Sunday, September 27
8:30 am Taking it to the Streets
8:30 am Cornerstone Sunday School Class, Zoom
9:30 am Believers Sunday School Class, Outside
9:30 am Connexion Worship, Facebook Live at Fort Smith First United Methodist Church on Facebook
9:45 am Roundtable Sunday School Class, Zoom
11:00 am Sanctuary Worship, Facebook Live or Tune into FM 96.7
5:00 pm Club 56 Sunday School, Zoom
5:00 pm Sanctuary Centennial Meeting-Zoom
7:00 pm First Youth, Zoom
Monday, September 28
9:30 am Nancy Baker Bible Study, Aldersgate Room
2:00 pm Staff Meeting
Tuesday, September 29
 6:00 pm Social Justice Book Club, Zoom
Wednesday, September 30
10:00 am Casserole Group Cooking, Aldersgate
5:30 pm Evening Prayer, Facebook Live
6:30 pm Club 56, Zoom
Thursday, October 1
9:30 am Casserole Group Cooking, Aldersgate
Friday, October 2
10:30 am Roundtable Class, Zoom