Mendez SoHo Salon
Season Four Kickoff Event
Paul Kowalchuk: Curator, Collector, Author
Sunday, September 30 @ 3PM
Louis Mendez, Paul Kowalchuk & Mikhail Zakin
Paul Kowalchuk: Back by popular demand!
Kowalchuk, founder of Studio Potter Archive, was the guest of honor at the very first Mendez SoHo Salon in October 2015, when he shared his perspectives on  creating a "Museum of One's Own Making”.   At this, his second Salon presentation, Paul will discuss curating a retrospective exhibition of Mendez work at the Mikhail Zakin Gallery and writing "Louis Mendez: His Hands Through Time". He will display examples of Mendez' work in his own collection and share personal insights into Mendez' artistic sensibility gleaned from hours of interviews with the artist.

Kowalchuk observes, "Louis Mendez’s position as a Mid-20 th  Century master in the fields of traditional ceramics and ceramic sculpture is firmly secured. His career spanned six decades, allowing for various interpretations of modernism effortlessly juxtaposed with elements of cultural patterning. Signature to the artist’s own sensibilities, Mendez also scripted his world with his own artistic fetishes -- erotica as a cornerstone -- which he communicates with a cheerful, often comical approach." 

Please join us for a survey of authoritative works canvasing Mendez’s career, ones which pinpoint and exemplify his unique artistic visions. RSVP required . While there is no charge for these events, donations help to defray hosting expenses.
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Mendez SoHo, 421 West Broadway, 2nd Floor

09/30/18 3:00pm - 09/30/18 5:00pm

Paul Kowalchuk discusses Mendez' work in his collection and the artist's lasting legacy.
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Sunday, November 4, 2018 @ 3PM

Jane Freeman: The Art of the Miniature
Discussing her three dimensional miniature recreations of scenes from the worlds of fine art, opera and literature.
Van Gogh's Room in Arles

Sunday, March 10, 2019 @ 3PM

Stanley Bulbach: Master Spinner, Dyer and Weaver
Showing examples of his flat weave carpets and discussing the ancient art of Near Eastern textile production and its importance to us today.
Yule Fire - a prayer carpet
Sunday, April 28, 2019 @ 3PM

Anne Elliott: Fine Artist and Creator of "Emotional Landscapes"
Discussing the intense feeling, revelation and sense of transformation embodied in her intense, yet enigmatic paper constructions and paintings.
Mogao Caves
Rice Paper Relief
Sunday, June 9, 2019 @ 3PM

Victoria Alfiero:
The Art of Glass Mosaic
In addition to showing some of her finished pieces, Vicky will also demonstrate creating a design and color palate, selecting different types of glass to achieve various effects, cutting and mounting the glass.
Blue Masked Madam
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