Studio Smiles
We're Bringing Our Virtual Studio to You!
Your First Class is on Us!

Hello, Total Pilates Family!
The feedback from our Virtual Studio has been AMAZING!

Our LIVE-STREAM class feel like being at the studio together.
During this time of isolation, getting together to workout is extremely important
not only for our bodies, but for our spirits!
After yesterday's class, one client sent me a note to say that it felt so good to move, sweat and laugh! The constant worry she had been feeling all week melted away.

You might be wondering why you should take our live-stream classes instead of one of the thousands available for free on the Internet.
I'll tell you why:

  1. Our classes are small: We allow a maximum of 8 students per class.
  2. The reason that we keep our classes small is because we can see you and interact with you during class.This is not like watching a live class. This is an interactive session that allows us to give you real-time feedback and encouragement.
  3. We already know you, and you know us! We know all of our clients' challenges and "cheats,"(haha), and we know how to keep you accountable during your workout.
  4. You will get to see all of your friends from class. We carve out a little social time at the end if you want to hang out for five minutes.
  5. Every time you take a class with us, you are supporting your Total Pilates teachers and a small business that has been serving Tulsa for nearly 20 years.

Sign up for classes the same way you always have...

  1. Go to our website.
  2. Select Schedule from the menu bar.
  3. Select your class/classes and sign up.
  4. At checkout, enter the code: TOTAL for your free class.
  5. You will receive confirmation from a company called "FitGrid."(Make sure to check your junk/spam folders if you don't see it.)
  6. Just before class begins, you will receive another email letting you know that it's almost time to join the class.
  7. Click on the Stream Class button in the email and, like magic, you will be in the class with us.
  8. Once you're there, we'll help you get going.

Not the "technical type?" We've got you covered. CJ, Raven and I will be checking our email, throughout the day to help you get started and to answer questions.
Click Here to see our new Virtual Studio lineup!

Fitgrid suggests signing up at least one hour before class begins. You can sign up after that, but it can take a few minutes to get your link, and if there are any problems you may miss some of the class.

See you in the Virtual Studio!
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