Dear Colleagues:
Because Postle Hall is five stories tall and longer than two football fields, our students, staff, and faculty are so spread out in various areas of the building that I often forget just how many people are under our roof each day. Every time I walk from one end of the building to the other, I see dozens of people -- maybe even a hundred when I walk through the first floor student clinics -- but I never see everyone all at once. It has only been since the COVID-19 pandemic struck last March that I've had a real sense of how big our college community is.
When you add up all our students, residents, and staff, along with the full- and part-time faculty, the total is nearly 1,200 people. So when it came to ordering more personal protective equipment for everyone who needed it due to the pandemic, we were not talking about thousands of additional masks, gloves, and gowns. We were talking tens of thousands. More than 900 of us were involved in N-95 respirator mask fit testing, with an equal number of new respirators needed every couple of weeks. Our random and required COVID-19 testing meant several hundred test results each month. And now that we are moving forward with COVID-19 vaccinations, there are already hundreds of students, staff, and faculty who will be included.
I am so grateful for the many successes we have had these past months in getting what the people in our college need to be safe while they are in Postle Hall. We owe these triumphs to the many staff and faculty who work tirelessly as our representatives and advocates; who find vendors with essential supplies; who monitor and maintain inventories, and keep track of what is needed, by whom, and when. It continues to be a Herculean task both in terms of complexity and magnitude.
Today, more than any other time since I have been the dean of this college, I have a greater appreciation for the many ways that the size of our college community impacts our operations and the students, staff, and faculty who learn, work, and provide care for patients in Postle Hall. It is both impressive and remarkable.

Patrick M. Lloyd, DDS, MS
Dean and Professor
January 2021 Edition
Peter Reiser, MS, PhD, Receives "Buckeye Access All-Star Award" 

Dr. Peter Reiser, Chair of the Biosciences Division, recently received a "Buckeye Access All-Star" award from the Office of Student Life and Disability Services. 

The award recognizes members of the university community who "make a difference in students' experiences at Ohio State by promoting access for those with disabilities."

Dr. Reiser was nominated for the award by a dental student whose nomination letter said, "Dr. Reiser has gone above and beyond to help promote access for students with disabilities. He offered me assistance with anything that was needed, and he is dedicated to academic success. He made a positive impact on my time as a student in the college."
Outstanding Staff Award Presented to Ms. Chantal Moore  

Ms. Chantal Moore, a Senior Dental Assistant in the Division of Endodontics, recently received one of the two Outstanding Staff Awards presented annually by the college. The awards recognize employees whose dedication and outstanding performance inspire others to excellence. Each award includes a certificate, a cash prize of $500, and the addition of the recipient's name on a plaque in Postle Hall. 

Dean Lloyd presented the award at the virtual Appreciation Reception for staff and faculty on December 15th. He said, "These awards are a special honor because the recipients are nominated by their fellow full-time staff members and are then selected by the Dentistry Staff Development Committee. Ms. Moore's nomination letters described her as 'a great asset to the unit,' and an employee who 'has extensive knowledge of her job and responsibilities.' Other remarks stated that she 'is always eager to accept new tasks,' and that 'she shows true leadership and dedication.' "

The dean congratulated Ms. Moore, saying, "During this challenging year, it is heartening to know our staff members continue to go 'above and beyond' in so many ways. Thank you for setting such an example for others to follow."

Mark Dawson Award for Excellence Presented to Ms. Louise Daw


Ms. Louise Daw, an Office Staff Coordinator in the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Anesthesiology, was honored as the recipient of the Mark Dawson Award for Excellence. Presented to one staff member annually, the award recognizes those whose outstanding contributions significantly facilitate the college's mission. The award includes a $500 cash prize, a certificate, and the addition of the recipient's name to a plaque in Postle Hall.

Ms. Daw was honored at the December 15th virtual Appreciation Reception for staff and faculty. Dean Lloyd presented the award, saying, "Our Faculty Council members select the Mark Dawson Award winners, but nominations may be submitted by any student, staff, or faculty member. In Ms. Daw's nomination letters, it was said that she had given a 'spectacular performance throughout the challenges of 2020,' and that she developed 'innovative ideas for helping other staff to use various software packages, and to enhance their customer service and business communications skills.' It was also added that she has accomplished these things while maintaining her 'characteristic patience and calm.' "

The dean thanked Ms. Daw for her efforts, saying, "Our college could not meets its goals each day without the support of our highly competent and dedicated staff members. I congratulate you for receiving this award that recognizes your excellence and professionalism."

Outstanding Staff Award Presented to Ms. Danielle Whitaker

Ms. Danielle Whitaker, Student Services Coordinator in the Office of Student Affairs, has been honored with one of the two Outstanding Staff Awards presented by the college each year. 

The awards recognize employees whose dedication and excellent performance inspires others. Each award includes a certificate, a cash prize of $500, and the addition of the recipient's name to a plaque in Postle Hall. Dean Lloyd presented the award at the college's virtual Appreciation Reception for staff and faculty on December 15th.

He said, "I always feel privileged to present these awards that recognize our outstanding staff members and their efforts that allow us to meet the needs of all those who rely on us. It is a pleasure to  learn about our staff who are so well respected that their colleagues have nominated them for this special recognition."

Dean Lloyd added, "Those who nominated Ms. Whitaker for this award said she is 'the epitome of hard work,' and that she 'goes above and beyond to to ensure that others have the tools they need to succeed.' She was also described as 'always looking for new ways to grow and improve. Other nomination remarks stated that she 'focuses on ensuring that every event or project she manages gets better each year.' "

The dean congratulated Ms. Whitaker, saying, "I am so pleased and proud to present you with this well-deserved award. Thank you for all your efforts that have such a positive impact."
On-Demand CE: Recorded Lectures Available Now!

Join us for these recorded "on demand" CE courses that are available online:

Digital radiography offers instant access, easy transmission, and manipulation of images. Get an overview of the different types of digital imaging, including CCD, CMOS, PSP systems, and panoramic imaging.

- An Introduction to Cone-Beam Computed Tomography: Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) provides invaluable diagnostic information for dental professionals. Learn the basics of using CBCT technology.

- Medical Emergencies: Dental Office Medical Emergencies for the Healthcare Provider: This self-paced course gives participants an understanding of the causes and contributing factors for dental medical emergencies.

- Infection Control and Prevention: In the era of COVID-19, infection control and prevention are vital topics for dental professionals. Learn about common infectious agents, and review infection prevention protocols from the Centers for Disease Control and the State of Ohio Dental Board.

- Bad to the Bone -- Dental Oncology for the Restorative Dental Team: This course informs practitioners about minimizing the risks of dental care for cancer patients, in addition to providing information for the patients, their families, and healthcare providers to enhance the quality of life.

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