Rachel Zenzinger for Colorado Senate District 19
Rachel Zenzinger
Colorado Senate
January 22, 2017
First bill assigned to committee

This week, two of my bills were introduced and assigned to committee: one to address police recruiting practices and another to assist with attainable housing. I'll write more next week about the attainable housing bill, as SB17-092 is more likely to come up in committee first.

Current law requires a candidate for a peace officer position to sign a waiver for a previous employer to release the candidate's personnel file, but only if the previous employer was a governmental agency or state or local law enforcement. Candidates are not required to sign this waiver if they previously worked for a private entity. Furthermore, if the candidate was previously employed by a private agency, the private employer was sometimes reluctant to give information about the candidate due to prior misbehavior or conduct. 

Police recruiters have commented that this makes it more difficult for them to know who to hire into a peace officer position.  Officer Greg Miller of the Arvada Police Department says, "This is certainly the time when we (government and private business) must work together to prevent those from becoming police officers who should not be. I firmly believe many of the issues we are experiencing across the nation could have been prevented through better hiring, and that starts with the background investigation/ interviews, and the ability to get fair, honest, and accurate information." 

The media has extensively covered the problem in several op-eds and articles, including one that highligted past legislative efforts to address the problem. My bill takes these efforts to the next level by extending the law to private agencies as well. 

We are grateful to the Arvada Police Department for bringing this problem to our attention and for suggesting such a common sense approach to solving the problem. And we look forward to assisting law enforcement officers in any effort that helps rebuild trust with the community. 

Officials of JCMH, as well as constituents of SD19, Lorraine Bowen and Harriet Hall
Should we shift to National Popular Vote? 

We have heard from many of you this week regarding a movement to abandon the Electoral College and adopt the National Popular Vote. This would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Electoral College was created by the Founders of this Country because they felt the need to add a layer of protection in the Elections process to protect against the "tyranny of the majority."  In modern practice, the Electoral College is mostly a formality and in 26 states plus Washington DC, the electors are bound by laws or party pledges to vote in accord with the vote. Therefore, in most situations, the outcomes from the popular vote and the Electoral College are the same. However, in close elections such as this past Presidential election, outcomes may be different. 

I believe that there are strong points on both sides of the issue. I believe in having all votes count and count equally. But I also believe in the checks and balances in the Constitution to prevent the "tyranny of the majority." 

Senator Andy Kerr of Lakewood will be introducing a bill that would enable Colorado, along with many other states, to join the National Popular Vote Compact. Thank you for alerting me of your interest in this movement, and I look forward to seeing the debate unfold. 
Rachel Zenzinger
Rachel Zenzinger won election to the Colorado State Senate, representing District 19, in November 2016. Previously, she served in the same capacity during the 2014 legislative session. During the upcoming, 71st General Assembly, she will serve on the Senate Education Committee, Transportation Committee and the Student Safety and Youth in Crisis Committee.
First bipartisan legislative town meeting successful 

Many thanks to the individuals who were able to join Reps. Kraft-Tharp and Sias for our monthly bi-partisan Arvada/Westminster Town Meeting. We enjoyed discussing transportation issues such as the HOV3 and commuter rail. Mark your calendar for next month's meeting which will take place on Saturday, February 18 from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm. We will be moving to Covenant Village  at 9153 Yarrow St, Westminster, CO 80021. We will be discussing education issues, including school finance. 
Tracking your Senator
On Tuesday I met with several trustees and the president of Colorado Mesa University... I attended the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council luncheon and chatted with officials from the Jefferson Center for Mental Health... I attended the Planned Parenthood legislative reception, as well as the NARAL legislative luncheon... I met with members of the Jefferson County School Board Thursday morning to discuss the needs and concerns of the school district... I presented an award at the Monthly Arvada Chamber of Commerce issues breakfast to Dave Doherty of Piper Electric for winning the Pinacol Assurance Circle of Safety Award... and after the Arvada/ Westminster town meeting on Saturday with Reps. Kraft-Tharp and Sias, I participated in the Women's March downtown.  

With Vicki Cowart, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mtns

If there is an event that you think I should attend, please notify me!  

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