Let's celebrate a successful 2015!
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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thanks to all of you 2015 ended with the best news we could ever wish for! The very first Samburu village I visited in August, 2012 informed me that a unanimous decision has been made by all villagers to abandon the practice of FGM!! Malian Lechudukule, Chairwoman of the Women's Committee at Namayiana Village said that it was thanks to the educational workshops provided by Pastoralist Child Foundation in the last 2 years that everyone agrees FGM should be abandoned. Inter-generational dialogues about the harmful effects of FGM are in full swing throughout the county. Malian reported that she doesn't hear about FGM cases in other nearby villages. This is amazing in a county where 91% of girls and women have undergone FGM. We are so pleased with this great news and will continue our educational workshops at the grassroots level throughout 2016. 

Chairwoman Malian Lechudukule
Chairwoman Malian Lechudukule

In April, August and December we held educational workshops for a total of 200 girls. We taught them about FGM, child marriage, teen pregnancy, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS/STDs, self-awareness, self-confidence, child rights, child protection laws, health and sanitation, and the importance of formal education.  On December 2, we held a celebratory Alternative Rite of Passage for all the girls. The joyous occasion at Archer's Post Stadium was attended by families, friends, local dignitaries, and media. This was the very first public Alternative Rite of Passage in Samburu County. All celebrants expressed their optimism and hopes that FGM and child marriage will soon be abolished.    
December 2015 workshop
December 2015 workshop

Sayydah Garrett presents Alternative Rite of Passage certificate
Sayydah Garrett presents Alternative Rite of Passage certificate to participant


This year Pastoralist Child Foundation visited 6 remote villages to provide educational workshops and hold inter-generational dialogues about the harmful effects of FGM and child marriage. First, we trained 2 change agents from each village to start mobilizing residents and inform them about our workshops. The response was very encouraging! We were warmly welcomed by a great number of villagers who told us that we're the first organization to show a genuine interest in their lives. Some people didn't know that FGM and child marriage are actually illegal in Kenya. Dialogues were lively and villagers appreciated the opportunity to hold the microphone to express their viewpoints. We will visit another 6 villages in early 2016, train more change agents and youth ambassadors.  

Severina Sangurikuri teaches the harmful effects of FGM
Woman expresses her thoughts about FGM

Nagusi Lolemu, a change agent, talks about collective responsibility to end FGM and child marriage

Woman change agent and village chief at training workshop

In December we held the first Samburu East Ward County Soccer and Volleyball Tournament at Archer's Post Stadium.  Our strategy was to bring together 400 youths to learn about FGM and child marriage, followed by a super exciting sports event. It worked like a charm!! Youth + Education + Sports = GREAT RESULTS!!  Six male soccer teams and six female volleyball teams came together to compete peacefully before large cheering crowds.  Pastoralist Child Foundation's teams participated and did very well - finishing second in both soccer and volleyball. Teams representing the village of Sere-Olipi captured first place trophies in both events. Congratulations to all the athletes who participated. The 3-day tournament was great fun!

Youth soccer teams representing 6 villages
Pastoralist Child Foundation Girls' Volleyball Team

2015 is soon coming to an end and we sincerely hope you've enjoyed reading our e-newsletters throughout the year.  We look forward to 2016 when we'll expand our student sponsorship program to the Maasai Mara area of Kenya. We would also like to begin educational workshops in Maasai Mara where FGM and child marriage rates are very high. We kindly ask for your financial support of our programs. Please be assured that your hard earned money is spent in the very best interest of the programs we provide. Make your year-end tax-deductible donation today or by December 31 to ensure the continuation of programs at Pastoralist Child Foundation.   Click below:

The staff, board of trustees, volunteers, facilitators, and sponsored students send their heartiest holiday greetings to you and wish you a most peaceful, loving, healthy, blessed and prosperous New Year!! 

Sayydah Garrett
Founder & President