Wellspring Quarterly Newsletter
Winter 2021 | Issue #1
Wellspring's efforts during the pandemic haven't gone unnoticed. Check out what others have said about us this year!

"Fort Wayne Set to Distribute Nearly $400K to 7 Nonprofits for COVID-19 Relief." WANE-TV, 2/9/2021, Click here.

"Fort Wayne Funders and Nonprofits Share Innovations in 'Essential' Systems during COVID-19." INPUT Magazine, 3/31/2021, Click here.

"Will Electric Works be an 'Inclusive' Development in Fort Wayne?" INPUT Magazine, 3/17/2021, Click here.

"Nonprofits to Receive Cash to Aid COVID-19 Response." Journal Gazette, 2/9/2021, Click here.

"Here We Go Fort Wayne." By Danny Parker Mobley, Click here.
We're super duper excited to hold our flagship program this summer! Our six-week Youth Summer Day Camp will be held from June 7 to July 16th from 9:00am to 1:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Youth Directors are already planning numerous recreational and educational activities, and we expect to fill-up quickly.

We'll be operating at 75% capacity this year, so we can have up to 50 youth per grade level. Here are the selected locations for camp:
  • Pre-K at the Wellspring center
  • Grades 2 & 3 at St. Mary Mother of God Catholic Church
  • Grades 4 & 5 at Trinity Episcopal Church
  • Grades K-1st at Salvation Army
  • Grades 6-12 at Salvation Army

Registrations may be found here and note that ALL registrations must be brought in-person to the Wellspring center for submission.
How can YOU help?
Financial, food, hygiene products, and clothing donations go a long way at Wellspring!

We often need
helping hands, too.

So, if you're looking for a new volunteer home,
give us a call at
(260) 422-6618!