VEGANUARY WEEK 3 - The Big Catch!

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Sentience in the Sea

Dear Maral,

We hope you have been discovering and enjoying lots of delicious plant-based goodies and reflecting on how it feels both in body and spirit to leave sentient beings off your plate!

This week we take a deep dive into the ocean. As one of our favorite cartoon characters, Bruce the Great White Shark from Finding Nemo likes to say, “fish are friends not food!”

Perhaps because fish are not mammals like us, many find it difficult to empathize with them the way we do with our cats, dogs, and other land-dwelling animals, and therefore feel ok about consuming them.

"People protect what they love." - Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Or maybe it is because we hear about their essential fatty acids and think they are beneficial for our health. We are here today to discuss these sentient sea swimmers, delve deeper, and dispel some myths! But not before we dish out some delicious plant-based seafood recipes and products for you to enjoy!

Plant-Based Seafood

California Sweet & Sour Salmon Burger

Good Catch will have you in disbelief that you're eating 6 plants and 0 fish! These plant-based salmon burgers are a protein-packed six-legume blend of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans, but have the taste and texture of salmon.

Try this 15 minute recipe for an easy and unbelievably seafood satisfying meal this week!

Salmon Burger


We can read your mind..."I could never give up sushi!" Don't worry, we have the next generation tuna that tastes as great as top sushi-grade tuna. Local, SF-based Kuleana, which is the Hawaiian word for taking responsibility for balancing what we give and take from the earth, has cracked the code on plant-based sushi that not only tastes just like the real deal, but is full of important nutrients like iron, omega-3, vitamin B12, and more. But what it doesn’t include is just as important. No mercury? No microplastics? No problemo!


Insider Veganuary Special Offers!

Additional plant-based seafood brands to check out: Jinka, Gardein, Loma Linda Brand, and Vegan ZeaStar!

Myth Busting


Myth: Vegans cannot and do not get enough essential vitamins and fatty acids without eating fish.

Fact: While humans need essential fatty acids for our cell membranes, brain, and nervous system to help regulate blood pressure, blood clotting, and immune and inflammatory responses, these essential fatty acids are plentiful in plant foods such as flaxseeds, rapeseeds, soya, walnuts, and their oils. No need for the fish!

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Myth: Fish are not very smart and do not feel pain.

Fact: Many species of fish are intelligent, have social relationships, and can feel pain. Studies have shown that fish have long-term memory and their cognitive powers match or exceed those of 'higher' vertebrates including non-human primates.

Myth: Fishing is more sustainable than land-based agriculture and does not contain harmful pesticides.

Fact: 50% of fish consumed globally comes from fish farms. Not only are these areas overcrowded, it creates toxic environments for the surrounding areas and wildlife. The farms are full of contaminated water containing fertilizers, pesticides, salmonella, microbes, and feces. Mercury and microplastics can be found in both farm-raised and wild-caught fish.

“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea.”

– Sylvia Earle, oceanographer and explorer


For added motivation, incredible inside information, and the environmental impact of the fishing industry, check out Seaspiracy, produced by Kip Andersen.


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With much gratitude and admiration,


Monica Stevens,


Proud to Be Vegan

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