April 2019 Newsletter
First Upward Scholars student graduates
from UC Davis!
Congratulations to Rick, the first Upward Scholars student to graduate from UC Davis.

Rick embarked on his first entrepreneurial endeavor at age eight when he started collecting empty cartons from local businesses, bundling them, and selling them to a recycling shop. He has been seizing opportunities ever since.

Rick came to the U.S. from Peru at the age of 20. When he arrived, he enrolled in ESL classes at Sequoia Adult School; he then transferred to Cañada College, eventually earning an Associate of Science degree in mathematics and economics. Rick graduated from UC Davis in December 2018 with a joint major in mathematical analytics and operations research and a minor in statistics. He currently works at a startup focusing on business strategy and data analysis.

While at Cañada, Rick received a laptop and funds for books and a parking pass from Upward Scholars and also served as an Upward Scholars ambassador, sharing his commitment to education with students and supporters.
Rick graduated from UC Davis in December 2018.
Rick (right) at the Upward Scholars Celebration in June 2017.
“When I came to the United States, I felt alone,” Rick says. “Upward Scholars made me feel comfortable. They invited me to events. They introduced me to business people in the community, and they taught me about networking,” Rick says. “One day, I plan to help other students the way Upward Scholars helped me.”
Upward Scholars welcomes
new Board members
Moises Bautista, a former Upward Scholars student, graduated from Cal Poly with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. He is the first Upward Scholars student to graduate from a four-year university. Currently, he is an account manager at Oracle. His focus is on programs and fund development.
Stefani Jacobson Willis, a program officer at Pacific Foundation Services, has spent two decades working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, specializing in communications and relationship building. At Upward Scholars, she focuses on fund development.
Ryan Schwartz is a Vice President and Wealth Advisor at EP Wealth Advisors. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Ryan, who is passionate about financial literacy education, serves on the finance committee and as the Upward Scholars treasurer.
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