June 2018 - 2M Eye News
Fishing Tale & $4000 Rebate...FOR REAL!
Jeff Bennett fishing with Eder Cadet from Haiti

While on a mission trip to Haiti last August with the World Cataract Foundation , Jeff Bennett with 2M Eye found several clinics with ophthalmic equipment discarded or not being used due to lack of basic repairs and no one to do them. To address this need WCF found Eder Cadet, a Haitian experienced in repairing other medical equipment. Eder came to Memphis in early June as part of WCF's Medical Personnel Exchange Program and worked with Jeff and Nathan Kyzar at 2M Eye for three weeks.

At the end of Eder's tenure with 2M Eye, Jeff and Nathan decided to show him some of the natural beauty that Arkansas has to offer. What better way than fishing for brown trout on the White River? The tales are great...a first fishing trip for Eder, high waters, live versus artificial bait, a down pour and then there's the trophy! To hear the REAL stories, ask the 2M Eye guys... Jeff & Nathan!
Nathan Kyzar training Eder Cadet from Haiti
Nathan Kyzar, partner at 2M Eye, works with Eder during his World Cataract Foundation sponsored exchange program.

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2M Eye's Outreach Initiatives in Haiti
Dr. James Chris Fleming and Jeff Bennett , ophthalmology equipment repair specialist with 2M Medical Solutions, traveled to Port au Prince, Haiti in August 2017. During their stay, they participated in meetings with the Director of the Hospital de Universite d’Etat d’Haiti (HUEH) and representatives of several surgery centers and clinics from Christian Blind Mission (CBM), the National Committee
for the Prevention of Blindness in Haiti (CNPC) and Haiti Medical Missions.
Dr. Fleming and Mr. Bennett laid the foundation for future collaborations by connecting the Director of the University via telecommunications to Hamilton Eye Institute (HEI) Grand Rounds, a successful teaching tool held every Friday afternoon that presents medical problems and treatments to an audience of doctors, researchers, residents, and medical students. Mr. Bennett was able to repair significant surgical and clinical ophthalmic equipment that was in disuse due to the lack of local specialized technicians. His goal is to implement a training program to teach others how to repair specialized equipment in Haiti. In addition to the training program, Dr. Fleming was able to evaluate several patients at the St. Vincent’s School for Handicapped Children.
The World Cataract Foundation

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the world today. Of the estimated 39 million people who are blind, 20 million suffer from cataract blindness. The vast majority of these live in the developing nations of the world.

If you would like to help eliminate cataract blindness, click the button below to donate directly to the World Cataract Foundation .

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