June 2017

Those he prayed with were so receptive that Tyler Makepeace and other believers set up a table on public property near the courthouse entrance and hung across it a banner reading “Need Prayer?” That was the beginning of the now flourishing prayer outreach that is known as Courtside Ministries.

  By Michael P. Mosher, of Counsel
Does your nonprofit hold fundraising auctions, where donors can walk away with gift certificates or other treats in exchange for generous contributions? Do your attendees pay for their own dinners at such events, or do certain donors sponsor tables? Do you know and follow the IRS' written charitable receipt rules for these transactions?
Pastors Masters Golf Tournament 
Calling all pastors! Enjoy this free golf outing tournament. 
hosted by AM 1160 (WYLL) and presented by The Global Leadership Summit. 
Grace Conference 2017
The annual Grace Conference will take place on June 29 and 30. Attorney John W. Mauck is just one of the many speakers that will be presenting at the event. 
A Victory for Freedom of Expression in Kentucky
Blaine Adamson and his t-shirt printing business came under attack when they declined to create t-shirts for a pride festival. The court upheld his freedom of conscience. In this new podcast, his attorney discusses this victory for freedom of expression.
David French: Justice is Bigger than Narrative
Justice is Bigger than Narrative:  Two incidents in Texas advance two very different narratives about police and the use of force. Read the article here, written by David French. D avid is a senior writer for National Review, and a constitutional law attorney. He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestselling Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore.  

Former US Attorney for NM Discusses Immigration, Visas, Refugees and Border Wall

Listen to this two-part mini series on   immigration, visas, refugees and the border wall with David Iglesias.  David is a former US Attorney for New Mexico, and the current director of Wheaton College Center for Faith, Politics and Economics.

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