Lent One St Laurence
Lent One St Laurence
Dear friends,

Please see above for this week's service. Thank you to Bob Herald for the lessons & to Barbie Hames for the prayers. 
This week we welcome our guest Linda Nicholls, Primate of Canada.
Meet-up opportunities: Would you like to meet up with small groups of parishioners, just to hang out and chat? We can provide opportunities to set up your own conversation parties on Zoom. Contact Richard Hooper at 403-246-1164 or hrhooper@telusplanet.net. You may also book a small get-to-know-you party with Jane and a few friends. 

Annual General Meeting will be held Sunday, February 28th after the service. 

To vote at the AGM we need a signed copy of the declaration below. You can copy and paste to email and sign electronically or print and sign and return via email or drop it off at the church. 

I SOLEMNLY declare that I am baptized and that I regularly attend Services of Worship in the Parish of St. Laurence and receive communion or otherwise receive the administrations of the Clergy of the Parish of St. Laurence and that I have not voted at an annual meeting of the Parishioners of any other Parish this year, and that I am of the full age of 16 years.

Once this declaration is signed and returned to the office you will receive the link to the zoom meeting. 

You can copy and paste to email and sign electronically or print and sign and return via email or mail to Kelly in the office. 

Annual Report
If you would like a copy of the Annual Report either by email or hard copy please contact Kelly in the office  via email or 403-249-6184. 
Annual Meeting Accessibility
  • If you require a hard copy of the Annual Report, and are unable to get to the church, we can deliver a copy to your door.
  • If you need help with technology, we can help you with that as well.
  • Please note that it is possible to attend a Zoom meeting on a cell phone or iPad as well as on a computer.
  • You may also call by telephone, using the phone number that will be provided.
  • For more information, contact office 403-249-6184 or by email

Lenten Series
Join Don McLeod at The Wisdom Center for 5 evening online sessions during Lent to reconnect and reimagine what it might mean to be fully alive... human beings being human. Through music and poetry, images and insights from wisdom texts (ancient and contemporary), we will explore together ways of responding to what poet Diane Ackerman describes as, "our yearning to find whole-ness as holiness, and at-one-ment as atonement, filling a need ancient and essential as air." Wednesday Evenings, February 24 to March 24, 2021, 7:00 to 8:30pm. For more information, see here. To register and receive the Zoom information please email Kelly Kawohl.       
Interfaith Bible Study:
Thursday 1:00 - 2:30 pm
Feb.  Feb. 25, 2020
RSVP here or by calling 403-255-8688. A zoom link will be provided upon registration. 

Readers and Leaders of the Prayers of the People
Our Sunday worship services are the work of the St. Laurence community; readers and leaders of the Prayers of the People are needed for each celebration. You are invited to sign up online to participate in the Sunday services in 2021.
For readers please sign up here
For prayers please sign up here

Diocese Suspends All In-Person Worship
Due to rising COVID cases the Diocese has suspended all in-person worship until further notice.  As such we will no longer be offering Tuesday Eucharists or Thursday contemplative prayer. 



Week in Parish

Thursday Feb. 25
1:00 - 3:30 
Bible study via Zoom