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David Giffel
MAY 2022


SparkFishers is this week. It'll be fun.

A list of events is at this link:
Single-Family Rental Housing by Large Out of State Wall Street Investors'
Investment firms have increased buying single-family homes to rent. I understand why Wall Street wants to earn a profit, but on the flip side, I don't want Fishers to turn into a rental housing community. Do you? 

  • These firms are competing against families who could live in our community at a lower housing cost. 
  • Out-of-state rental housing companies create more Fishers complaints than others. 

If your neighborhood is concerned and has covenants, perhaps a change is the solution.

Mayor Fadness was on the national news.
Allisonville Road Corridor

What is the long-term
vision for this corridor?

I am on a steering committee study to provide community feedback for the Allisonville Road Area. The company coordination will be conducting interviews with Business & Property Owners, neighborhood leaders, and Developers. There will be a survey conducted in July.

Please reach out to me if you have ideas and input.
What's Going on at the Airport?
The picture below is the plan. One parcel off Masters Road is about to start construction soon. A warehouse to be built is progressing. link
Citizen's (In Review) Our Water Company plans to build a water booster at Cumberland Road Park. The construction will begin in the Summer of 2022.

* It's not the sewer.

Paige's Music (In Review) - Plans to build offices, service centers, and warehouses in the Delaware Park located south of Sunlight Drive, west of Lantern Road, with a common address of 8601 Sunlight Drive. Paige's Music locating in Fishers.

New Day Care (In Review) - Children of America plans a children's daycare on .45 acres on the west side of I-69 along Lantern Road north of 106th. This development will include a 9,000 sqft building. It's on the east side of I-69 across the street from the apartments.

DMC (In-Review) wants to add on to their parking lot. This is building at I-69 and 106th
Allisonville Home & Garden added a new building. It's almost completed and very nice. I love that place.

Constituents Survey
I've finished my constituent survey and will be working on some conclusions in the next week or so. I targeted 1,100 single-family homes from different assessed values; 20% sample side. and the return represents about 8% of the 1,100 targets.
Highline Apartment/Mix development - The new apartment will break ground in July. Highline is located on the SW corner of 106th and Lantern Road.
Information from the City on a variety of topics. Link
Fishers City Council Meeting Agenda

Please email or text me with any input.

BOARD/COMMISSION: City Council Meeting DATE: 6/20/2022
DIRECTIONS: Fishers City Hall
WORK SESSION, 6:30 pm, City Hall Auditorium
·        Code Enforcement Update
REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING, 7:00 p.m., City Hall Auditorium
1.     Meeting Called to Order with the Pledge of Allegiance
2.     Announcements:
3.      Proclamations:
4.     Presentations:
5.      Council Committee Reports:
a.     Finance Committee Report - REPORT
b.     Non-Profit Committee Report - REPORT
6.     Department Reports
a.     Health Department Report - REPORT
7.      Consent Agenda:
a.     Request to approve the previous meeting minutes for Monday, May 16, 2022.
b.     R062022- A Resolution of the Common Council Authorizing the City Controller to Transfer Certain Funds:
 The Mayor sometimes must transfer funds to provide more important services that are unexpected.
Economic Development
8.     R062022D - A Resolution of the City of Fishers Concerning Tax Abatement Compliance: Council Action Form I Exhibit B I Resolution
All entities receiving tax abatement are in compliance. YES

I'm still compiling answers from my April May 2022 constituent survey but will share one related question. Homeowners overwhelmingly agree. Conducted April and May 2022.
9.      051622A - An Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 081516J with respect to the use of the proceeds of the City of Fishers, Indiana Taxable Economic Development Revenue Bonds of 2018C- 2nd Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance
Leftover bond money to be used for Nickel Plate Trail improvements. Yes.
10.     R062022C - A Resolution of the Common Council of The City of Fishers, Hamilton County, Indiana, Making a Preliminary Determination to Enter into a Lease with the Fishers Town Hall Building Corporation and Approving Matters Related Thereto (City Arts & Municipal Complex) - Public Hearing, 1st Reading: Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Resolution
This is a procedural resolution to pay for the new Town Hall. In the future, I will explain the way cities use leases. It's complicated needless to say. Hah! It's government. The current building is sinking and the mayor and council want to fix the problem today with an arts center amenity for some citizens to enjoy into the future. I will vote YES.

This is a public hearing. YOU can come and make a comment.

11.  R062022B - A Resolution of the Common Council Authorizing the City Controller to Appropriate Additional Motor Vehicle Highway Funds to the City of Fishers Municipal Budget - Public HearingCouncil Action Form Exhibit A  Resolution
12.  R062022A - A Resolution of the Common Council authorizing the City Controller to Appropriate Additional Local Roads & Streets Funds to the City of Fishers Municipal Budget - Public HearingCouncil Action Form Exhibit A Resolution
Without any doubt, I believe Fishers MUST not defer maintenance on our Roads, inflation is costing the city more to pave roads. The state requires a public hearing for an appropriation. You can come and make a comment. YES.

13.      R062022E - Request to Approve an Interlocal Agreement with Hamilton County, Indiana Concerning the Construction, Inspection, & Maintenance of Bridge #314 (Nickel Plate Tunnel).: Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Resolution
Defines who takes care of the Nickle Plate Tunnel. The County has the responsibility for bridges. YES.

Planning & Zoning
Milford Park Annexation
14.     R062022F - Request to approve a resolution adopting the Fiscal Plan for the Milford Park Annexation, Case #ANX-22-6.: Council Action Form I Fiscal Plan I Resolution
15.     051622E - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of 60 acres, known as Milford Park. Subject site is generally located Northeast of Florida Rd and 113th, with a common address of 11810 Florida Rd. Case ANX-22-6.- Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance
Lehman Annexation
16.      R062022G - approve a resolution adopting the Fiscal Plan for the Lehman Annexation, Case # ANX-21-11.:
17.     051622F - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of 15.069 acres, known as the Lehman property. Subject site has a common address of 8115 E 126th St, Fishers, IN. Case ANX-21-11.- Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance

Annexation is GOOD for the City. Unannexed properties are not calculated in the City Levy assessed value formulation that could potentially lower tax rates. These properties then participate in contributing to our parks, road improvements, economic development, and other government services.

18. Any other Unfinished / New Business
19. Community Comment
20. Meeting Adjournment

Ongoing Issues and Concerns
Nickel Plate Trail
A few neighbors back up to the Nickle Plate Trail and have privacy concerns. In the coming weeks. Fishers Council approved a change in the PUD to allow more latitude for privacy for these parcels. We are also looking at connecting behind a couple of houses on Berkley Grove's land.

5G Tower Update
Permits for the 5G towers have been delayed until January 11th to review some legal questions. I'm not supporting any unwanted and unsightly tower in front of a family home. If you don't attend the meeting, the Mayor and the public works department will decide for you. Please read my blog. Link

Corporations Buy Up homes for Rentals - First-time homeowners who want to live in Fishers are getting shut out of the market. The city has researched the issue and possible solutions if your subdivision is concerned. Link

Fisher Housing Study - Link
Fishers Property Issue & Complaints - (Please let me know if you need assistance)

Hungry? Hurting? Safety Net Assistance?
Have you lost hope and are in dire financial need? Contact the Delaware Township and meet with a caseworker. Link Debbie Driskell is our Trustee and can help you get back on your feet.

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