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Dear Friend,

As summer comes to a close we take a moment to express appreciation to our many new friends. Thank you for connecting and for sharing the work towards our common aims. 

Read below to learn more about a very special visit to our Project in Tanzania from the Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

And enjoy the link to a blog by two local teachers who worked with the Project this summer and have a powerful story to share about their experiences.  



Robert V. Lange, Founder
Maasai Stoves & Solar Project
The International Collaborative
Welcome to Radha Muthiah
Executive Director of the

Radha Muthiah, pictured here second from the right, spent a day at our Project a few weeks ago.


Traveling with family and friends,  after visiting our Project they went on to a wildlife safari. The famous Serengei National Park and Ngorongoro Crater are near our district.   

Radha Muthiah and the International Collaborative
Radha Muthiah visits the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project 
As you can see, one of our women's teams from
Enguiki village were very happy to welcome her and show her how they work to install a smoke-removing and efficient stove in a Maasai home.

The travelers were all moved to observe the terribly unhealthy conditions in the traditional Maasai homes with open cooking fires. Radha took advantage of the opportunity to work with the stove building team. She helped them build a new chimney and install the stove. Nothing matches a first-hand experience of this kind.

We are looking forward to continuing discussions with Radha and others of the Alliance Secretariat as we all learn new ways to make even a greater difference for women and children all over the world.

Boston teachers visit the Project


Fund for Teachers visiting Maasai Stoves & Solar 
Teachers visit the Project
One of the coolest parts of driving through the villages is seeing the stove chimneys peppered throughout the
bomas. They're everywhere. Similarly, at night you can see some lights dotting the landscape and you know that these are lights powered by the solar panels installed by International Collaborative.

There must be a sense of pride in seeing the work spread tangibly amongst the Maasai. While we were in Esilalei where another stove was being installed, four Maasai men walked into the village to talk to Kisioki. They had seen the Jeep drive by their village and ended a meeting to come speak to Kisioki about buying a stove of their own. Word must spread fast. "  

Read more of the marvelous blog of Stephanie Toledano and Erica Wilson, two teachers from the Boston Green Academy in South Boston who visited the Project this summer through the Fund for Teachers fellowship.   

Cat's cradle with the Maasai
Cat's cradle


We were lucky to have these two teachers join Kisioki and the Maasai women in the bomas. They helped build stoves and measured indoor pollution levels. (scroll down at blog post for description).

In that wonderful  combination that is possible in north central Tanzania, they also joined Kisioki in the parks for spectacular
game viewing.
ZALA visit from Maasai Stoves & Solar
A visit with a giant tortoise on "Prisoner's Island", Zanzibar

The International Collaborative has been involved in East Africa since 1986, and Erica and Stephanie were able to get to Zanzibar and spend a day with Mohammed Ayoub, an outstanding teacher and naturalist. He collaborated with the International Collaborative to create the Zanzibar Land Animal Park (ZALA) and a new elementary school, both in Muungoni. 


The ZALA is an environmental education center supported in part by tourists paying to see the snakes, lizards, and small mammals collected by Mr. Ayoub.  



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View a video from our early days and see Maasai Stoves & Solar and our community in action, filmed by Brian Petchers.  


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Thank you to photographer Philip Lange for the use of your fine photos that tell our story so well.  


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