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Volume 178
Friday, November 6th, 2015

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Pictured here is an Upton Bass Brescian Hybrid Travel Bass from 2012, Opus 390.

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Fall Back. You know what that means right?  

If you've been an Upton Report reader for the past couple years, you know that means I get on my soap box and start yelling about...wait for it...HUMIDIFICATION!

As owners of one of the biggest wooden musical instruments, you need to take this seriously.  

You spend thousands on an instrument, and you need to spend a few hundred bucks more and get a digital thermometer with a relative humidity read out AND a good wicking/evaporative style humidifier.  

It's important.  

I don't care who made it, it needs to be humidified.  

The burden is on you, the owner, not the workshop or luthier who made your beast.

I'll make it easy for you (and mind you, we don't make a dime from you buying from these links!).

We LOVE what we do and we LOVE doing it for you!

Give us a call at 860-535-9399 and lets build your next bass! 

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Upton Bass String Instrument Co.

Humidification and your Double Bass

Uploaded on Oct 18, 2010
Upton Bass: Eric from Upton Bass talks a bit about how to humidify your double bass during the dry months ahead. Be sure to check out our double bass dampit page as it has more information about keeping your instrument at the proper RH (relative humidity) as well as some links to wick style humidifiers.

How To Use Dampits In Your Bass

Uploaded on Aug 26, 2010
Upton Bass: Eric from Upton Bass shows the insides of a Juzek double bass with sever water damage from improper use of damp-it's. Eric also tells how to properly use a damp-it as they are not inherently "evil"...just often misused!

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