Join us for the 2021 Squannacook River Rail Trail Volunteer Day, celebrating the opening of the first 1.1 miles of our stone dust rail trail! We will meet at the parking area in Townsend center, where we will break into groups to do various task along the rail trail. If the rail trail parking lot is full, please park at the parking lot on Jefts Street. Please bring work gloves and bug spray. Below we have listed some equipment you might need for different tasks, but just bring what you can, and don't worry if you don't have any of those items. Let's hope for a beautiful day along the rail trail!

  • Litter pick-up: trash bags
  • Wattle clean-up: utility knife, trash bags, wheelbarrow, hammer
  • Trail rut clean up: strong garden rake or hoe or shovel, wheelbarrow
  • Collect rail hardware: wheelbarrow
  • Move displaced ties off walking path: Pry bar/Johnson bar.