First Riley Technologies Designed and Built PAPR Mask Delivered for Testing 

Race and Championship Winning Auto Racing Constructor and Designer Shifts Business Operations to PAPR Mask Engineering and Production in the Fight Against the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak
MOORESVILLE, N.C. (April 24, 2020) - Riley Technologies, a race and championship winning auto racing constructor and design, engineering and fabrication firm, delivered Thursday for testing its first in-house designed and manufactured Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) mask system.

Based in the greater Charlotte area, Riley Technologies was asked by a Carolina hospital to develop a PAPR prototype for testing and evaluation less than four weeks ago. An around-the-clock schedule by a small team of Riley designers and engineers fine-tuned and perfected the prototype for presentation and evaluation.

A motorsports technology leader in business for 20 years, Riley Technologies was founded by Bill Riley and his father Bob Riley, who is an internationally recognized pioneer in race car design and construction.

"We are honored to have the opportunity and I am proud of the effort turned in by our team here at Riley Technologies the last few weeks," Bill Riley said. "It's a new challenge but the basic technology and engineering in the PAPR mask is used in some of the systems we use in motorsports."

PAPR masks are similar in design and concept to "helmet-blower" fresh-air cooling systems commonly used as driver aids in modern motorsports. 

The Riley prototype is smaller, lighter and more streamlined - common design and performance traits in motorsports - than some of the PAPR units currently in service. The Riley system is powered by a rechargeable and replaceable battery with a 10-hour run time.

The Riley Technologies PAPR project has been led by senior designer Christian Rushforth, lead engineer Tyler Hook, data engineer Adam Holland and Bob Riley who, at 89, is still-going-strong in a 60-year career that has seen him conceive and design racecars that have won the Indianapolis 500 and scored dozens of victories at Daytona International Speedway.


- In addition to innovative design resources, Riley Technologies has in-house carbon fiber composite and 3D Printing capability, all of which were used in the development and production of the prototype. Other components, such as the fans that move the air through the masks, were sourced from known suppliers.

- Rushforth, Hook, Holland and Bob Riley handled the current project work, but several Riley colleagues are ready and waiting to join them for overall production, parts sourcing and around-the-clock carbon fiber and 3D Printing operations.

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