My experience on the travel soccer team was magnificent!

I didn't just like to play soccer, I liked the opponents we played because they forced us to put up a fight, play our best and work as a team.

I also liked the traveling part; who doesn't love to go to new places?

I liked my teammates! They pushed me to do my best no matter what. I would encourage all my teammates to play again next season.

On this team we were provided with a practice uniform, two game uniforms, indoor and outdoor cleats, shin guards and a nice backpack.

Practice was on Tuesday and an optional practice on Thursday.

My position is goalie and Coach Lu had a specialized goalie that came to practice with me. I really learned a lot from him!

Being on the travel team also gave me the opportunity to become a certified referee. Being a referee has changed my life because I have the opportunity to earn some money and take some of the burden off my mother.

I have decided to save $1,000 to buy all the things I want and need for high school.  I am excited about being able to re-certify and continue to earn more money.

~Jibri Flood