September 2023
The 2024 Fishers Budget

PUBLIC HEARING - Anyone will have an opportunity to speak about the 2024 budget tonight. (See agenda below)

The city made this presentation with some highlights. (link) All of the following is subject to change. Some State information is not available when units are in the budget process. Our budget will be balanced and use some cash reserves.
Tax Revenues

Where is the other tax revenue generated?
Auto and aircraft excise tax, Commercial Vehicle Excise Tax, Licenses and permits, Food and Beverage, Ticket sales, Sports designation tax, Intergovernmental revenue for services, Fines and forfeits, Cigarette tax state, State distribution for roads and infrastructure, Park, Bridge and road impact fees from new construction and grants.
  • Fishers City Employee Salary and benefits cost are approximately $66 million.
  • We are using just over $12 million of reserves for special projects.
  • Despite spending reserves, Fishers is expected to have about $53 million in cash reserves for economic downturn and other risks.
  • The Health Department COVIT grants will be allocated for construction costs in their new home in the Community Center. Fisher Health Department property tax rate is $.01/$100, a lower rate than if Fishers allowed the county to provide the service. The county no longer provides these services.

Debt Payments - Fishers balanced budget based on the cash method

Fishers will use debt instruments like when you buy your home or a car and make a monthly payment. Debt can be viewed in three different ways.

Current Cumulative Debt or Obligation (Total of All payments) = $895,858,170
Planned Annual Debt Payments - Fishers' budget is based on a cash basis. Please take a look at the chart below.

A few comments about debt Payments.
  • A GO Bond is sold and paid off annually.
  • Removing the Event Center
  • Roads & Infrastructure 52%
  • Amenities like Parks and trails 16%
  • Government Buildings 32%
  • Event Center ($9.7 million annual payments will be Sales tax 52%, Transfers profit from buying sewers from private $18%, Property tax 13%, and operations of the center 18%.

Note: We have debt planned into 2052.
Utilities Budget
The Utility expenses include debt services.
Mayor Fadness - State of Fishers Address 9/13/2023
Mayor Fadness said, "We have enough on our plate at present." and did not expect any new significant development.

Read more here:

Trash Service

Fishers Trash service is currently via the Free Markets with Waste Management and Republic. A utility-type service like trash pickup may not offer enough competition, making it easy for these companies to know each other’s prices. 

Carmel and other surrounding cities offer this service. I will ask Mayor Fadness tonight to open a discussion on Fishers contracting trash service in our community.

Issues to address
  • The city does not subsidize.
  • HOA current contracts
  • Yard Waste
  • Responsible Recycling
  • Extra weights from trucks on City streets
  • The incorporated areas
  • Payment systems
  • Cost savings to constituents
  • Customer service
Capital Project update

State Road 37 at 141st Street Overpass
The project will be rebid in Spring 2024. Last Year, the bids were $49.4 million, $39.9 million, and $32.9 million. The city is committed to starting in 2024.

96th Street and Allsionville Road Roundabout
The preparation has begun. The project will start next Year, 2024. The cost is around $6.3 million.

116th Street and Allisonville Road Roundabout
This project is in the design phase and will finish construction in 2025-2026.

Community Center (Off 116th and Hoosier Rd across from Fresh Thyme)
This will start in 2024. Annual bond payment is estimated at $4,600,000/year. The health department in our Community center will contribute about $3 million for construction.

City Hall
This will finish in 2024—annual Bond Payment of $1,390,000/Year ending in 2042.
2023 Elections in November, I announced my candidacy to run for the city council next year. I would be honored to serve.

These past 21 months, I've enjoyed representing the people in my district. I am asking for your help and investment in me. The money you donate will help introduce those in my district who might not know me.

Please consider a campaign donation, and a check can be sent below.
Giffel Campaign
10736 Pine Bluff Drive
Fishers, IN 46037
Venmo: @giffelcampaign

As City Councilor, I am committed to:

Keeping Fishers Safe
  • The People in Fishers must Feel Safe, and we must provide the police and fire departments with the necessary innovative tools for the best results.
  • I will defend our city from the violence and unrest plaguing big cities. 

Maintaining Strong Fishers Neighborhoods
  • Fishers is on the right track. Great amenities, good roads, and a thriving community are just some of Fishers' impressive aspects that make it a great place to live.
  • I'm committed to saving taxpayer dollars.

