, peanut butter crackers, instant grits or oatmeal or 16 oz. jars of peanut butter. There is no food of the month during the summer, so bring whatever you like. If you will deposit them in the church office or the narthex, volunteers will get it to the Lovepacks office for you.
The Pantry is in need of volunteers to deliver groceries once a month to home-bound clients in the county. Anyone who might be able to help is asked to call Ann O'Dell at 234-2907.
Haven House residents are delighted to receive various translations of the Bible and other religious materials. All may be left at the church office, with thanks to all who have responded.
Join us for Theological Thursdays! Each Thursday, from Noon to 1:00 pm in Fellowship Hall, anyone and everyone is invited to bring their lunch and share in theological conversations about a weekly topic. Weekly topics will be selected by the group and scripture will be sent out before Thursday for those who are interested. All are welcome to this casual gathering each week. If you are interested in learning more, please contact David Randolph at .
Fun Times for VIPs

It felt like we were VIPs at the May 16 dinner at Rafters on the Water in Sardis, MS. At one count, there were 37 Presbyterians gathered on the deck enjoying the breeze over the water as the sun went down over Sardis and the Chadwick family and friends played music. It was an ideal spring night and one that evoked a sense of gratitude for the beauty of this created world, lively music, good friends and food. Thank you to the many people who have helped plan VIP events this spring, but most especially to David Robinson, our faithful driver, and Sally Hines, who listens for the fun ideas and helps make them happen. Planning for fall is underway so if you have suggestions of places to go, people to see or food to eat, let Sally Hines or Ann Kelly know and we’ll try to make it happen.

Here are a few scenes from our latest adventure: 
VIPs Gather for Appetizer Supper

VIPs, you are invited to bring your favorite appetizer, the recipe and a favorite beverage to our spring finale at 6:00 pm on Thursday, June 6 at the home of Kristina Carlson and Doug Alexander. Every time we gather for this kind of event, people leave asking for recipes so we’ve decided to bind the recipes together and make a VIP Appetizer Cookbook. Feel free to bring the recipes for appetizers you’ve brought to previous events, too. This is a favorite event and anyone 55 and older is invited to join the fun. Just call the church office to let us know you plan to come. Many thanks to Kristina, Doug and Captain for sharing their home with their church family!
PW Council 2019-2020
Moderator - Mary Glynn Wright -
Vice - Moderator - Kathryn Elliott -
Secretary - Whitney Bolen -  
Treasurer - Margaret Fancher -
Historian - Marianna Ochs -
Ex-Moderator - Mary Haskell -
Presbyterian Women’s Triennial Gathering
June 13-15, 2019
First Presbyterian Church
Tupelo, MS

Face to Face on the Mountain: Ten Words from God is the theme of this year’s PW Triennial Gathering June 13-15, 2019, at First Presbyterian Church, Tupelo, MS. Participants will get a first-hand look at the upcoming PW Bible study, Love Carved in Stone: A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments by Reverend Eugenia Gamble, enjoy a variety of workshops along with the fellowship of other women from around the Synod of Living Waters. Check out this link   for information about registration, workshops and more.

 Bridge Properties, 1000 Tyler Avenue at 10th St., now tows all unauthorized vehicles on its parking lot, including Sundays. Please do not park on the Bridge Properties lot to attend worship or other church events!
News from the Pews
Memorials and Honoraria
~ With gratitude for contributions to First Presbyterian Church ~
In memory of:

Bruce Brumfield

Allison & Steve McCord

Dora Leach

Kathy & Larry Musgrove

Lori Newcomb

Allison & Steve McCord

Bennett Zinn

Endoscopy Center of North MS, LLC
Cheryl Cannon
Lynne & Don Davis
Barry, Molly, Mary Riley & Ben Lovorn
Millicent & Bill Seawright
June Birthdays

2 Irma Buchanan, Sloan Hollis
3 David Flautt, Jr., Jane Henderson, Margie McLeod
4 Patsy Abbott, Elizabeth McLellan
5 Cecilia Jimenez, Bradley Mayo
6 Allyson Ashmore, Jacquelyn Gage
7 Jennifer Williams
8 Elizabeth Black
9 Fay Grissinger, Ben Neff, Molly Tanner
11 Brum Abernathy, Lock Elliott, Thomas Franklin III, Brian Hyneman, Henry Johnson, Sarah McLellan, Abigail Robbins
13 Bill Rogers
14 Judy Edgar, Sallie Wilkerson
15 Katie Goodwiller
16 Teresa Flautt
17 Luke Harris, Cindy Snellgrove
18 Suzanne Black, Whitney Bolen
19 Lindsey Estes, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Williams
20 Mary Conlee Mize, Heath Stevens
21 Miller Callery, Jenna Lovelace, Rose Paris
22 Olivia Estes
24 Sam Haskell
25 Keith Hayward, Talmadge Lewis
26 Edward Duke, Ruchell Phillips
28 Sharon Fenger, Mary Rhodes Manley, Shelby McRae, Caroline Wigginton
29 Anne Grace Kennon, Anderson McIntosh

