Volume 1 | July 16 2019
Your Weekly SU News Feed!
You've been admitted to SU. You've deposited and enrolled. Now what?!
The Office of First-Year Experience & the Office of Residence Life will share these weekly news feeds to answer all the questions you didn't even know you had!

To supplement your Incoming Student Checklist, we'll provide you reminders of deadlines, form completion, and introduce you to the SU community one week at a time.
  • Gain a positive mentor relationship and personal resource the minute you arrive on campus
  • Learn about ways to get involved on campus from an inside perspective
  • Start early to build your network of connections at SU
  • Connect with a diverse, safe and inclusive community on campus
Join SUConnects!
SUConnects pairs incoming/first-year students of color with a connection to an upper-class student for an entire year. The purpose is to support students of color as they transition into college life at SU. Students dedicated to making an impact are carefully selected to be "connects" and serve as leaders, advocates and guides for incoming students.
Parent, Family & Supporter Handbook has Gone Digital!
The Parent, Family & Supporter Handbook is now available online! The digital version can be found on the Office of First-Year Experience's website near the bottom under the Families & Parents tab.
We had a slight typo!
On Page 2 of the physical copy of the Handbook, in the Fall 2019 Academic Calendar section, the wrong dates for orientation are listed. The correct dates are August 29 - September 1, 2019 .
Hey, everyone makes mistakes - thanks to those of you who pointed it out to us!
Roommate Matching
We are in the process of hand pairing everyone with their new roommate(s), please be patient as we work through this process. Housing information will go live no later than August 1.
5 Steps to Communicating with Your New Roommate
1. Begin A Conversation
In this age of digital living it is far too easy to search your roommate on your social media platform of choice and begin to make judgments, both positive and negative (its human, it happens). We ask that you reach out to your roommate and actually begin to get to know them. There was something in your housing application that made the Professional Staff feel like you were compatible, explore that match.
2. Tame your Expectations
First Year roommates are romanticized in movies, in other people's experiences, and through social outlets. While some of you may become great friends with your first year roommate, some of you will be with someone who is highly compatible for your living situation but maybe you aren't the best of friends, THIS IS OKAY. Sometimes the best roommate is someone who you enjoy living with, get along with, but maybe aren't best friends with, we still consider this a success.
3. Plan your Space
Start planning who is going to bring what. You are only allowed one microwave and refrigerator PER ROOM. You could split the items or go in on a MicroFridge Unit (it's in the room and chilled when you arrive!) See that product here: www.microfridge.com .
4. Housing and Academics
You are housed based off of your Perspectives Course. Your fellow classmates will be in the same building as you, branch out and get to know people.
5. Taking Time and Options
It will take time to get your new roommate, respect that process and take the time needed to get to know one another. Some students still may be away, some students may not be checking their e-mail or other devices, it may take time for them to respond. We are on a housing freeze until Monday September 16th. We will not be honoring any housing change requests until that point.
Public Safety will then process the request and assign the car a registration sticker which will be provided to you during orientation. Students with a car are encouraged to review these Motor Vehicle Traffic and Parking Regulations.
Parking & Vehicle Registration Information
First year students who anticipate bringing a car to school are strongly encouraged to register it with the Department of Public Safety prior to the start of the semester. Complete the registration link below:
First year students are authorized to park in the following locations: Reed Hall Lot, Aikens Hall Lot and the west end of the Sassafras Lot. Questions regarding these regulations or other parking related questions may be directed to Public Safety at 570-372-4444.  
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Dean of Students Trivia Corner!
Participate Weekly for a Variety of Prizes!
Each week we'll give you a piece of important SU trivia. Answer the trivia question, and all correct answers will be entered into a drawing for that week's prize! Winners will be contacted and mentioned in the next week's edition!
Congratulations to this past week's winner: Elizabeth Bosanko of Severna Park, MD!
Name all the parking locations where first-year students are permitted to park their vehicle.