Making Smart Development Decisions for Fishers
  • Development that residents want and need.
  • Incentives provide jobs that could improve your life.

Fishers City Council Meeting Agenda

Please email or text me with any input.
BOARD/COMMISSION: City Council Meeting DATE: 9/18/2023
DIRECTIONS:   Launch Fishers, 12175 Visionary Way, Fishers, Indiana 46038
REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING, 7:00 p.m., Launch Fishers, Auditorium
1.   Meeting Called to Order with the Pledge of Allegiance
2.   Announcements:
3.   Proclamations:
4.   Presentations:
a.   Swearing in Ceremony – Fishers Police Department
5.   Council Committee Reports
a.   Finance Committee Report - REPORT
6.   Department Reports
a.   Health Department Report - REPORT
7.   Consent Agenda:
a.   Request to approve the previous meeting minutes f0r Monday, August 21, 2023.
b.   R091823 - A Resolution of the Common Council Authorizing the City Controller to Transfer Certain Funds: Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Resolution

Budget/ Financial
Anyone wishing to speak on the budget is welcome to speak. This is a public hearing.
8.   091823 - A request to Approve the 2024 Municipal Budget - 1st Reading & Public Hearing: Council Action Form I Exhibit A

A State Requirement. Fishers will spend about $66 million on salary and benefits.
9.   091823C - A request to Approve the 2024 Salary Ordinance - 1st Reading: Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Ordinance

This is for the new development, mostly one-bedroom apartments above small business spaces downtown. Yes
10.   R091823A - A Resolution Approving an Allocation Area (District South Project): Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Exhibit B I Resolution

Economic Development

Item 11 is a slight change to the plan for the Market District to allow adult beverages. Yes

11.   091823E – An Ordinance of the Common Council Approving a Riverfront District Designation– 1st, 2nd and 3rd Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance 

Planning & Zoning

I've only received a couple of emails objecting to this golf net.
12.   061923B - Consideration of a text amendment to the Sandstone/Gray Eagle PUD to allow a barrier netting system and restaurant. (TA-23- 3) - Final Reading: Council Action Form I Staff Report I Ordinance

Item 13 is a first reading to describe a home builder wanting to make some changes that do not meet zoning. A final decision will be made in November.
13.   091823A - Consideration of a text amendment to the Cove at Thorpe Creek PUD (generally located west and east of Florida Road) to allow for maximum height of 40’ in Grand Estates District, add Masterpiece Collection homes to Designer District and update Illustrative Architectural Exhibit with Masterpiece Collection (TA-23-5) – First Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance
Volunteer Annexations are typically good for Fishers, adding to the tax base. The unincorporated properties do not pay a city tax.

Nix Annexation
14.   R091823B - Request to approve a resolution adopting the Fiscal Plan for the Nix Property Annexation (ANX-23-9): Council Action Form I Fiscal Plan I Resolution

15.   082123C - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of 5 acres known as the Nix Property. Subject site is located east of Mollenkopf Road, common address 10405 Mollenkopf Road (ANX- 23-9) – Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance

Kaley Annexation
16.   R091823C- Request to approve a resolution adopting the Fiscal Plan for the Kaley Property (ANX-23-10): Council Action Form I Fiscal Plan I Resolution

17.   082123D - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of 3.37 acres known as the Kaley Property. Subject site is located north of 126th Street, common address 8460 E 12th Street (ANX-23-10) – Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance
Magnolia Grove Salon Annexation

18.   091823B - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of 1.76 acres, known as the Magnolia Grove Salon. Subject site is generally located at a common address of 13484 E 116th St. (ANX- 22-11) – First Reading & Public Hearing: Council Action Form I Ordinance
30. Any other Unfinished / New Business

31.  Community Comment
·        Submitted Online Comments
32.   Meeting Adjournment
Fishers Property Issue & Complaints - (Please let me know if you need assistance)

Fishers Health Department Mental Health Resources

Hungry? Hurting? Safety Net Assistance?
Have you lost hope and are in dire financial need? Contact the Delaware Township and meet with a caseworker. Link Debbie Driskell is our Delaware Trustee, and Doug Allman is our Fall Creek Trustee (Link). They can help you get back on your feet.

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