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WaterRemarks -- May 2023

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A Message From Watermark Founder Jon Picoult

First Republic, a bank that had among the highest customer loyalty ratings -- not just in its industry, but in any industry -- collapsed last month.

The company had legions of delighted customers, and yet still failed. What does that say about the true value of customer experience excellence? Could the CX skeptics have been right all along?

Exploring that thorny question is the focus of this month's lead story.

Best regards,

Jon Picoult

Founder, Watermark Consulting

Author, From Impressed To Obsessed

The Limits Of Customer Love: A Cautionary Tale From First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank was a darling of customer experience gurus -- featured in books, articles, and podcasts that held the firm up as a customer-centric model for all to follow. With the bank's collapse last month, it's safe to say that content won't age well. But as Jon Picoult describes in his latest Forbes column (republished here on his paywall-free blog) -- the First Republic failure offers an important lesson for all business leaders. [3 minute read]

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Why Focus On Customer Experience?  Here's Why.

Keynote Clip: Why Focus On Customer Experience? Here's Why.

Okay, customer experience enthusiasts -- do you need a "CX palate cleanser" after the First Republic story? We've got you covered. Here's a clip from one of Jon's recent keynotes, sharing what is undoubtedly one of the most compelling pieces of evidence in support of customer experience ROI.  [2 minute video]

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A Blockbuster Lesson About The Importance Of Customer Experience

A Blockbuster Lesson About The Importance Of Customer Experience

Sometimes, companies think their sheer market power absolves them of the need to deliver a good customer experience. That's bound to be a losing strategy, as Jon explains in this interview on the "Press 1 For Nick" podcast. Click on the clip above to hear an excerpt, or use the button below to access the full show. [36 minute show]

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Creating A Customer-Centric Workforce

How do you get scores of employees scattered around the globe to deliver a consistent, industry-leading customer experience? You teach them Watermark's "12 Principles" -- the CX design strategies that legendary companies use to turn more sales prospects into customers, and more customers into raving fans. [2 minute read]

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ICYMI: Last Month's Edition Of WaterRemarks

Did you miss out on last month's edition of WaterRemarks? No worries, here's a link to access the newsletter and its lead story: "The 'Inconvenient' Truth About IKEA's Customer Experience."

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-- Tony Hsieh, former CEO of Zappos

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