Sunday, November 24
8:30 am Last Sunday Breakfast
8:30 am Roebuck Chapel Worship
8:45 am Holy Grounds, Narthex
9:30 am Prayer Ministry, Prayer Room
9:45 am Sunday School
11:00 am Sanctuary Worship
11:00 am Connexion Worship, Great Hall
12:00 pm Decorate Church for Christmas
3:00 pm District Charge Conference
Monday, November 25
2:00 pm Staff Meeting, Conference Room
2:15 pm WDS Toddler Teacher’s Meeting, Narthex
5:30 pm Christmas Decorating, FLC
6:30 pm Scouts, Room 300
7:00 pm Fort Smith Choral Concert, Sanctuary
Tuesday, November 26
8:30 am BSF Leader’s Meeting, Room 312
10:00 am Ladybell Practice
7:00 pm Choir Practice
Wednesday, November 27
Church Office Closes at 12:00pm
WDS and CEC Closed
Thursday, November 28—Thanksgiving Day
Church Office Closed
WDS and CEC Closed
11:00am-1:00pm Thanksgiving Day
Community Meal, FLC
Friday, November 29
Church Office Closed
WDS and CEC Closed