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New Studio DEALS!
We are now offering a FIRST TIME ONLY registration deal of $45 for a 2 week Unlimited TRY YOGA pass, as well as continuing our great price on the 1 YR Unlimited pass for $79/mo.

The first 20 people to sign up for the year pass receive an amazing welcome gift, thanks to Lululemon, Vega, Whistler Naturals, BeNatural and One Earth Collection. Keeping you healthy and happy!! (only 2 left!)

New classes coming soon! 
Post Natal
*starts Oct 24th 
We would like to welcome Erin Stewart Elliot to our roster of yoga teachers.  She will be facilitating the post-natal classes, starting October 24th.  

Erin is passionate about supporting healthy individuals, families and communities. Erin is using yoga as a way to restore her strength and energy, and connect with herself, after giving birth to River in March of 2012.


"This class for new mom's is designed to be baby friendly. To support each other with the changes in body, mind, and spirit that come with having a new baby we will develop a supportive environment of like-minded mothers. We will focus on: deepening our understanding of basic postures, increasing flexibility through gentle stretching, restoring core awareness, enhancing strength and energy, and releasing tension." - Erin


Rejuvenation Flow 

*starts Nov 14th

A warm welcome to Rya Letham to the Tadasana family!  Rya is certified at the 500 hour level. She trained in Rishikesh, India, with bliss-inspiring Yogi Vishvketu and The World Conscious Yoga Family. She also holds a bachelors degree in Human Kinetics, program Exercise Science, from U.B.C. and a Bachelors of Education. 


"Want a mid-day reset? Choose to stretch out and move the body!
This flow style class includes elements of balance, breath, strength, flexibility, and mindfulness techniques, inspiring a sense of peaceful upliftment."   - Rya
October 12, 2012

We, at Tadasana Yoga and Wellness, want to welcome you to our new studio in Pemberton.  It is a place for us all to share, heal, nurture and inspire.  Each person that enters the space brings such a unique perspective and experience that we honour and cherish as part of our collective yoga family. Thank you for making our space so magical.  

"Tadasana" means mountain pose.  Every day we are inspired by, in awe of, and humbled by our awesome Mt.Currie that looms above our town.  A mountain is so rooted, always grounded, yet soft and supple to change with the seasons.  The mountain reaches to the sky with infinite wisdom and possibility.  It flows with the energies of the earth and the universe.  We too, shall stand like a mountain.

Love and Light,
Georgette, Kristi and Lacey
Tadasana Yoga and Wellness
"Tadasana, mountain...
With fluid grace she is birthed from the ground. Rising and building upward.  Vulnerable, discerning, embracing, patient and just so.
There are no limitations, no borders.  Environment, exposure, light, darkness... she welcomes all and is content with what is.
This space has been created for all!
An open gate for each and every individual to heal and nourish.  With this gratitude may we rise up and contribute to the greater good.  May we awaken from the illusion of separateness and surrender to the oneness.  
The 'doer' of this space is a result of letting go to the truth.  Trusting, loving and knowing we are hosting a home for high vibration to evolve." - Georgette Metcalfe

Grand Opening Day  
After many months of hard work and on the new moon on September 15th,  a new yoga studio was born in Pemberton!  With the help of our friends, family, yoga community and First Nations, the studio was blessed and welcomed into the village.  We feel so much love and gratitude for this opportunity to share this space, and to create a centre for positive vibrations in the corridor. 
A quiet family blessing was done in the morning by our lovely Deb Hillary, with a perfectly timed musical guest appearance by one of our revered elders.  
The evening kicked off with a First Nations drum ceremony and ribbon cutting, followed by a social gathering with great home made food, a cake from Black Bird Bakery and refreshments.
Our first class on Sunday was beautifully led by Kerry McCann, then followed up by a 3 hour intuitive dance workshop called Wild Heart Women.  It was a perfect way to initiate the studio. 
A huge thanks to our family and friends for your commitment, love, support and belief in our dream. Thank you to the Lil'wat First Nations for welcoming our centre for healing and making the ceremony so special.  Thanks to Deb Hillary for blessing the space and guiding us through this journey.  The majestic sign came together with the artwork of Kary Richards, the gift of an ancient cedar slab from our friend Seamus, and the metalwork of Kyle Bubbs.  Hats off to Lululemon for donating mats and water bottles for our new studio, and to Vega, Whistler Naturals, beNatural and One Earth Collection for contributing to the 'welcome gift bags'.  We thank all of the people who are excited to practice yoga in our new space with us!!
The Grand Opening was spectacular, but the space will only continue to evolve and blossom into greatness with all of your loving energy behind it.
Woohoo!!!  Let it have it's own wings now...  let it soar!  

Grand Opening 
Raw Food Evening with Sarinda Hoilett

Want to learn more about raw food and tips on how to prepare it? Join Sarinda at Tadasana Yoga and Wellness for a very casual, but informative evening of conversations and grazing. 


"welcome to our wild Planet, an expression of Life in its natural state...

wild: un-tamed, un-domesticated, not engin-eered

organic raw plant foods ... expressions of an abundant wild planet ..." - Sarinda


October 30th

7:30pm to 8:30pm



*Please sign up in advance at Tadasana Yoga Studio, as space is limited.

'Introduction to Reiki and how it can help your Yoga Practice' 
with Rachel Findler
Heard the word 'Reiki' before (pronounced Rey-key) but not sure exactly what it is? Reiki is an amazing healing tool which can help with so many aspects of our life.  It can help with injury recovery, stress, anxiety, illness, decision making, the list is endless! These are all things we focus on improving during our yoga practice and Reiki will open us up so much more.  So why not come learn about Reiki and have a healthier you.
October 26th
7:30pm - 8:30pm

*Please sign up in advance at Tadasana Yoga Studio, as space is limited.