Fiscal Year 2020 Report

City of Gainesville
Wild Spaces & Public Places
The City of Gainesville’s Wild Spaces & Public Places program and the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department are excited to share the fiscal year 2020 annual report with the community.

We hope you'll take a few minutes to watch this animated summary of the City of Gainesville's portion of the Wild Spaces & Public Places program. It's a snapshot of the city's expenditures along with highlights of a few of the transformative projects underway during the past fiscal year. It also includes a breakdown of the distribution of the Wild Spaces & Public Places tax dollars.

We are thankful to the Alachua County voters for your support of the Wild Spaces & Public Places tax initiative that makes this important work possible.
Click here for a transcription of the video.
For questions, please contact Betsy Waite, Director, City of Gainesville Wild Spaces & Public Places, at 352-393-8187 or

The Wild Spaces & Public Places sales tax will continue to create, improve and maintain parks and recreational facilities and acquire and improve environmentally-sensitive lands. To sign up for updates, please visit