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 July 1, 2016
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Yarmouth Clam Festival - July 15, 16, 17 
Dig up some summer fun and volunteer with First U.
It's easy to sign up online and you'll be happy as a clam when you join in and receive your free slice of UU cheesecake. 
New Mainer English Immersion Weekend & Potluck
First U, Parkside Neighborhood Center, and St. Bartholomew's are teaming up to offer an English Immersion Weekend in Yarmouth for New Mainers who have been participating in the weekly English conversation circles in Portland.

One piece of that weekend will take place on Friday, July 8 at 6pm, where a potluck dinner is being held for New Mainer guests, members, friends, and participants at the First Universalist Church of Yarmouth. Please come extend a welcome and bring a dish to share! RSVP to Ashley Brookes at if you're planning to attend. 
We are Unitarian Universalists and...
As Unitarian Universalists , we promote love beyond belief. Our faith is active, inclusive, and expansive. We are guided by our Seven Principles, and we know that there is more than one way of experiencing the world and understanding the sacred. 

That means that we can be UU and... 
  • Atheist or Agnostic
  • Buddhist
  • Christian
  • Earth-centered Pagans or Wiccans
  • Hindu
  • Humanist
  • Interfaith
  • Jewish
  • Muslim
  • Social justice activists
  • Spiritual but not religious
So, if you, like us, see the importance of equity and compassion in human relations; if you, like us, believe everyone should have the opportunity to search for their own truth and meaning in the world; if you, like us, want to work to improve our world and believe that faith should be active, not passive, then welcome and please join us.

You can visit our website or email Gwen Matthews, Program Assistant, at to learn more about becoming a member at First U.  

First U is Growing & Evolving!
New Sanctuary * Expanded Programs and Outreach * New Staff
And through Here For Good we will have our new space.
With our operating budget and giving commitments for 2017 we will continue our wonderful programs. This year's giving campaign needs about $20,000 to be complete. If everyone considered adding 12% to their commitment, we'd be almost there! We appreciate and thank you for your contribution.

That means... 
If you committed $100, you'd give $12, an extra $1/month
If you committed $1,000, you'd give $120, an extra $12/month
If you committed $3,000, you'd give $360, an extra $30/month
If you committed $10,000, you'd give $1,200, an extra $120/month 

Community Announcements
Mary Louise Haskell's Memorial Service
Longtime First Universalist member Mary Louise Haskell passed away on June 19th, weeks before her 95th birthday. A memorial service is being held in celebration of her life on Thursday, July 7, at 3pm at Camp Hammond, 275 Main Street in Yarmouth.
The Sun Journal and Portland Press Herald have published obituaries detailing Mary Louise's many experiences as a preschool teacher, committed Unitarian Universalist, active winter and summer sports enthusiast, grandmother, and social justice advocate. 
Need some babysitting or a date night out?
Sophie Walsh, a regular nursery caregiver at First U and rising high school sophomore, is available to babysit this summer: days, nights, and weekends. Reasonable rates, call or text Sophie at 329-6293. She is certified in babysitting, rescue breathing and CPR. Babysitting
Unscripted: A Woman's Living Prayer 
Join authoer Lael Couper Jepson for a heart-centered informal evening of storytelling that is designed to both illuminate and inspire brave souls to expand into more of who they are so they show up in the world bigger, bolder and without apology.
date: Thursday, July 7
time: doors open at 6pm 
location: First Universalist Church of Yarmouth's Gathering Room
for tickets and more information: 
A Note on the Church Office In The Summer
While the office will be closed during the summer months, you can still make an appointment with Gwen Matthews, our Program Assistant, by contacting her via email: 
Reverend Jennifer works differently in the summer: after her vacation weeks we ask her to engage in four weeks of study, as well as two weeks leading the mission trip with our teens in Transylvania. She will be offline after Monday, June 20, but will be back in the office by Tuesday, August 23rdOfficeHours  
If you are experiencing a crisis, including needing a hospital visit, you may call Rev. Jennifer on her cellphone: 207.356.1467 any time.  Please note that Friday and Saturdays are typically her days off - Rev. Jennifer does not check email on these days, but will answer any crisis or emergency calls.

If you would like to have an announcement included in Channels, please send an email to by the Wednesday of the week you wish it to be published.  Please put "CHANNELS" in the subject line, otherwise it's very likely we will not recognize your request. Thank you.