Dear Parents,
It was an exciting first week of school for all of us here at St. Catherine of Siena School. As I visited the classrooms, I was impressed with how well the students had adjusted to their classroom routines and how engaged they were in their learning.  
Our morning drop-off has gone well, and I want to thank all parents and staff for their cooperation. To streamline the drop-off procedure, we will have large cones indicating where cars can pull up to drop children off. We expect that up to three cars can line up and drop off at a time before pulling away to let the next cars pull forward. Parents with children who are unable to exit the car independently may park and walk their children to the school door for drop off. From that point, the staff will see that each child gets safely to his/her classroom.
You may have noticed that our staff placed signs on the lawn outside of the side doors for afternoon pick up. With the exception of kindergarten, who will hold the children in line inside the doors, all teachers in each of the other grades will be stationed in the same place each day so that parents can find their children by grade level with ease. When you arrive for pick up, please find your child's grade level sign and wait there until your child arrives with his/her teacher. If you have more than one child, please go to the youngest child's section first as children are being dismissed by age from youngest to oldest. You can then move to the older child's section, and your child will be dismissed to you. Teachers must see a parent or authorized pick up person before releasing a child. Soon this will become second nature to all of us, so we ask you for patience as we work toward that goal.
I wish you a blessed weekend filled with time for family and friends.
God bless,
Mrs. Ambrosio