Dear Faith Family,

One of my favorite Old Testament stories comes from Joshua 5-6. It is the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho. I can still remember being in kindergarten and marching around our Sunday School classroom with my paper trumpet. Just like in the story, we marched around the room 7 times and then shouted out in a loud voice! I’m not sure how the other classes felt about it, but I loved it! It was fun to celebrate the ways that God had worked in a city! 

As I think about that story, I am reminded of two things. First, the success at Jericho had nothing to do with military strength! This was a spiritual battle! The Israelites did not win because of their wisdom or strength! There were no arrows shot or swords drawn in the battle. It was not the talent of the trumpeter or the skill of the warrior. The victory came because they were faithful to do what God told them to do! 

In the same way, I believe that God is calling us as a church into a spiritual battle for our city. The challenges may seem large and our size/skills may not seem to be suited for the task. But, I strongly believe God wants to do a work in our neighborhoods! It is a work that only He can do, but we must be faithful to do whatever he asks!

The second thing about the story that captures my attention is that it began by simply walking around the city. They were walking in the places where they believed that God would act. They were taking God at his word and trusting in Him to move! 

Over the next couple of months, we are seeking to engage with our neighbors in very intentional ways. We invite you to join us on Sunday, October 25 @ 4 PM for our first neighborhood prayerwalk. If you have never been on a Prayerwalk, that is ok! We will take a little time to explain the simple concept and then go out into the neighborhood.

On Friday, November 13th @ 7 PM, we will have a neighborhood Drive-In Movie Night in the parking lot. This is a simple way to engage with our neighbors and fellowship together. The event is free and open to our entire community! If you’d like to help us, we are in need of about 8-10 volunteers. Please email Sam Johnson for more information or to volunteer!

Finally, we are seeking to actively engage with our neighbors! We’ve divided our city into 5 sections and are actively praying for God to raise up Neighborhood Coordinators and Neighborhood Ambassadors in each section. If you are interested, please email me and I can send you more information! 

Get your trumpets ready! The Lord is on the move in our city! 



Brandon Martin

Creative Community Coordinator

Chris Sammons

Senior Pastor

Gayle Terry

Admin Assistant

Rob Hartland

Youth & Discipleship Pastor

Sam Johnson

Worship Pastor

Susan Malone

Children's Minister


PS. Mark your calendars for our Prayerwalk on Sunday, October 25th @ 4PM!


Food For Families

Each year First Hewitt partners with local organizations in a canned food drive to help the hungry in the greater Waco area. We are starting a little early this year to provide more time for you to drop off your canned goods. The needs are greater now than ever and every little bit helps! You may bring your items to the church on Sunday or any time during the week. 

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Drive-In Movie Night - Fri, Nov 13

Looking for a fun way to enjoy a Friday night? Invite a friend or neighbor and let's watch a movie in the parking lot! We will have free snacks and a family friendly movie. Plus, you can either watch in your car or bring a lawn chair. The fun starts at 7 PM!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Sam Johnson.


Life Groups

The church is made up of real people with real lives, real joys, and real sorrows. Life Groups are our primary way of connecting these real people in real relationships. The church is truly the church when people live life together. So come share a meal, share a story, and share life with us! Not in a Life Group yet? Click here to find out more or contact Rob Hartland in the office.

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