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5 July

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Five Pillars of Ministry & Leadership

Our groups and committees at St. Peter's are organized into five categories, or "pillars," for effective leadership and ministry:


You are Welcome Here - Come Worship with Us!
Parking on street beside & in lot behind church

Sunday Worship: Holy Eucharist  at  8 and 10 am.
(We love having children of all ages at St. Peter's! We have 
Quiet Bags  with materials for them during service, if you'd like. 
Just ask an Usher to show you where they are.)

Nursery:  open for children through 3 years of age, 8:45 - 11:30 am.

Sunday School Classes for all ages and Adult Forums 
resume in the Fall

Contact information and bios of  Clergy and Staff.
Contact information and bios of  Vestry

Thanks to Frank Logue, Canon to the Ordinary 
and Drone Master, for photo.
Sunday, July 8 | 7th Sunday after Pentecost

Grant us the grace of your Holy Spirit, that we may be devoted to you with our whole heart, and united to one another with pure affection . . . 
Collect for Sunday
The Color of Everything | Pastoral Care and the Work of the Church
TinyLetter: One of the key functions of a congregation is to care for our fellow parishioners in times of illness and grief. Are you aware of all that St. Peter's parishioners do for one another? It's pretty remarkable

"The color of everything" is a line from one of my favorite Flannery O'Connor stories, and what I'm calling my (brief) weekly meditation/reflection/ communication with the parish. I'm using a platform called "Tiny Letters," which is my promise to keep them short. (The platform also offers a free subscription option   if you'd like to receive them directly and have an easy way to email me back with your own thoughts.)
Getting To Know The Rev. Kelly Steele
Our next Associate Rector, T he Rev. Kelly Steele begins her ministry with us on August 1 and her first Sunday is August 5. There will be multiple ways this summer and fall for Kelly to get to know us and we to get to know Kelly. As her arrival gets closer, we'll hear from her in an email and I will be communicating about her duties and responsibilities as my partner in the spiritual care and growth of the whole St. Peter's community.

Music Notes | Sunday, July 8
The prelude and postlude this Sunday were composed by William Selby (1738-1789), who was born in London and moved to Boston. In 1744 he was appointed organist of Trinity Church in Newport, RI. Wikipedia reports that he also managed a grocery and liquor shop.
The anthem is a choral setting of the hymn, "Praise To The Lord, The Almighty." It was arranged by Hugo Distler (1908-1942), a German organist, conductor, teacher and composer who was very popular during his short lifetime. He studied at the Leipzig Conservatory and served as organist of the famous St. Jacobi Church in L├╝beck where Dietrich Buxtehude (1637-1707) had been organist.

In order to hold important music positions, Distler was required to join the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Over time, he had a difficult time serving both God and the Nazi party and in 1934 took his own life. His unique musical style can be heard in his numerous compositions, which include works for organ, chamber ensembles, choir, and piano.
You may hear "Praise To The Lord, The Almighty" by Hugo Distler by clicking here

Director of Music Ministries, Tim McKee
To the Glory of God:  Altar Flowers

If you would like to make a donation for flowers in memory of  or to honor a loved one on an anniversary or a birthday, in thanksgiving for someone or in honor of a special occasion,  please click here to sign up

If you prefer not to sign up online with your flower request, contact Amanda Ridberg  at 912.598.7242 or

Altar Flowers are fully supported by donations from the congregation in the form of dedications and memorials.  To read further details you need to know,  click here .
Audio Sermons on our Website

Listen to recent sermons, here.

Plans for Children and Youth Ministry | Fall 2018 Meeting
 Sunday July 22, 11:30 - 12:15

For the past year or so the Vestry, staff, interested parishioners and I have been thinking and rethinking about our ministry with, to and for families and their children. How might we strengthen our existing ministry, what needs to be added, what needs to end? Church life is different than it was even 10 years ago. What are the needs of our families and our surrounding community now? Resources (both financial and human) are being committed to our Family Ministry beginning this fall. We need input, ideas and commitment from our families and adults who are working with our younger members. Parents, older teenagers, teachers and adult leaders, please plan to be present. We will meet in the Youth Group Room.
The Mark Project

As a way for us to get to know Jesus a bit better and to keep us connected to each other during the summer, I'm proposing we read Mark's Gospel together, 2 chapters a week. Here's this week's reading:   Mark 3 and Mark 4 Remember that   the gospels are not eyewitness accounts, but instead memories handed down in community, collected first in the oral tradition and later written down. In the case of Mark, it was written down at least 30 years after Jesus' death. 

Each of the 4 gospels tells us about Jesus and how each of the communities understood Jesus and his ministry. Each answers the question, "Who do you say that I am?" in different ways.  Here's a brief essay   from Forward Movement that provides a clear, simple overview of the gospel.  Wikipedia actually has a good article   on the context, history, point of view and storyline of Mark's gospel.  

Let's Discuss:  I'd like for us to share insights with one another, but that's not required. If you're so inclined here's a tool for online conversations  . We'll have informal gatherings at church, midway through and at end. 

