January 2023
MLK Day - The City of Fishers is holding a community-wide food drive today in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King! For information about how you may contribute, click here!
DEADLINE NEARING - Neighborhood Vibrancy grants! If your subdivision needs an improvement, the city will match up to $5000. The Arts and Culture Commission also provides grants. Click here for details. Applications are typically open from mid-November to the end of January. YOUTUBE VIDEO
Roundabout at Allisonville and 96th Street Update
The Allisonville and 116th Roundabout will start construction in 2023 and be completed in February 2024. Some people believe a roundabout at this intersection will cause more problems. I trust Fishers engineering claims the intersection will be improved. The following video is pretty interesting.
The City will Study Trails and Greenways - The city is contracting a study to examine how we connect neighborhoods to the Nickle Plate Trail. This will help city planners develop a longer-term budget plan for various locations across the city. One location would be to build along the White River beyond the current plan from 96th to Heritage Park. The Nickle Plate Trail from 106th to 96th street is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.
Maple Del Fishers IN
Maple Del Property Update
I want to thank everyone who attended the meeting. The mayor is seeking input on what you want to see developed at the Maple Del parcel.

Today, nothing is being considered.

If you want to view the video meeting, click here
2023 Municipal Elections - I have announced my candidacy to run for the city council next year. It would be my privilege to serve the community representing the Southwest District. I value everyone who has contributed to my decisions in 2022, and I promise to remember that YOU living in this district are the boss.
Fishers City Council Meeting Agenda

Please email or text me with any input.
BOARD/COMMISSION: City Council Meeting DATE: 1/17/2023
DIRECTIONS: Launch Fishers, 12175 Visionary Way, Fishers, Indiana 46038
REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING, 7:00 p.m., Launch Fishers, Auditorium
1.     Meeting Called to Order with the Pledge of Allegiance
2.     Announcements:
a.     Service Awards: 20 years – Dean Mucha and Matt Ruhnow
3.      Proclamations:
4.     Presentations:
5.      Council Committee Reports:
a.     Finance Committee Report - NONE
b.     Rules Committee Report - NONE
6.     Department Reports
a.     Health Department Report - REPORT
7.      Council Business
a.     2023 - Selection of Council Leadership & Appointments to Non-Standing Committees: Exhibit A
8.     Consent Agenda:
a.     Request to approve the previous meeting minutes for the December 19, 2022 Work Session and Regular Council Meeting.
b.     R111723 - A Resolution of the Common Council Authorizing the City Controller to Transfer Certain Funds:
Economic Development

9.     R011723A - Request to approve a resolution to appropriate additional funds - Public Hearing: Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Exhibit B I Resolution
This is a public hearing, and If you want to speak, please attend the council meeting and provide your opinion. The community and recreation center has been in discussion since 2020.

The administration requests an appropriation of $1.8 million over the 2023 budget for constructing a Fishers Community and Recreation Center. The $1.8 million will eventually be re-paid back into the general fund when a bond is sold to build the Center. If you would like to read more about the facility, please click here.

The Community Center is planning to be located on the Northeast corner of 116th & Hoosier Road across from Fresh Tymes Grocery Store. This is not final. The bond will be sold sometime in 2023 or 2024.

A well-run community center serves as a thriving hub of activity for youth, families, senior citizens (indoor walking jogging track), civic organizations, parks (Dog Park) and recreation departments, and more. The building plans to house the Health Department. This is an article I found describing the benefits. Click Here

The cost of the facility will be around $60 million (About $5 million annual payment). In our Fiscal Plan presented in 2022, The Council is given debt amortization schedules that indicate Fishers can afford a Community Center without increasing the tax rate.

The Community Center has already had input from the community. I will respect these decisions before being elected unless I'm given a compelling reason not to vote yes on this resolution at this hearing.
10.     011723C - An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 052019H concerning the City of Fishers, Indiana Taxable Economic Development Revenue Bond Anticipation Notes, Series 2023A - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance
An Anticipation Note is short-term debt until a construction project is finished and will then be converted into a longer-term bond. This new debt will replace the 2022 anticipation debt due in February. If the city council rejects this short note, we will create a cash flow problem for projects currently being developed. I will vote yes.

11.     011723 - An Ordinance Amending Chapter 30 of the City of Fishers Code of Ordinances (Council Committees) - 1st Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance
Planning & Zoning

Fishers has several properties that wish to be annexed into the city. Volunteer annexations are good for taxpayers as they will add assessed value (AV) to the calculation to provide a possible lower tax rate. Rate = levy/AV

14050 Allisonville Rd Annexation
12.     R011723B - Request to approve a resolution adopting the Fiscal Plan for the (River Ridge) 14050 Allisonville Rd Annexation. Case #ANX-22-13: Council Action Form I Fiscal Plan I Resolution

13.     121922A - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of 5 acres, known as (River Ridge) 14050 Allisonville Rd. Subject site is located at a common address of 14050 Allisonville Rd. Case ANX-22-13- Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance
Tolle Property Annexation
14.      R011723C - Request to approve a resolution adopting the Fiscal Plan for the Tolle Property Annexation. Case #ANX-22-14: Council Action Form I Fiscal Plan I Resolution
15.     121922B - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of 0.59 acres, known as the Tolle Property. Subject site is located at a common address of 13880 E 116th. Case ANX-22-14 - Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance
McDermott Property Annexation
16.      R011723D - Request to approve a resolution adopting the Fiscal Plan for the McDermott Property Annexation. Case #ANX-22-12: Council Action Form I Fiscal Plan I Resolution

17.     121922C - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of 1 acre, known as the McDermott property. Subject site has a common address of 11444 Timberlane Dr, Fishers, IN 46038. Case ANX-22-12 - Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance

18.     111422 - Consideration of a rezone of 41.45 acres from Planned Unit Development-Commercial (PUD-C - Creekside Shoppes) to Planned Unit Development-Residential (PUD-R) for a 61-unit residential subdivision to be known as Cyntheanne Woods. Case #RZ-22-8 - Final Reading: Council Action Form I Petitioner Packet I Staff Report I PUD Ordinance
This will be a new subdivision with 61 cottage-style houses .

19.     121922E - Consideration of a text amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) for variance clean-up items. Case #TA-22-38 - Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance

20.      011723A - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of 8 acres, known as the Wood Property. The subject site is located at a common address of 11359 Cumberland Rd. Case #ANX-22-16 - 1st Reading and Public Hearing: Council Action Form I Ordinance
A parcel next north of Walnut Hills and south of Highpoint Ridge is requesting to be annexed into the City. The property has been for sale for over a year. I've included a map of the location below. The current zoning is R2 - Low-Density Residential. This is the link if you ever want to look at the code. Click Here

21.     011723B - Update to Fishers 2040 Housing & Neighborhoods to add in recommendations from the 2022 Housing Study - 1st Reading: Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Ordinance
This is the update to the 2040 plan. The 2040 plan is a "mile high" view for the future of Fishers but does not necessarily mean the plan will happen.
Fishers Property Issue & Complaints - (Please let me know if you need assistance)

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