June Anniversaries

1 Caroline & Kerry Wigginton
2 Erin & Hayden Alexander
4 Maggie & John Abernathy
6 Betty & George Abdo, Allison & Nat Harris
8 Nila & Max Williams
9 Leigh & Kevin Cristian
11 Martha & Joe Burnett
12 Sandy & Vaughn Grisham, Vicki & Michael Stevens
13 Barbara & J.T. Davis, Ferriday & Charly McClatchy, Abigail & Nathan Robbins
14 Rosie & Robert Cooper, Laura & Don Whitten
18 Nana & Francis Boateng
19 Blair Hobbs & John T. Edge, Julia & Scott Jimenez
20 Katie & Bradley Goodwiller, Pat & Ernie Lowe
21 Mary Kate & Edward Duke
22 Kay & Ed Croom
23 Anastasia & Dunbar Jenkins
24 Carolyn & Randel Gibson, Catherine Servati & Taylor Webb
26 Stefanie & Greg Goodwiller
27 Becky & Joe Murphey
29 Emily & Don Newcomb

July Birthdays

1 Martha Burnett, Wendy Carmean, Mary Douglas Hester
2 John Neff
3 Carter Wilkes
5 Louis Brandt, Woods Newman
6 Carolyn Abbott
7 Tom Franklin, Matthew Hall, Alice Wilkes, Ernie Williams
8 Kay Croom, Martha Kelley
9 Betty Abdo, Paul Chiniche, Nat Harris, Sparky Luster
10 James Thompson
11 Jean Blackston
12 Ann Louise Miers
13 Alicia Bouldin, George Moak, Bobbye Wiley
14 Pauline Lewis, Neely Mullen
15 Joe Huggins, Charles Mongtomery, Beth Pace, Stuart Schuesselin
16 Duke Goza, Bruce Reynolds
17 Pat Carpenter
18 Tricia Barrios, Ken Boutwell, Ann DeVoe, Walter Nance
19 Baker Quick
20 Leigh Bundren, Merrick McCool, David Shaw
21 Miller Elliott, Daniel Hall
22 Erin Goforth, Campbell McCool, Buddy McRae, Michelle Rounsaville
23 Billy Chadwick, William Bradley Mayo, Jr., Ophelia Orrell
24 Lauren Abbott, Kate Byars, Joseph Kelly, Coy Manley, Charlie Robbins, Louise Waller
25 Bette Butler
27 Robert Cooper, J.T. Davis, Rob Williams
28 Ed Field, Abigail Pace
29 Weldon Wilkinson
31 Richard Atkinson, Vance Byars, Hayes Hollis, Chloe Lloyd, Tina Montgomery

July Anniversaries

4 Scottye & Pete Boone, Lindsey & Brett Estes, Emma & David Flautt
7 Allison & Jon Crawford, Gail & Dick Hercules
11 Becki & Don Felts, Kim & Al Ling, Peggy & Walter Nance
12 Fay & Earl Grissinger
13 Margie & Kevin McLeod
17 Cherri & Bill Mayo
18 Pat & Richard Atkinson, Jennifer & Jimmy Williams
20 Alicia & Jason Bouldin, Melissa & Michael Morrison
21 Carole & Hal Haney
23 Nina & Tommy Patrick
24 Sharron & Harry Alexander
25 Betsy & Ed Holcomb
26 Karen & Bo Elliott
28 Kathryn & Allen Elliott
First Dates

The Prayer Shawl Ministry Team  will meet Monday, June 3 at 1:30 pm in Room 101.
The Diaconate will meet Tuesday, June 4 at 5:30 pm in the Session Room.
The Finance Ministry Team will meet Monday, June 10 at 4:30 pm in Fellowship Hall.
The Session  will meet Monday, June 10 at 5:30 pm in Fellowship Hall.
The Children's Christian Education Ministry Team will meet Monday, June 3 at 5:45 pm in Room 101.
Reminder: There will be no First Press in July. The August deadline for submissions to is Monday, July 15.
  CLASS of 2019
Trey Cobb, Jon Crawford, Margie McLeod, 
Karen Stockton, Dana Williams
  CLASS of 2020
Ashley Callery, Ann DeVoe, Ben Griffith,
Matthew Hall, Monte Wood
CLASS of 2021
Hayden Alexander, Pete Boone, Julie Field, 
Carmille Hovious, Ruth O'Dell

CLASS of 2019
Lee Borden, Kristina Carlson, Dean Chow,
Pick Scruggs, Amy Wilkes
CLASS of 2020
Todd Abbott, Rosie Cooper, Ed Croom,
Lisa Hickman-Tollison, John Schuesselin,
CLASS of 2021
Thelma Curry, Karen Elliott, Luke Harris,
Brian Hyneman, Niles Lovelady
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The Congregation

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Associate Pastor

Pastor, UKirk Ministry

Director of Music/Organist

Director of Elementary Music

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