Understanding Biblical Parables
Have you had trouble understanding Biblical 'Parables'? On recent  Sundays in the lessons from Mark we have heard several parables. Author William Brosend in his book Conversations with Scripture: The Parables, quotes C.H. Dodd who offers the following definition of a parable: "At its simplest, a parable is a metaphor or simile drawn from nature or the common life, arresting the hearer by its vividness or strangeness and leaving the mind in sufficient doubt about its precise application to tease it into active thought."

Our library has many references to choose from to illuminate your thinking:

Conversations with Scripture : the Gospel of Mark (226.306 BOR)
Conversations with Scripture : The Parables (226.806 BRO)
Kingdom, Grace, Judgment ( 226.8 FAR)
Parables from the back side  (226.8 KAL)
Parables of Grace ( 226.8 CAP)
Parables of Jesus ( 226.8 CAD)
The Parables Of Paul ( 227.066 KAL)
Stories Jesus Still Tells ( 226.8 CLA) 
 Lessons of Faith (234.23 DVD)

Joan Loos, St. Peter's Librarian
Hunt at Honey Creek Next Week

Hunt is helping to lead Middle School Camp at Honey Creek as part of his ministry with the  wider diocese. He will be at Honey Creek on the team of clergy and children's ministers providing liturgical leadership and Christian Education for diocesan middle schoolers. He'll be there from Sunday, July 8 until Saturday July 14. If there's an emergency, he'll quickly return to Savannah. Other clergy are also be contacted for pastoral emergencies, by calling the Parish Office at 912.598.7242.
"It was both a heartrending and joyful celebration for which I'm profoundly grateful to the people of St. Peter's . . . y'all rock!"

Helping Hands Update
Helping Hands is an outreach program providing assistance to parishioners and others who primarily need help or advice with household maintenance issues. The program offers a  variety of skilled, trade and professional services, from sewing to grab bar installation and advice on building concerns. Several members are even capable of changing light bulbs! If you require assistance, please call Amanda Ridberg, Parish Administrator at 912.598.7242 or Ken Hubbard at 912.200.3888.
A Few, Simple Steps to Schedule an Event at St. Peter's
As part of planning your events in St. Peter's facilities, be sure to pick up an event scheduling form from Amanda Ridberg, Parish Administrator. In order to avoid overlapping of events from occurring, events will be placed on the calendar when the appropriate form has been filled out and approved. Thanks! 

Please email Amanda at (best method) or call her at 912.598.7242, to start the process.
 YOGA at St. Peter's

Join us for gentle chair and mat yoga every Thursday at 10 am in the Parish Hall with Steve and Carol from  Spry.  Improve flexibility, stability and balance with a most congenial group. Nothing is needed but you and maybe a friend or two.  Age is no barrier!
 The fee is $40/month or $10 a class, with checks payable to "St. Peter's" and dropped by the Parish Office.  See you there!
St. Peter's Prayer Ministry--How to Ask for Prayers
Ask for prayers for yourself or others by submitting  this simple form . As the form indicates, you can ask for the whole congregation to pray in church for you or others by name. Or you can choose confidential prayer; only clergy and prayer guild members will be given your prayer information.

You will also find prayer request cards  to be used for this purpose, in your pew card racks.  (If this request is for another, please be sure the person wants to be on the prayer list.)

We do appreciate responses when the situation changes or when you want to remove names from either prayer list. To do so, please contact the Parish Office at 912.598.7242.
Available Coffee Hour Dates
We are in need of hosts for Coffee Hour on the Sundays of August. A signup sheet on a table in the Parish Hall is just waiting for your name(s) . . .  If you'd like a list of helpful tips for a great Coffee Hour, check it out,  here.

Happy Birthday & Best Wishes! 

Libbie Cluett, Mary Ellen Fox,  Randy Hatch, 
Harold Buhlman, Al Townsend, Pam Turek

  Send your names and dates to: 
Happy Anniversary & Best  Wishes!

Carol & John Eppel, Jacqui & Rex Holloway
Cindy & Dave Howell, Ann & Dudley Koontz
Stephanie & Jim Lindley, Sally & Michael Robinson
Lannie & Gery Williams

Send your names and dates to: 
Prayers for Military Personnel & Families

Please pray for and keep in your thoughts: 
Shea & Patricia Companion, 
Matt & McKenzie  Baker, 
Zachary Hands, Phillip Lucas,  
Lance Transue, 
Greg & Melissa Wilhelm,  
Kirby Forssell, 
Stewart Calder Paul Textor, 
Dolan Lewis.   
Parish Office Hours | Summer Schedule
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 4 pm 
Closed Fridays 

After Hours and for any Special Events
Please remember to lock doors at St. Peter's when you leave, whenever you unlock a door after hours or for special events --
Thank you for your help on this!
St. Peter's Events Calendar Online
Check out our updated online calendar for easy access to all St. Peter's events, with details being added continually. 
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Because of multiple publishing schedules in St. Peter's Parish Office:  Please send your news and events to us for  Fisherman's Banner   by Tuesday at 5 pm, to ensure publication in that week's e-newsletter and inclusion in Sunday's printed version, This Week at St. Peter's.